Who Makes the Engines for Ariens Snow Blowers? (Solved & Explained!)

There are two companies that make engines for Ariens snow blowers: Briggs & Stratton with the Polar Force engines or LCT with the exclusive AX series for Ariens. Both types are fuel efficient, affordable and powerful. Briggs & Stratton and LCT are long-time trusted brands for their reliable equipment and well-designed construction

But, this also means that while the USA produces Ariens snow blowers, the parts come from elsewhere in the world. Briggs & Stratton parts will come from both China and Mexico where as LCT will come from China.

Who Manufactures the Ariens AX Engine?

Liquid Combustion Technology manufactures Ariens AX Engines. These are top of the line and specially crafted specifically for Ariens snow blowers.

Are LCT AX Engines Any Good in a Snow Blower?

LCT is one of the better and more reliable engines to have in a snow blower. They have excellent dependability that makes it easy to start their snow blowers and powerful cubic centimeter displacements. They’re super quiet and good on fuel, especially when used in combination with a fuel stabilizer.

Are LCT Engines Built in the USA?

Yes, LCT engines come from the United States and have been around for 25 years. They have a verifiable history that features quality with excellent engineering. They’ve sold their engines all over the world and have an extensive service network.

That said, they do acquire their parts and other materials from places like China. Plus some of the assembly outsources to offshore companies. However, since 2016, most of their assembly occurs at their plant in South Carolina and Brillon, Wisconsin.

What Kinds of Engines does LCT Produce for Ariens Snow Blowers?

There are two types of engines that LCT produces for Ariens. These are the Storm Force and Ariens AX. However, these tend to be interchangeable. This means the Storm Force engines can also sometimes be an AX series; it’s mostly a marketing trick.

Who Used to Manufacture Ariens Engines for Snow Blowers?

From 1960 to 2000, Tecumseh produced the engines for 95% of Ariens snow blowers. Briggs & Stratton supplied the rest. But, Tecumseh wound down their production in December of 2008. This event resulted in the total transfer of all Ariens snow blowers comprising Briggs & Stratton engines.

The last year a Tecumseh engine was part of an Ariens snow blower was 2009. This included Ariens 928 Pro that had a 9 horsepower engine. LCT began contributing engines to Ariens snow blowers a few years later, after purchasing Tecumseh’s name and patents. They retooled and updated the designs to begin rebuilding the engines for Ariens.

Are the Briggs & Stratton Engines for Ariens Snow Blowers Made in the USA?

No, the Polar Force engines produced by Briggs & Stratton are not from the USA. China manufactures these engines. However, Ariens installs them at their South Carolina and Brillon, Wisconsin plants. It’s important to note that since the 2013-14 season, there are no more snow blower engines made in the USA. All of this now comes from China.

Which Ariens Snow Blowers Have Ariens AX Engines?

Several models of Ariens snow blowers contain the AX engines. These are in their Classic series two-stage blowers as well as some from their Compact, Deluxe, Commercial and Platinum series. A handful of models use the AX engine in their Professional line of snow blowers. Some models include:

  • 18S: A single-stage snow blower with a clearing width capacity of up to 18 inches. This AX engine has 99cc and a pull start.
  • Path-Pro: This single-stage blower has an AX engine with 208cc. It also has a pushbutton electric start and auger assistance. Plus it comes with the ability to rotate the chute up to 210°.
  • Pro-Hydro: A two-stage with a clearing width of up to 28 inches. The AX series engine has 420cc and comes with a pull start, power steering, heated handles and headlights.
  • Crossover: The AX engine in this two-stage snow blower has 179cc with a clearing capacity of up to 20 inches. It has a pushbutton start with a durable auger.
  • Platinum SHO: The 369cc of this AX engine series gives a self-propelled two-stage snow blower. It has a pushbutton start, power steering, heated handles, headlights and so many other features.

Which Ariens Snow Blowers Have Briggs & Stratton Polar Force Engines?

The Polar Force engines by Briggs & Stratton tend to be bigger and more powerful. Therefore, these are most often found in their larger models within their Deluxe series in addition to the Platinum and Professional lines of snow blowers. A sample of some of the models are:

  • Pro-Hydro: This has a 28-inch clearing width with a 420cc Briggs & Stratton Polar Force engine. It’s self-propelling with power steering, heated handles, headlights and a pull start.
  • Compact 24 Sno-Thro: A small two-stage that packs a punch with a 24-inch clearing width, eight speeds and a capacity to throw snow up to 40 feet away. It has chute adjustment control up to 205° and a Polar force 900 engine with 205cc.
  • RapidTrak: A 28-inch clearing width and 420cc that’s a two-stage snow blower. It has a pushbutton start with power steering and heated handles.
  • 920014: This 24-inch snow blower has a Briggs & Stratton Polar Force engine with 205cc. it can throw snow up to 40 feet away and comes with a cast iron gear case.

Does Ariens Use Briggs & Stratton Engines More Than the AX Series of Engines?

No, Ariens doesn’t use Briggs & Stratton Polar Force engines more than the AX series of engines by LCT. There are more snow blowers with the AX series than with a Polar Force, which is far more rare and difficult to find.

Part of this is due to the fact that there was a recall of Ariens compact snow blowers in 2013. Apparently, engines started on fire. Also, Briggs & Stratton engines tend to be more powerful and these go into the heavier duty snow blowers.