Does Honda Make the Best Snow Blower? (Solved & Explained!)

While Honda does produce a decent snow blower, they don’t make the best one. That honor goes to either Toro or Ariens. This will depend on if you’re looking for one as a residential machine or for commercial functionality.

But, you should note that Honda’s snow blowers are good, reliable, affordable, easy to maintain and readily available. It’s just that Honda doesn’t make the best snow blower available on the market.

Which Brand of Snow Blower Is Best for Home Use?

The best snow blower for home use will greatly depend on the area you want to clear. For homeowners’ purposes, a single or two-stage snow blower is sufficient. If all you need is a small patch of pavement or sidewalk to clear, a single stage should be fine. But, for lots of snow or rough terrain, a two-stage is better.

The following list contains eight of the best snow blowers for personal usage. They’re categorized by the number of stages.

Single Stage

  1. Briggs & Stratton 1022ER: Briggs & Stratton is a trusted brand in producing topnotch equipment and their single-stage model doesn’t fall short. It has an electric start that’s both easy to use and lightweight. You can change the direction of throw with an adjustable chute and the serrated auger has an intake to clear up to a 20-inch wide path.
  2. Snow Joe SJ623E: For a single-stage snow blower, this can pull up 18 inches and comes with a 15-amp motor. It’s electric, lightweight and designed to clear paths quickly. It’s small yet powerful enough to pick up 720 pounds of snow per minute. This blower also has a chute that can adjust 180° and works in snow up to 25 feet.
  3. Toro 38756 Power Clear: Toro’s self-propelled gas blower has an electric start making it easy for anyone to use. It has a 212cc four-cycle engine that throws snow as far as 35 feet. The blower can clear a path 21 inches wide and it’s very compact.


  1. Ariens Classic: Ariens is an excellent go-to. Built to last with an electric start, it comprises all-steel components with six forward speeds and two reverse ones. It chucks snow about 40 feet away with a rotating chute. Fast adjustable height and chute direction.
  2. Craftsmen SB410: Craftsmen offers a fantastic high-end warrior of a machine with a 208cc motor and the capacity to clear a 24-inch wide path. The electric push button makes the machine easy to use. It has X-Trac tires providing an incomparable grip, even in the iciest conditions.
  3. Cub Cadet 2X: Cub Cadet’s award-winning two-stage snow blower has a 243cc engine with a gas-powered electric start. It clears a path up to 26 inches with its power steering engine, chucking snow as far as 40 feet. It’s so easy to operate, you can turn the machine with one finger.
  4. Husqvarna ST224P: This gas-powered motor comes with a 208cc engine and an opening width of 24 inches. It features track drive with an efficient augur and high-speed system. It has an electric start, heated grip, headlight and power steering.
  5. Troy-Bilt: The snow blowers offered by Troy-Bilt come in a wide array of choices. But their 208cc gas-powered blower can clear a 24-inch walkway, making it a value buy compared to other brands. You can adjust the snow’s direction of output without having to stop. It has steel serrated augers, which means it can handle ice easily.

Which Snow Blower Brand Is Best for Commercial Operations?

In regards to commercial and professional snow blowers, there are several great ones available. Consider the list below of the five best commercial two-stage blowers:

  1. Ariens 921046 Deluxe: With a 21-inch intake and a 12½ pound torque, this snow blower can handle almost anything but only for flat, even surfaces up to 28 inches wide. It comes with a halogen headlight and heated hand grips as well as six forward speeds and two reverse ones.
  2. Briggs & Stratton 1696619: This beast of a two-stage offers a push-button starter that works in weather that’s 20 degrees below zero. It can throw snow up to 40 feet away while being able to handle the roughest terrain. It can clear a 27-inch path via a 20-foot intake.
  3. Honda HSS13332AAT: This has the best and farthest throwing capacity of most commercial snow blowers. It can clear a path up to 32 inches and handles almost any type of snow. But maneuvering is rather difficult and the hand grips are not heated.
  4. Husqvarna 254cc: For a good overall snow blower for a side hustle, this two-stage by Husqvarna is most ideal. It has an electric start, LED headlights and can clear a path up to 27 inches with an intake of 18 inches. This machine has power steering and a throwing distance of 30 feet.
  5. Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 34XP: This is one of the most heavy duty snow blowers available on the market. It weighs 375 pounds and comes with 16-inch tires. This monster machine clears a path of up to 34 inches and the chute operates via a joy stick.

Where Does Honda Rank in the Way of Snow Blowers?

Many people experienced with snow blowers rank Honda as a mid-grade type. While it doesn’t sit at the top of the list as one of the best snow blowers, they do offer ones that are easy to care for. It has a reliable engine, but it is not the best type of snow blower by far.

That said, there is the two-stage commercial model mentioned above which comes highly recommended. These offer an affordable and trusty option that professionals and homeowners alike can depend on.

Of All Honda Snow Blowers, Which Model Is Best?

For residential use, the best snow blower is the HSS724ATD. It’s a two stage that comes with a 198cc engine and electric start. It can handle big banks and clear small driveways in a breeze. In regards to a commercial blower, Honda’s HSS13332AAT is most ideal.