Are Toro Snow Blowers Any Good? (Solved & Explained!)

Toro Snow Blowers are often regarded as some of the best snowblowers money can buy. These snowblowers are designed to last for years, and it is easy to get them fixed if you do end up running into any problems with the snowblower. 

Are Toro snow blowers good for home use? 

Yes. Toro does offer a good selection of snowblowers for use at home. These are often affordable, and they could give you upward of a decade of life, assuming you are using it just once or twice per year. 

Are Toro snow blowers good for commercial use? 

Yes. Most of the snowblowers in the Toro range are designed for commercial use. This means that their snowblowers are going to able to put up with the rigors of being used on an almost daily basis in harsh environments.  

Do Toro offer 3-stage snowblowers? 

No. Toro does not offer 3-stage snowblowers. They will only offer 1 and 2 stage snowblowers.  

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Most 2-stage snowblowers are just as good as the 3-stage options.  

What Toro snowblower should you purchase for clearing large areas of land? 

If you want to clear large areas of land, then it is important that you purchase a 2-stage snowblower. 1-stage snowblowers are only designed for cleaning small areas of land, normally around a home. 

What Toro snowblower should you purchase if you want to clear snow from a hill? 

While a 1-stage snowblower will be able to deal with slight slopes, if you want to rid a hill of snow, then you are going to need to purchase a 2-stage snowblower. 

What Toro snowblower is best for cleaning paved surfaces? 

Any of the snowblowers in the Toro range will work with clean, paved surfaces. However, if you purchase a 2-stage snowblower, you should remember that it won’t clear off the lowest layer of snow. 

Will all Toro snowblowers work on gravel? 

No. You will need to purchase a 2-stage snowblower if you want to clean gravel.  
This is because a 2-stage snowblower will not scrape the auger across the ground, therefore you wouldn’t be sending gravel up into the system. 

Can you use a Toro snowblower on dirt?

1-stage snowblowers are not suitable for removing snow from dirt or muddy areas. You have to use a 2-stage snowblower for that due to the way in which the auger works. 

Do Toro snow blowers come with a warranty? 

Yes. All Toro snowblowers will come with a warranty. The length of the warranty for your snowblower will be determined by the model, as well as the way in which you are using that snowblower. 

You will be able to find details of your snowblower’s warranty in the manual that came with your snowblower. 

How do you make a warranty claim on a Toro snowblower? 

All warranty claims must go through an authorized repair agent for Toro snowblowers. You will be able to find a list of authorized repair agents on the Toro website. 

You cannot contact Toro directly about a warranty claim. This is because they require all snowblowers to be inspected beforehand. 

Can you buy spare parts for a Toro snow blower? 

Yes. You will not be able to purchase the spare parts directly from Toro, though. You will need to go through a company that is authorized to repair Toro snowblowers. 

These companies will be able to order spare parts for you. This will allow you to fit the parts yourself. 

Where can you find a Toro snowblower parts list? 

Toro will have a list of all of their products, including their old machines, on the Toro website. 

These listings will also include expanded parts diagrams. You will be able to find the part number for the part which you can take to a company that specializes in Toro snowblower repairs. 

How do you get a Toro snow blower repaired? 

The only way to get a Toro snow blower officially repaired is to use one of the official repair agents for the company. If you get it repaired any other way, then you run the risk of having the warranty on the snow blower voided. 

Do Toro offer battery-powered snow blowers? 

Yes. However, they will only offer battery-powered snowblowers in their 1-stage snowblower range. This is because a 2-stage snowblower will require a lot more power than you would be able to get with a battery. 

How long will a Toro battery last? 

There is no set amount of time. The more you use the snowblower, the more likely it is that you will need to replace the battery. Most people will be replacing their Toro batteries every couple of years or so. 

Where can you purchase spare Toro batteries? 

You can purchase Toro snowblower batteries directly from their authorized resellers. While you can purchase aftermarket batteries for your snowblower, there is no guarantee that they will last as long as a Toro battery. 

Do you have to winterize a Toro snowblower? 

Yes. If you do not winterize your Toro snowblower, then it will drastically reduce the lifespan. Toro will provide details in both the manual and on their website about how you can winterize the snowblower. 

What is the main reason for a Toro snowblower breaking? 

In most cases, it is going to be down to the spark plug in the motor failing. Thankfully, this should involve nothing more than switching out the spark plug for a new one. 

Do Toro snowblowers use plastic components in their engines? 

Yes. However, the plastic components are not in any areas that will get a lot of wear and tear. This means that the plastic components will not adversely impact the lifespan of the snowblower. 

Is it worth buying a used Toro snowblower? 

Because these snow blowers are such high quality, you should have no issues purchasing one used. However, do make sure that you are purchasing the snowblower from a person that has clearly kept their snowblower well maintained.