Is Ariens a Good Brand Snow Blower? (Solved & Explained!)

Ariens is a decent brand of snow blower. It’s inexpensive, fairly reliable and American-made. It can handle a small two-car driveway up to 60 or 80 feet as well as patios, sidewalks, walkways and clearing sections for pets.

But, as with everything there are a few pitfalls to Ariens too. However, for the price and plentitudes of options, it’s not a bad choice to go with.

Are Snow Blowers by Ariens Dependable?

Most snow blowers produced by Ariens are very dependable. The model family well-known for its great reliability is their line of Deluxe. They have the most options, features and capability along with an easy user interface.

What Is the Typical Lifespan of an Ariens Snow Blower?

Most Ariens snow blowers will last for a solid 10 years. They can last as long as 15 to 20 if you keep them in tiptop shape. This includes regular maintenance like spark plugs and oil changes as well as making any repairs as soon as they crop up. Plus, it also means cleaning out the machine after every snow blowing session.

Who Manufactures the Engines That Go into Ariens Snow Blowers?

The signature AX engines Ariens has come from a company called LCT, or Liquid Combustion Technology. This is a company that’s operated and owned in the USA. They provide air-cooled engines for outdoor power equipment. They are a long-time trusted brand with ideal customer service.

Are LCT Engines Reliable in Ariens Snow Blowers?

LCT engines are notorious for their dependable quality, smooth starting and powerful cc’s. They very quiet and extremely fuel efficient, which are very desirable features in a snow blowing engine. Every Ariens snow blower that features an AX engine comes from LCT.

Does Ariens Offer a Warranty with Their Snow Blowers? If So, for How Long?

Yes, there is a limited warranty that comes with Ariens snow blowers. These are most often going to run for three years for residential and 90 days for commercial. You can also purchase an extended warranty to give yourself a little longer in case anything goes wrong.

However, it’s important to read through Ariens’ warranty options with a fine-toothed comb. Understand the warranty doesn’t cover everything in a snow blower and it’s very specific. For instance, the carburetor doesn’t come under warranty, not even with the extended version.

Will Ariens be Forthcoming in Honoring Their Warranties?

Because the warranty Ariens offers isn’t that great, they are forthcoming. But, if they repair anything, they usually will charge you for it and often at an exorbitant price. That said, some people have better luck with customer service from LCT when issues with the engine arise.

At What Distance Will an Ariens Throw Snow?

Depending on the size, engine and intake of any given individual model, an Ariens snow blower can throw snow to a distance of up to 60 feet. The max amount is typical for a 23½ inch housing height with a 16 inch serrated augur. These can consume mountains of snow like nothing.

Which Is the Most Popular Ariens Snow Blower?

It would seem that the Ariens Deluxe 28 is the most popular and highest rated snow blower. It has a 254cc engine with a 14-inch serrated auger that’s pure steel. It can handle any type of snow and cuts through ice in mere moments.

How Much Does an Ariens Snow Blower Cost on Average?

Of course, the size, options and features of an Ariens snow blower will influence the price. However, on average, you can find a brand new one for around $500 to $1,000. The average price of refurbished or used ones can range between $50 and $750.

Which Ariens Snow Blowers Are the Least Expensive?

All of Ariens snow blowers have a price tag that’s reasonable. Some are as little as $480 but they can get as expensive as around $4,000. However, there are a few models of inexpensive ones that deserve mention. Consider the following:

  1. Ariens 18S: This single-stage snow blower has a pull start with an 18-inch intake. It costs around $480.
  2. Ariens Path-Pro: This 21-inch sized single-stage snow blower has a pushbutton electric start. For around $600, it comes with a 208cc engine.
  3. Ariens Crossover: Coming in at a price around $700, this 20-inch snow blower is a two-stage. It comes with a 179cc engine with a tall steel chute. It’s notorious for its throwing precision and distance.

What Are the Most Common Complaints about Ariens Snow Blowers?

While Ariens does offer snow blowers that are a decent quality, there are some problems that users tend to report. And these issues seem to be consistent, regardless of the model or its size. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of these, it’s best to keep the issues below in mind:

  • The drive belt constantly falls off the pulleys on almost any model of Ariens snow blower. This means you have to take the machine apart every time to fix it and then reassemble it.
  • They tend to breakdown frequently, even within only a few times of use. If you’re not a mechanic or an engineer, this will be expensive and difficult to fix.
  • Screws loosen unexpectedly, even when not in use, and it’s too easy for the snow blowing pin to break.
  • Gas tanks tend to rust within a handful of years. Different users report seeing rust form on tires, augers and other metal components all within the first year.
  • Ariens leaves much to desire in the way of satisfying customer concerns, complaints and repairs. People report having a great experience after contacting LCT with engine issues and getting better customer service than they do with Ariens.
  • Carburetor fails within one year of use and the warranty doesn’t cover it. If Ariens offers to fix it, they’ll charge you about $450.
  • Some suggest it becomes nothing more than a glorified paperweight after 10 uses. They say this in regards to the engineering; as if there isn’t enough quality control.