Which Snow Blowers Have Honda Engines? (Solved & Explained!)

The only snow blowers that have Honda engines are those that are made by Honda. No other company uses Honda engines in their models. It’s not like Husqvarna or Craftsman; where they use Briggs & Stratton engines while Briggs & Stratton also makes their own snow blowers.

For those that like a brand that produces its own parts, Honda is the snow blower to go with. They’re reliable, trusty, durable and provide great power.

What Kind of Honda Engines Go into Their Snow Blowers?

Honda puts their signature four-stroke engines into their snow blowers and come in three series: GX, GC and GCV. These are clean-burning engines that don’t smoke and have no oily odor. They’re economical on fuel while producing low emissions.

What Makes Honda Snow Blowers & Their Engines Standout above Others?

There are a myriad of things that are fantastic about Honda engines in a snow blower that stands out above others in its class. First of all, their GX series engines are commercial grade. The optimized impeller with 90° wing outperforms against most other brands.

All their engine series, including GX, GC and GCV, are durable and easy to start. The construction and engineering lend themselves to longevity so they will last for many years to come. Some models come with track drive for the most superior traction in almost any wintry condition. They won’t slip or slide, even on steep hills and driveways.

Honda’s snow blowers also offer auger height control that works in smooth tandem with the track drive. You can do this all with a single push of a button and makes it ideal for uneven surfaces or densely packed snow and ice. Plus, it does this without destroying the surface beneath the ice and snow

Does Honda Use a Different Brand of Transmission in their Snow Blower Engines?

Honda also uses their own transmissions in their snow blowers alongside the engine. The HSS724, HSS928 and HSS1332 models utilize their specially-designed hydrostatic transmissions. These offer variable speeds while also being easy to adjust that offers a smooth and simple operation with very little maintenance.

Where Do They Make Honda Snow Blowers?

At the time of this writing, Honda produces their single-stage snow blowers at their plant in North Carolina within the USA. This includes their GC and GCV engine types. Thailand produces the GX engines that go into Honda’s two-stage snow blowers.

What are the Best Honda Snow Blowers?

Honda has several snow blowers that are fantastic. For homeowners and other residential purposes, their single and two-stage ones are ideal. The ones listed below are the best ones Honda produces. Each series number has several model variations.

HS720 (Single-Stage)

There are two main single-stage snow blower models made by Honda. These include the HS720AM and the HS720AS. Both are less than $900 brand new and offer the GC190 engine with a displacement of 187cc. The engines also have five horsepower.

The chute is adjustable well over 200° around and both discharge snow up to 33 feet away. They have a max clearing width of 20 feet with a powerful auger. But neither is self-propelling and they have manual gears.

HSS724 (Two-Stage)

There are four models that come under the HSS724 series: the AT, ATD, AW and AWD. All of them have the GX200 series engine that comes with a displacement of 196cc. Also, all four models have adjustable chutes up to 198° and operated via a remote electric joystick.

Each has a clearing width of almost 24 inches with the capacity to throw snow nearly 50 feet away. This means they can clear up to 1500 pounds of snow and ice per minute. The only major differences between the models are that the AT and ATD ones use track drive while there are powered wheel drives on the AW and AWD.

HSS928 (Two-Stage)

The HSS928 series of two-stage snow blowers by Honda also has four models and are very similar to the HSS724. But, these pack a little more punch in regards to power. They come with a GX270 engine with a displacement of 270cc and nine horsepower.

They also have a clearing width of 28 inches with the ability to chuck snow up to 42 feet away. This means this type of Honda snow blower can handle 1900 pounds of snow and ice per minute.

HSS1332 (Two-Stage)

Out of all of Honda’s two-stage snow blowers the HSS1332 series is king. There are only two models available: the AT or ATD. They both come with the GX390 engine that has a displacement of 289cc. The turn radius and chute control goes up to 198° and operated via remote electric joystick.

They can throw snow up to 56 feet away with a clearing width of almost 32 inches. This translates to either machine being able to handle up to 2750 pounds of snow and ice per minute.

What Are the Downsides to Honda Snow Blowers?

As with everything, there are a few undesirable characteristics that come with owning a Honda snow blower. One of the most common complaints many users report is that there are several design flaws. Various people mention different design aspects. But, one commonality they share is they expected more from a Honda in this regard.

Other people mention how the metal frame is easy to dent, ding, bend and misshape. This tends to happen at the slightest provocation of difficulty. Yet another downside some users experience is that the auger tends to clog up with wet snow. It won’t work until you clear it away. The consistent stopping and starting can become frustrating.

What Are the Good Things about Honda Snow Blowers?

Regardless of some of the pitfalls that come with Honda snow blowers, there are many positives to them. There are a host of owners who say that it’s almost like operating the power steering in a vehicle. It’s a smooth ride. For many, it moves over ice and cuts through like butter.