Does John Deere Make a 38 Inch Riding Mower? (Solved & Explained!)

John Deere no longer manufacturers a 38-inch riding mower. The last one they produced, the STX38, was discontinued in 1997.  

The smallest deck size that John Deere now manufacturers is 42”.  

Can you still purchase the John Deere STX38 used? 

Yes. Because John Deere riding mowers are manufactured to such a high quality, you will still be able to purchase the STX38 used. 

Do bear in mind that these models are at least 25-years old now. This means that they may not last as long as you would hope. 

Why did John Deere discontinue the 38” riding mower? 

Very few companies offer 38” riding mowers. Therefore, it is likely that John Deere discontinued the product as there wasn’t enough demand for something that small. 
It is unlikely that they will bring a 38” model back. Thie range seems to be pretty firm on having a minimum size of 42”.  

Is there any company that makes a 38” riding mower? 

Murray is one of only a few companies that now manufacture riding mowers with a 38” deck. However, do bear in mind that these products will offer nowhere near the same quality that a John Deere product would be able to offer you. 

Is it worth purchasing a used John Deere mower? 

While a used John Deere mower is probably still going to be far higher in quality than most other models on the market, it is not worth purchasing a 38” John Deere used. 
Because John Deere have not manufactured a 38” deck riding mower for over a decade now, any used product that you do purchase will be reaching the end of its lifespan. 

Does John Deere still have spare parts for the STX38? 

John Deere will likely have limited spare parts left for the STX38. Any component that frequently breaks on a John Deere mower will likely have gone out of stock a long time ago. 

John Deere authorized representatives will not be able to order the spare parts in for you as John Deere will no longer be manufacturing components for discontinued models. 

Where can you buy spare parts for a John Deere STX38? 

You can talk to an authorized dealer to see if they have spare parts available. Alternatively, you can look for broken versions of the model online.  
If you find a broken version of the John Deere STX38, then you may be able to salvage a few spare parts from it. 

Will a John Deere authorized dealer repair an old 38” mower? 

They may be able to carry out some basic repairs on the riding mower for you. However, because there will no longer be any spare parts available, they will not be able to do anything too complicated unless that spare part has an overlap with other products in the John Deere range e.g. spark plugs on the engine. 

Can you replace the deck on a larger John Deere mower with a 38” deck? 

You may be able to do so with some of the older models. However, this will not be possible with the newer models of John Deere mower as John Deere no longer manufactures them to fit the smaller decks. 

What is the benefit of a 38” mower deck? 

A smaller mower deck will provide you with the ability to move around a little bit easier on smaller areas of land. However, they will also cut the grass a lot slower unless you pair them with a high HP engine. 

Is a John Deere 42” riding mower good for small gardens? 

Yes. It is only 4” larger than a 38” mower deck. While it is not going to be as compact, the 42” mower deck is still going to be good if you are planning on mowing small gardens. 

Most people will not be able to tell the difference between a 38” riding mower deck and a 42” riding mower deck. 

Does a smaller mower deck cut better than a larger one? 

A lot of people find that it is easier to produce a more even lawn when you have a smaller deck. So, while a small deck will often take a lot longer to cut the lawn, chances are that you will end up with a far better finish on the grass.  

What size mower decks does John Deere offer on their riding mowers? 

This will be dependent on the riding mower that is purchased. Most of their non-commercial riding mowers will offer 42”, 48”, and 52” options.  

The commercial riding mowers will offer larger options, mostly because they are going to be used on larger areas of land. 

Can you purchase replacement John Deere mower decks? 

Yes. However, do bear in mind that their mower decks will be designed for specific models. So, if you are purchasing a spare mower deck, then you will need to ensure that it has been designed specifically for the model of John Deere riding mower that you own. 

Where can you purchase a replacement John Deere mower deck? 

You will be able to purchase the mower deck either directly from John Deere, or you will be able to head to one of their authorized service agents. 
In some cases, you may also be able to find replacement decks from old mowers on sites like eBay and Craigslist. However, you will want to pay special attention to what is on offer to ensure that you get something that will fit your riding mower. 

What John Deere riding mower offers the smallest cutting deck? 

All of their options will have a 42” cutting deck available. At the time of writing, the most popular models they have available for non-commercial use will be the 100 series and X300 series. 

The X300 series will be the best option for those that want a quality riding mower for non-commercial use. 

What is an Accel Deep mower deck? 

All modern John Deere mowers will have an Accel Deep mower deck. This enables the mower to cut faster and cleaner.