Are There 2 Stage Electric Snow Blowers? (Solved & Explained!)

If you want an electric snowblower, you will not be able to buy a 2-stage electric snowblower. While some companies advertise cordless 2-stage electric snowblowers, these machines are actually battery-operated. Since these snowblowers rely on battery power to function, they don’t require electricity.

It can be confusing for shoppers when they see a snowblower listed as electric-only to discover it doesn’t use electricity. If you’re curious to learn whether or not you can really get a 2-stage electric snowblower, you’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss 2-stage snowblowers and everything you should know about them.

What is a 2-stage electric snowblower?

Technically, there isn’t a 2-stage electric snowblower, but you may see snowblowers listed as “2-stage cordless electric snowblower” or something similar. This is a snowblower that doesn’t rely on gas in order to operate, however, it’s technically not electric.

A 2-stage cordless electric snowblower is actually powered by a battery, so it doesn’t need gas or electricity to work. Typically, gas snowblowers are loud while electric ones are quiet. A battery-operated snowblower is quiet, similar to an electric one.

What is an electric snowblower?

An electric snowblower comes with a cord in which the user needs to plug into a power supply in order to operate the snowblower. These machines are better for clearing smaller areas because you will not be able to travel far from the electrical plug using one of these snowblowers.

Typically an electric snowblower will be a smaller model. It’s common to find single-stage electric snowblowers or electric shovels for smaller driveways.

What is a 2-stage snowblower?

A 2-stage snowblower is typically larger than a single-stage and has the features to be able to clear heavier piles of snow. It should have a self-propelled transmission, which makes it easier for the person using it to travel forwards or reverse while clearing the snow.

The auger is able to clear the snow faster because it can lift the snow from the ground, which prevents the auger from scraping the ground and lifting rocks. It also does a better job at breaking away thin layers of ice.

Is a 2-stage snowblower worth it?

Depending on the climate where you live, a 2-stage snowblower may save you a lot of time and effort during the wintertime. 2-stage snowblowers are more efficient than single-stage snowblowers for clearing different types of snow.

If there is a heavy snowfall or you went away and came back to a large pile of snow, then the 2-stage snowblower is a more reliable choice of snowblower. 

Are electric snowblowers worth it?

Electric snowblowers are worth it if you only need to clear a small amount of snow. They are more affordable than larger snowblowers, so if you have a small driveway, an electric snowblower could be ideal.

Since electric snowblowers are more lightweight, they are easier for nearly anyone to operate. However, the downfall is that they are only good for light snowfalls.

How long do electric snowblowers last?

The lifespan of an electric snowblower will depend on the quality of make and if the user has kept up with regular maintenance over the years. A cheaper made electric snowblower typically lasts for an average of 10 years.

However, a better quality electric snowblower could last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. In order to extend the lifespan of your snowblower, it’s important to make sure it’s cleaned, maintained, and stored properly.

Are 2-stage battery-operated snowblowers better than 2-stage gas snowblowers?

Most users will agree that a 2-stage battery-operated snowblower performs better than a gas snowblower. Battery-operated snowblowers are easier to run because they turn on instantly and weigh less.

One of the advantages of using a battery-operated snowblower is that you will not have to deal with filling up the gas tank before using it. It also eliminates the need for engine maintenance as well. 

Are electric snowblowers better than gas snowblowers?

One of the reasons why electric snowblowers are so popular is that they are better for the environment. People enjoy using them because they don’t have to worry about filling them with gas and they are a lot quieter to run.

However, the efficiency of using electric snowblowers isn’t the same as gas snowblowers. This is because they are not able to clear as much snow as gas-operated snowblowers can.

What is an electric snow shovel?

When debating between the electric, battery, and gas snowblowers, one name you likely hear of often is the electric snow shovel. This device is basically a cross between a snow shovel and a snowblower.

People can still hold this device the same as a shovel, but the electric motion will require a lot less effort on their behalf to clear the snow away. The user will push the electric shovel, while the device takes care of the rest. 

What is the easiest type of snowblower to use?

The easiest type of snowblower to use is the electric single-stage snowblower. This type of snowblower is very lightweight and easier for almost anyone to start and operate. 

Since it is electric, the user doesn’t have to worry about filling up the gas tank or replacing the battery. However, they will have to make sure they clear the driveway before the snow piles up too high.

What is a good brand for 2-stage snowblowers?

There are many great brands to choose from when you want to invest in a new snowblower. It’s very important that you buy a 2-stage snowblower from a reputable company that’s known for good quality.

Some of the top brands for manufacturing reliable 2-stage snowblowers include Ariens, Craftsman, PowerSmart, and Troy Bilt.

Will a snowblower clear away ice?

A quality 2-stage snowblower should be able to clear away some ice as long as it isn’t too thick. A thin layer of ice can easily be removed with a strong snowblower.

However, electric snowblowers are smaller, so they may have trouble when it comes to removing ice.