Is John Deere Better Than Husqvarna? (Solved!)

John Deere is better than Husqvarna when it comes to operation and function. However, in regards to initial price, Husqvarna is better. So, generally speaking, John Deere is superior to Husqvarna, but there are several qualities that Husqvarna has that John Deere clearly lacks.

Of course, determining which one is better will impinge on needs, budget, performance preferences and ease of operation. Under those considerations, both Husqvarna and John Deere are excellent machines that offer the best available equipment on the market.

Is John Deere Better Than Husqvarna in Regards to Price?

When comparing these two lawn equipment giants, Husqvarna is infinitely less expensive with their initial price tag than a John Deere. However, when it comes to resale value, John Deere is king whereas Husqvarna is much more expensive to fix when repairs come up.

So, while it may be better to go with a Husqvarna brand new, a used John Deere will still deliver on reliability, durability and performance. For example, John Deere’s famous 318 model, built between 1983 and 1993, still sells like hot cakes even though they haven’t made a new version in a few decades.

For the sake of comparison, consider the table below that shows two like models: John Deere E100 versus Husqvarna LTH1738.


John Deere E100

Husqvarna LTH17538

Price About $3,000 Around $1,000
Engine 500cc Briggs & Stratton Intek 500cc
Horsepower 17½ 17½
Cutting Deck 42 inches 38 inches
Attachments/Features Snow blowing, mowing, mulching, bagging and sprayer Mowing, mulching, spreading, bagging and sprayer

Is John Deere Better Than Husqvarna in Regards to Power & Performance?

Both John Deere and Husqvarna are great machines in regards to power and performance. As a matter of fact, comparable pieces of equipment have few differences, if at all. Not only can you see it in the comparison between the E100 and the LTH17538, but also with John Deere’s E170 and the Z254 by Husqvarna.

They are both very close in horsepower with the same engine displacement and transmission. However, Husqvarna offers a larger cutting deck which will be better for larger acreages of land.


John Deere E170

Husqvarna Z254

Type Lawn Tractor Zero Turn Mower
Engine Briggs & Stratton V-Twin 724cc Briggs & Stratton Endurance 724cc
Horsepower 25 24
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Cutting Deck 48 inches 54 inches

Is John Deere Better Than Husqvarna in Regards to Mowing Capability?

The previous two examples showing the comparison between John Deere and Husqvarna included tractors versus mowers. But these were to display price and power. To get a better and more rounded understanding, take a look at similar zero-turn mowers for their cutting capability.

In terms of cutting deck width, John Deere and Husqvarna are the same. It all depends on what you’re looking for what you need in terms of mowing. However, John Deere does tend to be more powerful whereas Husqvarna is better for rough and hilly terrain.


John Deere Z345R

Husqvarna Z242F

Engine M44 Intek V-twin 724cc Kawasaki FR Series 603cc
Horsepower 22 18
Speed 7 mph 6½ mph
Cutting Deck 42 inches 42 inches
Terrain Type Flat terrain with obstacles Flat, rough or hilly terrain

Is John Deere Better Than Husqvarna in Regards to Speed?

When it comes to which is faster, nine times out of 10 John Deere will have much better speed. There are some models of Husqvarna that outdo John Deere in miles per hour (mph), but these will vary greatly. It will depend on whether it’s only a mower or it also has the capacity for being an all-around lawn tractor.

As you can see below, technically a John Deere will be faster but there’s a trade off in regards to the horsepower.  Although this is only slight by half, the speed is noticeable. This is especially true for both types when operating them in reverse.


John Deere Z740R

Husqvarna YTH24K48

Type Zero-turn mower Lawn Tractor
Engine FX V-Twin 726cc Kohler7000 V-Twin 725cc
Speed 10 mph (forward) / 4½ (reverse) 8 mph (forward) / 2½ (reverse)
Horsepower 23½ 24
Cutting Deck 48, 54 or 60 inches 48 inches
Terrain All types of lawn conditions Flat and hilly terrain

Does John Deere or Husqvarna Offer Better Reliability Overall?

Both John Deere and Husqvarna have great reliability and it is somewhat difficult to say which is better in this regard. However, John Deere is more reliable due to the fact that depreciation along with wear-and-tear on their machines is much slower than Husqvarna.

By the time a John Deere is around four years old, only 22% of its tractors breakdown and need repairs. Husqvarna, in contrast, has about 30% of their tractors needing repairs in the same time frame. But, in regards to the zero-turn mowers, John Deere takes first place in reliability.

This is because 55% of Husqvarna zero-turn mowers will need repair within four years. Compare that to John Deere and only 30% will require repairs in the same time frame. This is what makes the resale value much better on a John Deere.

What Are the Biggest Downsides to a John Deere versus Husqvarna?

As with most things, there are downsides to both John Deere and Husqvarna lawn equipment. While Husqvarna is least expensive with its initial price tags compared to that of John Deere, they tend to have more expensive repairs. These will run in the ballpark between $900 and $1,500.

John Deere, on the other hand, seems to have a limited adjustable cutting height. While this depends on the type of equipment and the motor used, they generally don’t offer a wide range like Husqvarna does. This means Husqvarna will have a better chance over hills, rocks, obstacles and other difficult terrain.

That said, it seems that the largest complaint people have about John Deere is price and availability. Because they are a very sought-after type of mower or tractor, they don’t stay on shelves long. If they do, the price tag is exorbitant and often outside the range of most budgets.