Who Makes Engine for Toro Snowblower? (Solved & Explained!)

All of the modern Toro snowblowers will have engines manufactured by Loncin. Some older Toro snowblowers may have engines by different companies. 
If you have a Toro snowblower more than a few years old, it may be worth looking into your specific model to know who manufactured that engine. 

Where are Toro snowblower engines manufactured?

Loncin manufactures all of their snowblower engines in China. This means that the engines found in Toro snowblowers will have been imported from China.
It is not known how much control Toro has over the manufacturing process. However, it is likely that they have a good amount of control as they have their brand to protect.

What other companies use Loncin for their snowblower engines?

It is not known for certain. However, people do theorize that DR Power is also using Loncin motors for their snowblowers.
Snowblower engines is a small part of the Loncin business. They actually spend a lot more time manufacturing motorcycle engines for companies around the world.

Are Toro snowblowers good?

Yes. Toro snowblowers are some of the best snowblowers on the market. Even though they use engines imported from China, you can be 100% sure that when you own a Toro snowblower, you are going to get something that lasts you years.

Who owns Toro?

Toro is not owned by any company. They have operated independently ever since the company was founded in the 1910s.

Does Toro manufacture products for other companies?

No. Although, they do now own the company ‘Boss Products’, and thus they manufacture all of the snowblower equipment under that brand name.

Can you maintain a Toro snowblower engine yourself?

Yes. You can easily maintain a Toro snowblower engine. The manual that you get with your Toro snowblower will give you some information on proper maintenance.
You may need to head to a specialist repair agent if you have a repair job that is slightly tougher, but that is rare due to how well these products are made.

Can you get spare parts for a Toro snowblower engine?

Yes. You can easily purchase spare parts for a Toro snowblower. If you need to purchase spare parts for your Toro snowblower, then you will need to head to a reputable retailer.
Toro maintains a list of all of the companies that sell spare parts for their machines on their website. Make sure that you consult this information.

How long will a Toro snowblower engine last?

This will be dependent on how often the Toro snowblower is being used and how much effort you are putting into maintaining it. A well-maintained engine could easily last a decade, if not more.

Can you replace the engine on a Toro snowblower?

You will be able to replace the engine with a like-for-like engine. However, at this point, it may not even be worth replacing.
The engine is easily the most expensive component in a Toro snowblower. If you need to replace it, then it is probably going to be better to replace the entire Toro snowblower.

Are Toro snowblower engines reliable?

Yes. They are incredibly reliable. There have been reports of people using their Toro snowblower for decades without any issues.
Of course, if you want to ensure that your Toro snowblower lasts as long as possible, then you will need to ensure that you maintain it properly.

How often should you change the oil on a Toro snowblower engine?

Most people recommend that you change the oil on your engine as soon as it starts to get dirty. You should be inspecting the oil in your Toro snowblower engine for every 5-10 hours of use that it gets.
Even if you are not using the snowblower that frequently, you should still replace the oil every 1-year.

What oil do you need for a Toro snowblower engine?

This will be dependent on the Toro snowblower that you have. It is important that you read through the user manual for your Toro snowblower.
Remember, there is no such thing as a universal snowblower oil. If you make the wrong choice, then you could end up destroying your engine.

How much does a Toro snowblower cost?

A Toro snowblower can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000. It does depend on the size of the snowblower that you want, as well as the purpose.
The cheaper snowblowers from Toro are going to be good for blowing snow in smaller gardens. They are often for residential use. A larger snowblower can clear vast areas of land and are often designed for use by commercial businesses.

Are Toro snowblowers 2-cycle engines?

No. Not at anymore. In the past, Toro snowblowers would have used 2-cycle engines, however, all of the options on the market nowadays will be 4-cycle engines.

What is better a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine?

It depends on the situation. In most cases, a 4-cycle engine will be noticeably better than a 2-cycle engine. This is because it has the ability to cut through thicker snow.
The only time that you will really need a 2-cycle engine is if you are dealing with a lot of powdery snow.

How do you know when you will need to replace a Toro snowblower?

It is rare that you will need to replace a Toro snowblower, at least not for a decade or more. You will know that the Toro snowblower needs to be replaced if you are finding it more difficult to start, or if the number of issues with your snowblower are starting to add up.

Can you use a Toro snowblower while it is still snowing?

Absolutely. You should have absolutely no issues continuing to use your snowblower, even if the snow is coming down rather rapidly.
Of course, you may want to limit the amount of use your snowblower is getting when it is snowing. After all, if the snow is still coming down, then you are just going to end up with more snow that needs to be blown.