Is Craftsman a Good Brand? (Solved & Explained!)

According to Top Class Actions, Craftsman tools was at one time an excellent brand for high-quality tools but not so much anymore. Many loyal customers believe the quality of this brand has gone downhill over the years. This is because the tools are no longer built to last like they used to be.

If you’re interested in buying new tools, you likely want to know which brands are good and which ones you should avoid. On this page, we’re going to discuss the Craftsman brand. We’ll answer all of your top questions about the quality of these brand-name tools. 

Are Craftsman brand tools good quality?

Craftsman does make good tools, but when you compare the quality of the tools this company makes now to the quality made from a few decades ago, they don’t hold up. Many of the brand’s loyal customers are not happy with the products they have purchased, with some turning to other brands.

Even Craftsman brand knows the quality is not the same, as they once gave a lifetime warranty on all tools, but no longer offer these warranties. 

Who owns the Craftsman brand?

Craftsman brand is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. In 2017, this company bought the Craftsman brand from Sears and that is when loyal customers noticed the quality of the brand go down the toilet.

It was believed that Sears upheld a certain quality of work with every tool they manufactured under the Craftsman brand so customers would have a tool that would last a lifetime. Since Stanley Black & Decker took over, the same approach isn’t taken.

Are Craftsman tools made in the USA?

Currently, the Craftsman brand is opening up more manufacturing facilities in the US to bring more jobs to America, However, there are still many tools that are manufactured for this brand in China. 

While they are taking steps in the right direction to bring the Craftsman brand back to its roots in America, it may not be enough to win old customers back.

What brand of tools are people buying instead of Craftsman?

Since the quality of Craftsman products has gone downhill, more people are purchasing Dewalt tools. According to Top Class Actions, more people prefer Dewalt because it’s an American-made brand with better products.

Dewalt users better quality materials when manufacturing its tools. Since many products from Craftsman are coming from China, they often are made with lower-quality materials that aren’t used in the US.

Why do people no longer like Craftsman products?

A lot of people think of tools as an investment, so they want to make sure they are buying a good product. According to Top Class Actions, many customers are disappointed by how easily newer Craftsman products break.

To make it worse for the customers, the brand gives them a difficult time when they need repairs or replacements. They seem to get a lot better service when they buy brands like Dewalt.

Is Stanley Black & Decker a good company?

Stanley Black & Decker has been recognized as one of Forbe’s top 100 employers. They are currently named as the 28th most reputable company in the US.

However, one downfall about this company is that they are known for taking the cheapest route to manufacture products. They are more about quality than quantity, which is why long-term customers of the brands Stanley Black & Decker is buying are now purchasing other products instead.

What products can you buy from Craftsman?

Craftsman is well-known for its selection of power tools and hand tools. This brand also makes lawn and garden equipment and snowblowers. 

People can also buy Craftsman workwear and protective gear for when they are using their Craftsman products. The brand wants to keep people safe while they are working with its equipment.

Are Craftsman drills decent?

According to Cook and Brown, Craftsman drills are considered low-budget and not built to withstand heavy-duty jobs. If you were to use a Craftsman drill, it should be for light jobs.

It has been noted that Craftsman drills are cheaply made and not designed for professional use. Cook and Brown also recommend going for a Dewalt drill if you want a more reliable product.

Will Craftsman still honor lifetime warranties?

When Craftsman was sold by Sears, all products came with a lifetime warranty, allowing customers to bring in an item without their receipt for a repair or replacement when needed. While Sears is no longer around to honor the warranty, Lowe’s now honors Craftsman products that have lifetime warranties.

However, according to The Denver Channel, this warranty honor isn’t as good as it sounds. Lowe’s will only honor the warranty if they sell the product you bring in. Many customers have been denied their lifetime warranty from Lowe’s because of this loophole.

What Craftsman products are people happy with?

Most customers are satisfied with the Craftsman brand sockets. According to The Drive, the rachet and sockets that come in the Craftsman mechanic’s toolset perform very well.

There have been a lot of improvements to the design of the rachet, including an upgrade from 36 to 72 teeth. When put to the test, these items do hold up.

Are Craftsman lawnmowers reliable?

Many customers are happy with their Craftsman lawnmowers. The brand is known for having excellent engineering with each lawnmower on its line. 

Craftsman also has a great selection of push mowers, riding lawn mowers, and zero-turn mowers. People can find a good Craftsman mower for the type of lawn they have.

How long do Craftsman mowers last?

One of the better products to come from the Craftsman brand is the lawnmower, which can last for over 20 years. Lawnmowers’ lifespans are typically determined by the number of hours they are used.

On average, people can get over 500 hours of use from a Craftsman mower. However, if they take good care of the lawn mower and make sure the machine gets proper maintenance, the mower could last for a lot longer.