Does Toro Make Their Own Snowblower Engine? (Solved & Explained!)

Like most snowblower manufacturers, Toro do not make their own engines. Instead, they import engines that have been manufactured to the Toro specifications. 

Who makes Toro snowblower engines? 

Toro snowblower engines are made by a company called Loncin. They are manufactured to specifications laid out by Toro. 

Are all Toro snowblower engines manufactured by Loncin? 

While Toro may have used other companies to produce their snowblower engines in the past, all modern snowblower engines will be Loncin models. 

You can search through the Toro product list to discover whether your snowblower uses a different engine. 

Does Toro design their own snowblower engines? 

While they do have some control over the tuning of their snowblower engines, the engines are designed by Loncin. 

Toro have been working with Loncin for a long while now. Therefore, it is likely that they will have some impact on the design of their engines, just not full control. 

Where are Toro snowblower engines manufactured? 

Toro snowblower engines are manufactured in China and then imported into the United States. 

They are produced at Loncin factories, who produce engines for a variety of different snowblower companies. 

Are Toro snowblower engines good? 

Yes. Toro snowblower engines are good. Toro are one of the leading producers of snowblowers in the world, and this is because they always try to ensure that the components (including the engine) that go into their products are as high quality as possible. 

Do Toro snowblower engines use plastic components? 

Yes. Like all snowblower engines, there will be plastic components in a Toro snowblower engine. However, there won’t be any in areas that will quickly wear down. 

How do you know what Toro snowblower engine you have? 

All of the details about the snowblower engine that you own can either be found in the manual that arrived with your snowblower, or check out the specification for the engine on the Toro website. 

Can the same model of Toro snowblower use different engines? 

Over time, there may be small upgrades made to engines that are placed in individual models. However, there won’t be massive differences and thus, essentially, the engines will be the same. 

Do Toro snowblower engines have a warranty? 

Yes. All Toro snowblower engines will come with a warranty. 
The length of the warranty will be determined by the snowblower that you purchase.

All details on the warranty will be included in the manual included with your Toro snowblower. 

Is it easy to get spare parts for a Toro snowblower engine? 

Yes. Toro keeps a good selection of spare parts for their engines in the United States. It is likely there is somewhere close to where you live that sells them, alternatively you will be able to purchase them online. 

Where can you buy Toro spare parts? 

You cannot purchase Toro spare parts directly from Toro. You will have to purchase them from one of the Toro authorized service centers, or online (also from an authorized company) 

Where do you find an authorized dealer for Toro engine spare parts? 

Toro maintains a list of all authorized dealers on their website. If you are not purchasing your engine spare parts from an authorized dealer, then there is no guarantee that you will be receiving genuine spare parts. 

Do spare parts for Toro snowblower engines need to be imported from China? 

Yes. All Toro spare parts are imported from China. While Toro does try to ensure that they have a decent stock of all of their spare parts, they can go out of stock sometimes. 

When Toro goes out of stock of engine spare parts, it can sometimes take a week or two for them to arrive again. 

Where can you get a Toro snowblower engine repaired? 

You can only get Toro snowblower engines repaired by authorized repair agents. These are the only people that have been fully trained to repair engines for Toro machines. 

While you can get your engine repaired by non-authorized agents, they may not be using official parts. There is also a chance that it will void your warranty. 

Can you repair a Toro snowblower engine yourself? 

If the product is out of warranty then, yes, you will be able to repair it yourself. However, do bear in mind that it can be dangerous to work with something that runs on gas, so ensure that you are in a safe area when you carry out the work. 

Who do you contact for a warranty repair on a Toro snowblower engine? 

If you have a warranty claim, then you will need to approach one of the authorized service centers first. If they believe that you may have a claim, then they will process the warranty repair for you. If they don’t, then it will be a standard repair. 

Where can you purchase spare parts for a Toro snowblower engine? 

You will only be able to purchase spare parts for your Toro snowblower engine from Toro authorized retailers. You may also be able to purchase Loncin spare parts, but using aftermarket parts not designed specifically for your motor could void the warranty. 

Can you use non-Toro parts in a Toro snowblower engine? 

You may be able to use Loncin spare parts in your Toro engine. However, we only recommend purchasing official Toro spare parts to ensure that you are able to keep the warranty ticking over.  

Purchasing official Toro parts will also ensure quality. 

Do you have to remove the gas from a Toro snowblower engine if you are putting it into storage? 

Yes. These motors are not designed to have gas stored in them long-term. If you are planning on storing your Toro engine for more than 3-months, then it is important that you remove the gas. 

If you are storing the Toro engine for under 3-months, then you should use some sort of fuel stabilizer in the product. 

Do you need to winterize a Toro snowblower? 

They are designed for winter use anyway, so no. Just ensure that you follow the maintenance suggestions in the manual.