Is John Deere 318 a Good Tractor? (Solved & Explained!)

The John Deere 318 is not just a good tractor – it is a fantastic one. It is considered one of the most popular lawn tractors in America as a result. Many individuals even believe that it is John Deere’s best ever lawn tractor.

To learn more about the John Deere 318, keep reading. This article fully explains its specs, capabilities, and what makes it so popular.

Why is the John Deere 318 so popular?

The John Deere 318 is one of the most popular lawn tractors in the United States. Just like any other lawn tractor by John Deere, this model is highly effective and durable. It comes with the same durability and efficiency as all other John Deere products.

What makes the 318 stand out from other John Deere models is that it is way more convenient and comfortable. This series specifically focused on user comfort, making it a favorite for homeowners who want comfort and ease of use. This comfortability matched with its efficiency makes the John Deere 318 so popular.

How many hours does a John Deere 318 last?

As with any other lawn tractor, how long the John Deere 318 lasts depends on the user, its maintenance, and its use. Some individuals have found that the John Deere 318 can last well over 2000 hours with proper maintenance and care. Some individuals have even had the John Deere 318 last over 3000 hours.

In order for your tractor to last this long, it’s imperative that you carefully maintain it. Only with proper maintenance will you get the longest life expectancy possible from the John Deere, or any other tractor brand for that matter.

What year did they make John Deere 318?

The John Deere 318 has become a bona fide American garden tractor classic. It was first manufactured between 1983 and 1992.

How much horsepower does a 318 John Deere have?

The John Deere 318 is equipped with an Onan B43G engine. This engine has 18 horsepower and 13.4 kW. It is a two-cycle, 4 valve air-cooled engine with gasoline power. This is just the right amount of power for most lawn tractor needs.

How big is the John Deere 318?

The John Deere 318 is the average tractor size. It is 68 inches long, 44.5 inches high, and 43.3 inches wide. This makes the John Deere 318 slightly smaller than the 400 series tractor. The exact weight will depend on the different additions you add, but it can weigh anywhere from 780 to 836 pounds.

If you compare this tractor to others, it is considered a standard lawn/garden tractor size. This makes it convenient for storage and portability for most homeowners.

Is the John Deere 318 expensive?

The John Deere 318 starts out at $10,000 and goes up in price. Given its size and capabilities, the John Deere 318 is more expensive than other tractors with the same capabilities. Even for John Deere, this model is expensive.

To save some money, you can shop around because certain stores specialize in restoring used John Deere 318 models. Still, these machines are very expensive because of their features, capabilities, and brand recognition.

What is the difference between a John Deere 317 and 318?

The John Deere 317 and 318 tractors are similar. In fact, these tractors are so similar that they are often considered near-identical tractors, but they are not identical.

The biggest difference between the 317 and the 318 is that the 318 has power steering, but the 317 does not. More so, the 317 has dual front hydraulics. There are also some complaints about the 317 engine not being as effective as the 318. Because of these differences, the John Deere 318 is more popular and more expensive.

Is the John Deere 318 the best tractor?

It is difficult to determine what tractor is the best overall. Nevertheless, the John Deere 318 is often cited as being one of the top favorites. Especially in the United States, this is considered one of the best lawn tractors you can get, with the only drawback being its price and its expensive replacement parts.

If you are looking for a super sturdy, reliable, and comfortable lawn garden tractor, the John Deere 318 certainly is one of the best you can get.

Is the 318 the best John Deere tractor?

Just as it’s difficult to determine what the best tractor overall is, it’s difficult to say whether or not the 318 is the best John Deere. By most individuals’ opinions, the 318 is the best John Deere tractor. You can find article after article claiming how fantastic this tractor is.

Still, the 318 might not be the best for certain individuals. For example, those on a budget will certainly not think the 318 is best.  It is extremely high priced, and it is difficult to replace any broken parts because they are hard to find and expensive once found.

Is the John Deere 318 worth it?

Whether or not the John Deere 318 is worth it depends on your needs, usage, and budget. If you want the best overall John Deere tractor, the John Deere 318 may be worth it. It is super powerful, convenient, and capable.

If you are on a budget or do not need the most powerful garden tractor, you might want to look elsewhere. Because of the extreme price tag associated with the John Deere 318, it might not be worth it for you specifically.

Is there a better tractor than the John Deere 318?

Because the John Deere 318 is such a favorite by so many individuals, it is difficult to find a tractor that is rated higher than the 318 overall. The 318 truly does stand out in terms of capability, efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

The only category where the John Deere 318 does not win is in price – John Deere 318 is one of the most expensive garden tractors you can get. You can easily find many other tractors that beat out the John Deere 318 in terms of price.