Who Made Craftsman YT3000? (Solved & Explained!)

Husqvarna built the Craftsman YT3000 riding lawn tractor. It is one of only a few products that they produced for the Craftsman company. 

When was the Craftsman YT3000 produced?

The Craftsman YT3000 was originally produced between 2009 and 2010. It is unknown how many lawn tractors ended up being manufactured.

Who made the engine for the Craftsman YT3000?

The motor inside of the Craftsman YT3000 was manufactured by Briggs & Stratton.

Where was the Craftsman YT3000 manufactured?

This isn’t really known. It is likely that, like many of the cheaper Husqvarna products, it was manufactured partially in China.
There is a strong chance that the final assembly for the Craftsman YT3000 took place in the United States.

Do Husqvarna still make products for Craftsman?

No. Most of the lawn tractors and riding lawnmowers from Craftsman nowadays are manufactured by MTD.
It is likely that MTD will continue to make their products for the foreseeable future, mostly because Craftsman are looking to target the lower end of the market.

Is it worth buying a used Craftsman YT3000?

Perhaps. Because the Craftsman YT3000 has been around for over 10-years now, chances are that the riding tractors on the market nowadays are not in the best condition.
If you can obtain a Craftsman YT3000 for a low price, then it may be worth the money. However, it is probably worth spending a little bit extra and purchasing one of the newer Craftsman models.

Can you still get a Craftsman YT3000 repaired?

Youn will likely be able to get a Craftsman YT3000 repaired for the foreseeable future. However, you do need to remember that the product is pretty old now, which means that as time goes on, it may become harder and harder to source the spare parts.

Where can you get a Craftsman YT3000 repaired?

You will be able to find a list of all of the repair agents that Craftsman works with on their website. We recommend that you use this list to find a repair agent for your Craftsman.
That being said, since the warranty on these products no longer exists, you probably shouldn’t have too many issues using some of the other companies.

Where can you buy spare parts for a Craftsman YT3000?

You will be able to purchase spare parts for the Craftsman YT3000 from one of their authorized repair companies. There will be a list on their website.
You should remember that, nowadays, it is becoming harder and harder to find spare parts for the Craftsman YT3000. This is because it has been well over a decade since the company stopped manufacturing it.

How can you tell who manufactured your Craftsman tractor?

For all models manufactured after 2018, the manufacturer would have been MTD. Anything prior to that will likely have been manufactured by Husqvarna.

Are Husqvarna lawn tractors better than MTD tractors?

Honestly, there isn’t too much of a difference between the two. These were both made to a budget, but they are also tremendous at what they do.
That being said, you should always purchase a Craftsman manufactured by MTD. The Husqvarna products are becoming a little bit older now, which means that they can be tough to maintain.

Does Craftsman own MTD?

No. MTD are a company that is outsourced to manufacture products for Craftsman. MTD is an independently owned company based in the United States.

Are Craftsman MTD lawn tractors manufactured in the United States?

Partially. They are assembled in the United States, however all components are manufactured overseas, mostly in China.
All of the factories that produce products for MTD are owned by MTD. This ensures that MTD are able to guarantee the quality of their products, which translates to offering the best possible products for sale through the Craftsman brand.

Where do I find the model number for my Craftsman?

You will be able to find the serial number for your Craftsman underneath the seat. It will be on a small metal plaque.
This metal plaque will also give you details on the model number of your Craftsman.

Are there multiple versions of the Craftsman YT3000?

There may be small manufacturing differences between the two years that the Craftsman YT3000 was produced, we doubt that the differences are going to be big enough that you will need to worry about them.
Generally speaking, the better model will almost always be the 2010 model as it is newer, but it is ever so slightly going to be the better model. You probably won’t be too fussed if you end up with one of their 2009 products.

Will Craftsman manufacture the YT3000 again?

Because Craftsman no longer have a working relationship with Husqvarna, it is unlikely that they will ever produce the YT3000 again.

Why are Craftsman products no longer manufactured by Husqvarna?

This is unknown. Chances are that Husqvarna were no longer able to produce products at the price that Craftsman wanted.
This is something that almost constantly happens in this industry, and thus it isn’t really a huge deal that Craftsman no longer work with Husqvarna.

What is the mower deck size for the Craftsman YT3000?

The Craftsman YT3000 was actually manufactured with two different sized mower decks. You have the 46” and the 42” mower deck.
When you are purchasing a Craftsman YT3000, you should be told exactly what sized mower deck you are purchasing. The size you need will vary based upon the size of your garden.

Can you still purchase tractor accessories for the Craftsman YT3000?

Like the spare parts, these are in increasingly short supply. However, many of the products for the current models of Craftsman lawn tractors should be compatible.
The Craftsman website will have a list of all the products that certain lawn tractor accessories are compatible with. If it does not list the YT3000, then it is unlikely going to fit the product.

How much was the Craftsman YT3000 new?

It cost a little under $2,000. The price used nowadays is closer to $300-$500.