Do Gas Snow Blowers Have a Battery? (Solved & Explained!)

If your snow blower has an electric starter inside, then it will have a small battery. If you have a snow blower that has a cord that you need to pull to get it started, then you will not have a battery inside of your snow blower. 

Is there a benefit to having an electric starter on your gas-powered snow blower? 

It means that your gas-powered snow blower will start instantly. There is no need to constantly tug on a cord to get everything up and running.  
This is an advantage over cord start snow blowers which can often be difficult to start when it is too cold outside. Not ideal for the snow. 

Do you have to charge the battery of an electric starter on your gas-powered snow blower? 

Yes. You will need to charge the battery inside of the snow blower every so often. This shouldn’t be too tricky. 
It is worth noting that most snow blowers will not come with the charger you need for the battery. Therefore, you will have to find one that works inside of the snow blower. 

Are there downsides to having an electric starter on your gas-powered snow blower? 

Yes. If the battery isn’t charged, then your gas-powered snowblower isn’t going to start. This isn’t ideal since it can take several hours for a battery to be fully charged. 
The inclusion of the battery also means that there is going to be a lot more that could potentially go wrong with the snowblower, reducing the lifespan or raising the repair costs. 

Can you buy replacement batteries for a gas-powered snow blower? 

If you purchase a snow blower from a reputable brand, then you should be able to easily purchase replacement batteries from them. Most batteries in snow blowers ill be generic, meaning that you will be able to buy them for a lower price elsewhere too. 

How many times will you be able to start your gas-powered snow blower on a single battery charge? 

There is no real set amount of time. These batteries do not drain quickly, though as they don’t really give out a ton of power, and they aren’t used constantly. 
We wouldn’t be surprised if you only had to charge the batteries once during the winter season and then have no need to recharge them until the following year. 

Should you disconnect the battery from the snow blower when you aren’t using it? 

You don’t have to, although it may be useful to do so. It can help to prevent the battery from leaking when it is not being used (this happens with cheap batteries) 
The battery life may also be increased ever so slightly as when a battery is plugged in, it will naturally drain power, albeit very slowly.  

How does an electric start on a snow blower work? 

There will be a small motor inside of the snow blower known as a solenoid. When this is powered, it effectively connects up to the main motor in the snow blower. 
The solenoid power will be enough to kick-start the driveshaft that sends the main motor of the snow blower into action. 

Can you add an electric starter to a gas-powered snow blower? 

In some situations, you may be able to add an electric starter to a pull-cord gas-powered snow blower. However, how you attempt this will be dependent on the manufacturer of the snow blower.  
You will need to look into the specific gas-powered snow blower that you own to work out whether this is possible. 

How do you know if the battery is not working on an electric start system on a gas-powered snow blower? 

If the snow blower is not turning on and the battery is fully charged, then it is likely to be an issue with the starter system on the gas-powered snow blower. 
It is incredibly rare for a fully charged battery to just stop working, and thus this is rarely going to be the cause of your problems. 

Can you replace a broken electric start system on a snow blower? 

In most cases, yes. If you have purchased a gas-powered snow blower from a reputable vendor, then they should have spare parts available. 
In the vast majority of cases, you should be able to install the new electric start system yourself. If you have a 3 stage snowblower, then call a professional in. 

Can you convert an electric-start system into a pull cord system? 

This does not seem to be possible with the vast majority of models. The only way this can be possible is if somebody has installed an aftermarket electric start system and you remove it. 

Will a gas snow blower with a battery work without gas? 

No. The battery will only provide enough energy to start the motor on the snow blower. It wouldn’t have enough power to completely run the gas-powered snow blower. 

Can you purchase hybrid gas and battery-powered snow blowers? 

No. You cannot get hybrid models. The requirements of an electric motor are completely different to that of a gas motor. There is no overlap. 
You should also remember that electricity will never provide the amount of power needed to run a large snow blower, which is why 2 and 3 stage models are only available in gas-powered forms. 

What lasts longer, an electric start or a pull-cord gas-powered snow blower? 

Because you are adding extra components into the system with an electric start, then the lifespan will be a little bit lower. You will need to regularly maintain the system to ensure that it continues to perform well.  
Pull cord systems can last countless years. It is a basic piece of technology, but it is one that has been proven to work countless times. 

Do all modern gas-powered snow blowers have batteries? 

No. You can still purchase gas-powered snow blowers that do not have an electric start system. Although, these are becoming harder and harder to find since people prefer the electric start options.