Are LCT Engines Made in China? (Solved & Explained!)

LCT engines are manufactured in Shanghai, China. However, they are produced under the watchful eye of LCT. 

All of the manufacturing facilities that produce LCT engines n China are owned and operated by LCT. This means people can remain confident in their quality. 

Where is LCT based? 

LCT is based in South Carolina. However, they do own and operate offices in the USA, China, and in Australia.  

Who designs LCT motors? 

All LCT motors are custom-designed by a team of professional engineers in the United States. These designs are overseen by American engineers in the LCT manufacturing facilities. 

Has LCT ever manufactured products in the United States? 

It doesn’t appear that they have. They may produce small spare parts here e.g. screws and the like, though. 

All major builds have always happened in China. 

How long has LCT been importing engines from China? 

The company has been importing products from China for over 25-years now. This means that they have a  huge amount of experience in ensuring that they important high-quality products. 

Are LCT engines rebranded versions of other engines? 

No. All of the LCT engines are designed by LCT. Unlike some of the other engine producers in China, they do not purchase ‘white label’ products. 

Who do LCT make engines for? 

LCT engines are known as OEM engines. This means that they are designed to be sold to companies that sell machinery. 

LCT sells engines to a variety of large machinery manufacturers.  The manufacturer will not always list that they are using LCT engines. 

Are any LCT engines made in the USA? 

No. None of the LCT engines are made in the United States. They are, however, designed in the United States. 

What is the LCT expatriate program? 

In order to ensure that the quality of the LCT engines is kept high, LCT have the expatriate program. 

With the expatriate program, many Americans are sent on over to the Chinese manufacturing facilities to overlook the construction of the products. 

Can a person purchase an LCT engine directly from LCT? 

No. The only way an individual will be able to get their hands on an LCT engine is to purchase it directly from an authorized service agent. 

Are LCT engines worth it? 

If you are looking for something cheap that is going to last then, yes, LCT engines are worth it. 

These engines are mostly designed for use around the home. Commercial users may want to look elsewhere. 

Do LCT engines come with a warranty? 

Yes. All LCT engines will come with a warranty. You will need to read through the manual that came with your machine to know what the warranty. 

The length of warranty can vary between products. 

Do you have to send an LCT engine to China to be repaired? 

No. All repairs will be handled in the United States. 

In most cases, the repairs will be handled by the authorized repair agents. In some cases, the product will be sent back to the LCT head office in South Carolina.  

Do you have to order spare parts from China for a broken LCT engine? 

No. LCT will keep a significant number of spare parts in the United States. 

There are times that they go out of stock, but your LCT repair agent will be able to source the products for you. It shouldn’t take too long. 

Are other products manufactured in LCT facilities? 

No. All of the manufacturing facilities in China are owned by LCT. This means that they will only produce LCT engines. 

Where is LCT quality assurance based? 

LCT quality assurance is based in both China and the USA. The product will be initially inspected in China and when it arrives in the USA, it will undergo a further inspection. 

Do LCT manufacture engines for other companies? 

Yes. LCT currently manufactures Tecumseh engines. Although do bear in mind that several companies make engines for Tecumseh, so there is no guarantee that you will actually receive an LCT engine. 

Is it worth purchasing an engine from China? 

If the product has been manufactured by a reputable company like LCT, we see absolutely no reason why you would have any issues with their engines. 

Remember, LCT will control every single step of the manufacturing process, which ensures the highest quality. 

Are LCT engines made in China lower quality than engines made in the USA? 

LCT manufactures their engines in China to keep the price low. You have to remember that LCT products are designed for the lower end of the market. 

Generally speaking, an engine manufactured in the USA will be better than one manufactured in China as they will have been designed for completely different purposes. 

Are there plastic components in LCT engines? 

Yes. However, you could say this about some of the better-quality engines on the market too. 

Having plastic components is not necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is when the plastic components are used in poor places, but that is not the case with LCT engines due to the quality design of their products.

Do LCT engines manufactured in China conform to US standards? 

Yes. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to import them. The team at LCT will be constantly inspecting the products that are imported into the US to ensure that they conform to all legislation in the US. 

Is LCT customer support based in China? 

No. All of the customer support is in the United States. If you are in Australia, then you will have your own dedicated customer support team. 

You can get in contact with their Chinese manufacturing facilities, but they will not be able to assist you with any issues related to your engine. 

What happens if your LCT engine breaks? 

Your first port of call should be getting in touch with the manufacturer of your machine. If they are unable to help, then you will be able to get in touch with an authorized repair agent for LCT engines based in the United States.