Does Stihl Own Husqvarna? (Solved & Explained!)

NO. Stihl does not Husqvarna. They are both two completely separate companies, although they do each have their origins in European countries. 

Where does Stihl come from? 

Stihl products come from Germany. However, they now have a presence throughout the world, including the United States. 
When you buy a Stihl product, you will be able to enjoy that high quality German manufacturing. 

Where does Husqvarna come from? 

Husqvarna products some from Sweden. Husqvarna is one of the oldest power tool manufacturers in the world, which goes to show that this company knows what they are doing when they make tools. 

Who owns Stihl? 

Stihl is not owned by anybody. They are owned and operated by the Stihl Group, as they always have been. 
While Stihl does have offices around the world, the bulk of their administration and design services will be based in Germany. 

Who owns Husqvarna? 

Husqvarna is owned by Investor AB, a company based in Austria. However, they do have several Swedish companies under their name.  
Companies also owned by Investor AB include Electrolux and AstraZeneca.  

Where are Stihl products manufactured? 

Stihl products are mostly manufactured in Germany. However, they do have manufacturing locations around the world. 
This means that the manufacturing location of the product will be based on what you are buying. Some of these products may use components that have been manufactured in China. 

Are there any American-made Stihl products? 

Yes. Stihl operate a manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach. This manufacturing facility produces millions of products per year, and they are going to be shipped around the world. 

Does Stihl make their chainsaws in China? 

While Stihl does make chainsaws in China, the bulk of these chainsaws are destined for Asian markets. The chainsaws made for the American market, outside of the Stihl budget range, will have been manufactured in the United States. 

Where are Husqvarna products manufactured? 

Most Husqvarna products will be manufactured in Sweden, although it is going to be dependent on the product that you are purchasing.  
Husqvarna will use components that have been manufactured in China, but it doesn’t seem as if the final assembly on any of their products happens there. 

Is Stihl better than Husqvarna? 

Stihl and Husqvarna are both quality brands. They are both designed for professional use, and they will easily give you years and years of life. 
The best brand will be dependent on the product that you purchase. Always carry out your research to know that what you are buying is the right choice for you. 

Are Stihl chainsaws better than Husqvarna chainsaws? 

Stihl chainsaws tend to require less maintenance than Husqvarna chainsaws. However, both companies make great products, so it is a case of trying to weigh up which product is right for your needs. 

Where can you buy spare Stihl parts? 

You can only purchase proper Stihl parts from authorized resellers. You will be able to find a complete list of authorized resellers for Stihl parts on their website. 
If you use non-official parts in your Stihl power tool, then this may end up voiding the warranty. 

Where can you buy spare Husqvarna parts? 

If you head to the Husqvarna website, they will have a list of parts retailers in your country. These will be the only companies that are authorized to sell you official spare parts. 

What products are cheaper, Husqvarna or Stihl? 

It depends on the type of product that you are purchasing. If you are purchasing a chainsaw, then you will often find that Stihl products are considerably cheaper than their Husqvarna counterparts. 

Where can you get Stihl products maintained? 

You will be able to carry out the bulk of maintenance on Stihl products yourself. However, if you need a full service carried out, then you will need to head to an authorized repair agent for Stihl products. 
You will be able to find a list of authorized repair agents on the Stihl website. 

Where can you get Husqvarna products maintained? 

Husqvarna products should be fairly easy to maintain yourself. However, if you have a slightly more complicated issue, then there are multiple Husqvarna repair agents around the country that you can use. 
There will be a list of authorized repair agents listed on the Husqvarna website. 

What is better for a professional; Husqvarna or Stihl? 

Both companies make quality products for professionals. Most people will go for the products that they are the most familiar with. You will often find Stihl chainsaws being used in the professional market due to the strength of their brand name.  

What is better for garden use; Stihl or Husqvarna? 

Stihl. Products are easier to maintain. As a result, t a lot of people find that they are the best option for using in the comfort of their own home.  
However, both companies will make quality options for use in the garden. You will likely be happy no matter which route you end up going down? 

Does Husqvarna have a warranty? 

Yes. The length of the warranty will be dependent on the product that you have purchased. You will need to look through the manual that came with your product to know what the warranty is. 

Where do you make a Husqvarna warranty claim? 

You will have to take your product to a Husqvarna authorized repair agent. This is the place that will decide whether you have a claim under the warranty. 
They will repair your product at their store. Don’t worry. It is not something that will need to be shipped back to Sweden. 

Does Stihl have a warranty? 

Yes. You will get at least 1 year of warranty on your Stihl products and some may have a little longer. Look at the product manual to know what your warranty is. 

Where do you make a Stihl warranty claim? 

There are Stihl authorized repair agents around the United States. You will need to be taking the product that you wish to make a warranty claim on to one of them.