Does Honda Make Snow Blowers? (Solved & Explained!)

Honda definitely makes snow blowers. As a matter of fact, they’re some of the best and most sought after ones around. They offer quality, durability and reliability. The blowers have strong motors, just like their automobiles and will last for years to come.

Honda is a world leader in engines of all kinds and their snow blowers are no exception. They’re easy to use and provide a simpler way to remove snow from almost any coverage area.

When Did Honda Begin Producing Snow Blowers?

Honda tested the waters with making snow throwers in 1980 for household use. They developed the HS35 compact thrower for North America. Up until that point, only large industrial-sized plows dominated the road.

Do Honda Snow Blowers Have Reliable Quality?

Honda has an entire line of snow blowers to help clear any surface or area of snow. They work beautifully on sidewalks, paths, walkways and driveways.

What Benefit Is There in Buying a Honda Snow Blower?

There are several reasons to purchase a snow blower from Honda. The engine is easy to use and provides the same reliability you find in their automobiles and vehicles.

Which Honda Snow Blowers Are Best?

For a general recommendation, some of the best snow blowers that Honda offers are their two-stage models. They come with commercial-grade quality parts in all of the following features:

  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Durable and sturdy auger housings and metal chutes
  • High quality ball bearings support the auger gear drive which comprises steel helical cut gears
  • Large ball bearing on the engine 
  • Legendary GX series engine
  • Low pressure tires on models with wheels – no tire chains needed
  • The chute rotation rod gear comprises heavy-duty bronze

What Is the Average Price for a New Honda Snow Blower?

You can find a brand new Honda snow blower starting around $700 for a single stage to as much as $2,000 for a double stage. It depends on if it’s a push model or a riding snow blower and what kind of engine it features.

What Is the Average Cost of a Used Honda Snow Blower?

Used Honda snow blowers can cost between $500 and $1,000. Obviously, push blowers will be a little less money than riding ones. But, you may be able to find riding snow blower that’s in pretty good shape for a nice price on places like EBay and Tractor House.

Will Maintenance Be Frequent with a Honda Snow Blower?

Brand new models of Honda will rarely if ever require maintenance other than the regular upkeep. Staying on top of keeping the chute clean, checking spark plugs, keeping the battery charged and regular oil changes are imperative. Other than that, newer models don’t require much maintenance.

Used Honda snow blowers will more than likely require more maintenance than a new one. This will completely impinge on what’s wrong with it when you get it along with its age and usage.

Is the Upkeep Expensive for Honda Snow Blowers?

When you get new Honda snow blower, the upkeep isn’t going to be very expensive. But, when things begin to breakdown after a few years, you may find that certain parts are expensive to replace or fix. Of course it depends on the model and how new it is, but replacement chutes can be as much as $500 while augers can be $1,000 or more.

That said, parts for Honda snow blowers are easier to find and far more readily available than many others.

What Makes Honda Better than Other Brands of Snow Blowers?

While all snow blowers do the job of clearing snow, there are several excellent reasons to choose a Honda over other brands of snow blower. They come with superb features at a great price with topnotch engines and a wonderful warranty.

Superb Quality & Features

The great thing about Honda snow blowers is that they have more bells and whistles that aren’t just luxury features but they’re also useful and necessary. Things like a wider mouth on the chute, an adjustable auger height, impressive snow blowing ability and variable speeds are all very desirable.

They also come with an electric start, provide a taller intake and some models offer traction for slippery situations. Not all brands of snow blower offer all of these features in one model in the same way as Honda does.

Great Price

While they do run a little high, you are getting good quality for the money. Therefore, in this regard, you’re getting a great price for a fine piece of classic Honda machinery. The engine quality is higher than most other types of blowers with a ready availability of parts in the case something does go wrong.

Topnotch & Reliable Engines

Honda is a worldwide leader in reliable and loyal engines. All their machines, including snow blowers and automobiles, come built to last. There are dealers of Honda snow blowers all over the world and can give you direct sales and service. Parts are available almost everywhere online and at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Wonderful Warranties

All Honda snow blowers come with a two year warranty. This is much longer than most other blowers that are less expensive, with some having a 90 day warranty or return policy. Some dealers will even offer a longer warranty option too.

Of All Models of Honda Snow Blower, Which One Is Most Recommended?

If you’re unable to make a decision on a blower and want to get your feet wet with a Honda, the HSS724ATD 198cc is most ideal. It’s a two-stage electric start that has the best price for the least amount of maintenance and the most amount of features. It has a 24-inch wide mouth, which is sufficient enough for walkways and driveways.

While it’s not as powerful as other types, it can handle big banks and rough terrain without succumbing to damage. It comes with a three-year warranty and clears snow in a breeze. Plus, it’s easy to maneuver and intuitive to use.