What Are the Best Snow Blowers Made? (Solved & Explained!)

There is a world of snow blowers and the best one for your purposes will largely depend on how much snowfall you receive in wintertime. In general, though, you can expect quality, well-built snow blowers from manufacturers such as PowerSmart, Snow Joe, Husqvarna, EGO Power+ and Troy-Bilt.

If you’re new to the range of snow blowers available, understand that there are three basic types: single-stage, two-stage and three-stage. For residential purposes, a single- or double-stage will be ideal. Three stages are best for huge swaths of land or commercial snow removal operations.

Quick Overview

  1. Best Made Snow Blower for the Price: PowerSmart PSSAM24
  2. Best Made Single-Stage Snow Blower: Snow Joe SJ625E
  3. Best Made Two-Stage Snow Blower: Husqvarna ST427T
  4. Best Made Electric Snow Blower: EGO Power+ SNT405
  5. Best Made Gas-Powered Snow Blower: Troy-Bilt Storm 2410

Best Made Snow Blower for the Price: PowerSmart PSSAM24

For less than $500, PowerSmart’s gas-powered two-stage snow blower is jaw-dropping. The engine isn’t very powerful, but for the price, who cares? Regardless, it can handle heavy snowfall, clearing a path up to 24 inches and with up to 20 inches of snow.

Plus, it’s versatile on any terrain or surface. It has adjustable metal skid shoes for pavement or gravel without causing damage to the blower or your yard. It has variable speed, with six forward and two reverse. This PowerSmart model has a 212cc engine and weighs only 143 pounds.

It’s very easy to start and operate with 180° chute control. What’s more, it can throw snow wherever you want it to go up to 40 feet away. It features both a pull-cord start and an electric start so that it fires up every time.

Affordable and lightweightReverse functions tend to be slow
Easy to start, use and operateSometimes shear pins are missing upon purchase
180° chute controlDifficulty with assembly instructions

Best Made Single-Stage Snow Blower: Snow Joe SJ625E

This 15-amp corded electric single-stage snow blower by Snow Joe is perfect for small paths and driveways. It’s also ideal for those who live in areas that get some snow during winter, but not several feet. It’s compact, affordable and has some convenient features.

It can clear up to 21 inches of snow in one pass with up to 12 inches of accumulated snowfall. The discharge chute is very adjustable, providing a 180° radius with a handle-mounted headlight. This means you can clear snow in the dark. The machine weighs just over 35½ pounds.

A great compact electric snow blowerNot good for heavy use
Works beautifully on small patches and drivewaysCannot handle more than 12 inches of snowfall
Most powerful type of corded snow blowerThe auger comprises rubber blades, not metal

Best Made Two-Stage Snow Blower: Husqvarna ST427T

Always a great name when it comes to yard equipment, Husqvarna offers a beautiful two-stage snow blower with a gas-powered 369cc engine. It provides traction for almost any kind of weather condition and has other desirable professional-grade features.

These include a cast-iron impeller, electric fuel injection, durable steel control panel and a heated handle grip. The overall construction is high quality and heavy duty but it weighs 364 pounds. It comes with a hydrostatic transmission though, which help makes maneuvering easier and more manageable.

It clears a swath of 27 inches with a depth of snow of up to 23 inches and a throwing distance of 40 feet. This is ideal for large properties, uneven terrain, hills and almost any wintery condition.

Great tracks for solid tractionSuper expensive and heavy for a two-stage
Power steering with hydrostatic transmissionSnow throwing distance isn’t impressive for the price
Heated handle gripTakes up lots of storage space

Best Made Electric Snow Blower: EGO Power+ SNT405

EGO’s two-stage snow blower is the best battery-operated of its kind. This lithium-ion battery has 56V of power and you can use the battery in other EGO tools and equipment you have. It can clear up to 24 inches with a depth of 20 inches of snow.

Plus, it can throw snow as far as 50 feet away, which is better than most gas-powered blowers. It gives you 200° of chute control, which means you can direct the snow wherever you want it to go.

EGO’s SNT2405 weighs 150 pounds, is self-propelling and has variable reverse and forward speeds. Anyone can use and operate it, even those with limited upper body strength. The machine itself comprises composite materials and steel that is weather-resistant and heavy duty.

Lightweight and powerful for a battery blowerNot as powerful as a gas-powered blower
Throws snow farther that most gas-powered onesRuntime on the battery is very limited
200° of chute controlDifficult to maneuver downhill

Best Made Gas-Powered Snow Blower: Troy-Bilt Storm 2410

One of the best made gas-powered two-stage snow blowers on the market right now is Troy-Bilt’s Storm 2410. It comes with a 208cc engine and can clear up to 24 inches of snow with a snowfall depth of 12 inches. Even though this seems a bit lackluster in comparison to other snow blowers in its class, it provides everything the average homeowner needs.

It comes with an electric start, is self-propelling and it only weighs 195 pounds. The auger comprises serrated steel which helps in breaking up chunky snow and ice while throwing snow up to 30 feet away.

The 13-inch traction tires can roll over any terrain and almost any condition in wintertime but it does have difficulty with wet snow. However, this is ideal for those areas where snowfall isn’t frequent or intense. It’s best for light snow and dusting but it doesn’t seem to like thick mountains and banks of snow.

Inexpensive and lightweightEngine is weak compared to others
Good for areas with light snowfall in winterLow throwing distance of snow
Easy to use with an electric startNot good for wet snow or frequent use