What Is the Best 24-inch Snow Blower? (Solved & Explained!)

There are a myriad of fantastic 24-inch snow blowers available on the market. But, the most popular ones are from Troy-Bilt, PowerSmart, Husqvarna, Massimo and Simplicity. These provide great maneuverability, traction and ease of use while also providing a good clearance of snow from any sized property.

What’s great about 24-inch blowers is that they can handle small driveways in a cinch or huge swaths of a backyard within an hour. But, if you don’t get a lot of snow in winter, a 24-inch might be overkill. This is because most snow blowers of this size tend to be two-stage machines. Such a snow blower may not be ideal for you.

Quick Overview

  1. Best 24-Inch Snow Blower Overall: Troy-Bilt Snow Blower 31AS6BM2B66
  2. Best Gas-Powered 24-Inch Snow Blower: PowerSmart Snow Blower
  3. Best Luxury 24-Inch Snow Blower: Husqvarna ST424T
  4. Best Budget-Friendly 24-Inch Snow Blower: Massimo B086PMCYFM
  5. Best 24-Inch Snow Blower with Throwing Distance: Simplicity Signature Snow Thrower 1696920

Best 24-Inch Snow Blower Overall: Troy-Bilt Snow Blower 31AS6BM2B66

Troy-Bilt’s 24-inch snow blower comes with a 208cc engine and airless tires, which means they’ll never go flat. This provides the smoothest operation with the optimal amount of traction. The pushbutton is electric that is self-propelling and has six forward and two reverse speeds, which gives ease of maneuvering.

Of course it’s a two-stage and can clear up to 12-inches high of heavy snow. It removes snow efficiently and quickly that’s powerful with the ultimate control. You can change the height and direction of the chute right from the dashboard.

The serrated auger breaks up ice and snow like a beast, all of which you can operate with one hand. The skid shoes comprise deluxe polymer to protect the surface below from damage. Some assembly will be necessary before you can use it.

Assembly is easy and quickThe electric start isn’t optional as it is on other models
Dashboard controls for the chuteCan be challenging over rough terrain or slippery ice
Can operate with one hand 

Best Gas-Powered 24-Inch Snow Blower: PowerSmart Snow Blower

This 24-inch snow blower by PowerSmart has a 212cc gas-powered four-cycle engine. It’s a two-stage blower that requires an electric corded start. The snow blower is 32⅓ inches long by almost 25 inches wide and 22 inches tall with a weight of 143 pounds.

This machine delivers a great way to remove snow. You simply plug in the cord and push the start button. The auger comprises steel so that it can cut through snow and ice. The chute diverts the debris which helps prevent clogging and chucks it up to 40 feet away.

The system is self-propelling with six forward and two reverse speeds. It also has 13-inch inflatable tires to tread deeply into snow. It’s most ideal for gravel, concrete and asphalt. You do have to assemble the model yourself.

Nice controller layout and very lightweightCertain assembly instructions are not clear
Serrated augerChute readjusts itself mid-use
Easy assembly with intuitive instructions 

Best Luxury 24-Inch Snow Blower: Husqvarna ST424T

Husqvarna’s two-stage 24-inch snow blower has a forceful 306cc engine and has some of the best traction available. The control panel comprises all steel, complete with heated handles and electronic fuel injection. This means it has an electric start operated via a key.

Even though this is the type built for commercial use, homeowners with large properties or who live in a heavy snow area will benefit greatly from this fine piece of engineering. It can handle any snow condition, especially massive amounts of ice.

You can adjust the bucket height easily to ensure you protect the ground from the auger. The power steering system has convenient controls with superb maneuverability in the harshest and most adverse conditions.

Cuts through ice and snow like butterExorbitantly pricey compared to others in its class
Bucket height is adjustableExpensive to maintain and repair
Heated HandlesTakes up a lot of storage space

Best Budget-Friendly 24-Inch Snow Blower: Massimo B086PMCYFM

With a 196cc gas-powered engine, this two-stage by Massimo is a nice, affordable choice. It throws snow and debris 49 feet away and has eight varying speeds, six forward and two reverse. It also comes with an easy electric pushbutton start and has a built-in anti-clogging system.

You can use this on almost any surface including asphalt, concrete and gravel. It has one-hand operation levers so you can change speeds or control the chute without having to stop. The tires are all-terrain and gripper for superior stability but they don’t have tracks.

The whole machine weighs about 160 pounds with a fuel tank capacity of three liters. The battery is 110V and the snow blower itself has 12-gauge steel construction. However, it’s lightweight enough for almost anyone to use.

Assembly is fast and easyCan be difficult to steer
Lightweight enough for anyone to operateFriction belt seems to always come off
Good for almost any surface 

Best 24-Inch Snow Blower with Throwing Distance: Simplicity Signature Snow Thrower 1696920

This dual stage 24-inch snow thrower by Simplicity is their signature, crowning jewel. It comes with 14½ horsepower in its gas-powered motor by Briggs & Stratton. Therefore, the design of this lends itself to the harshest weather conditions.

This means it can handle almost any amount of snow, from a light dusting to a heavy snowfall. The chute is a highlight, with a throwing distance of about 55 feet away. What’s more, the chute is electric with a control pad, making it easy to adjust rotation and deflector angle.

It has heated handle grips so you can keep your fingers nice and toasty on even the coldest of days. It’s long-lasting and durable with a cast iron auger gear case. The auger itself comprises steel.

Easily adjustable chute with electric controlsSmaller intake than other models
Powerful Briggs & Stratton engineNot good for every surface
Heated handle gripsAuger tends to rust