How Much Should I Spend on a Snow Blower? (Solved & Explained!)

High quality single stage snow blowers cost around $550 while two stage snow blowers cost closer to $1,000. Gas snow blowers tend to cost around 20% more than electric snow blowers.

Do you need to buy a snow blower, but you don’t know where to start or how much you should spend? This is the guide for you!

What is the average price of a snow blower?

The average price of a single stage snow blower is around $550. You will spend at least a couple hundred dollars if you want a good snow blower. 

The average price of a two stage snow blower is around $1,000.

The price will increase or decrease depending on what kind of job you need your snowblower to do.

How does the price of an electric snow blower compare to the price of a gas powered snow blower?

Gas snow blowers are roughly 20% more costly than electric snow blowers.

This is because gas powered snow blowers are more powerful and larger. 

If you live somewhere that regularly gets over 4 inches of snow, it is worth the investment to get a gas powered blower. Even though it costs more at first, it will save you a lot of headaches moving forward.

They are powerful enough to get through thick snow and will save you a lot of time. 

What is a single stage snow blower?

According to Simplicity, a snow blower manufacturer, single stage snow blowers are good for light to moderate snow. They clear snow on driveways and pathways all the way down to the pavement.

They have a rubber auger and an engine that picks up the snow and puts it through the chute in one motion- giving it the name of a single stage snow blower.

Single stage snow blowers are compact and easy to use.

What is a two stage snow blower?

A two stage snow blower has a self-propelled transmission with both reverse and forward speeds that propel the unit to help the person using it. There are two stages to removing the snow, hence the name.

First, the auger collects the snow and moves it to the center of the machine. Then it goes into the impeller, which pushes it out of the chute.

Together the auger, impeller, and engine remove snow quickly by chewing it up and throwing it out of the cute. 

Two stage snow blowers can handle all kinds of ice and snow on any surface, even gravel.

What are electric snow blowers?

Electric snow blowers are great to clear under a foot of light snow. They are very lightweight and tend to be used on decks where a larger, gas-powered snow blower won’t fit.

They are nearly maintenance-free and don’t require oil changes or refills. The only thing you need is an extension cord that can handle the cold, and of course an electrical outlet.

There are also battery-powered, cordless snow blowers. Their technology is getting better every single year. According to Snow Blowers Direct, some brands have interchangeable batteries so your chainsaw, leaf blower, and snow blower all use the same battery.

How does where you live affect the kind of snow blower you need?

If you live in the southern parts of the northeast, or parts of the pacific northwest and California, you will certainly get snow but it will rarely be more than a couple inches, with perhaps one or two big storms each year.

If you live in one of these areas, you may be able to get away with an electric snow blower.

But if you live in the mountains, New England, or the midwest, you will likely need a bigger, gas powered snow blower. Whether you should get a single stage or two stage snow blower depends on how much snow you usually get and how large of an area you need to clear.

What kind of snow blower should I get for 24 inches of snow?

If you have 24 inches of snow you definitely need a strong two stage snow blower. 

The best models have beefier engines, simple steering, and tires with a good grip. There are lighter-duty two stage snow blowers that use the same auger-impeller system and are easier to put in storage, but they work more slowly.

One of the pros of strong two stage snow blowers is that they are wide and can handle steep inclines. They can go through both high snow and the frozen piles at the end of your driveway.

However, they are expensive and heavy, and don’t usually clear all the way to the pavement. 

They can cost over $1,000, usually between $900 and $1,600 for a good one.

What kind of snow blower should I get for 18 inches of snow?

For 18 inches of snow you can get a lighter-duty two stage model. They have the same driven wheels, impeller, and auger as larger models, but it takes more time to use them because they aren’t as wide.

They cost less than heavier-duty snow blowers and require less storage space.

But they have fewer additional features like single-hand controls or freewheel steering.

High-quality lighter-duty two stage snow blowers cost between $650 and $1,100.

What kind of snow blower should I get for 9 inches of snow?

When you only have less than one foot of snow, a single stage snow blower will work. These have augers that loosen and throw the snow through the chute. 

They work great on decks due to their rubber-tipped augers.

They are light and handling them is a breeze. They also clean all the way down to the pavement. They are about as big as a lawn mower.

Some downsides are that they struggle with dense, wet snow. Good luck using one in a plow pile! They also can’t be used on gravel or steep inclines.

You can expect to spend around $550 for a single stage snow blower.

Do I need to buy a snow blower?

If you have a large driveway, that is reason enough to buy a snow blower.

There is no reason to blow out your back every time it snows when there is technology designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

If you can’t afford a snow blower up front, you can always get a loan or save up. It’s worth it!