Are LCT Engines Any Good? (Solved & Explained!)

While they are certainly not the best motors that you can purchase, a lot of people believe LCT engines to be very good, particularly for the price that you will pay for one. 
If you have an LCT engine, then it is something that you are going to be very happy with. It will last a long time. 

Do LCT engines come with a warranty? 

LCT engines will come with a warranty for flaws in workmanship and materials. The exact details of the warranty included with the engine will be detailed in the owner’s manual that was received with the machine. 
All warranty claims should be directed toward the original retailer of the product. 

Do LCT engines have plastic components? 

Yes. LCT engines, like many engines on the market, will use plastic components in them. However, this doesn’t mean that the LCT engine is bad.  
Even the big motor manufacturers in the market will use plastic components. As long as the ‘right’ components are made in plastic, it will have no adverse impact on the way in which the motor runs. 

How long with an LCT engine last? 

There is no specific timeline for how long an LCT engine will last. It will all be dependent on how you are using the LCT motor. 
A motor that is regularly used (for hours per day), is likely not going to last as long as an LCT motor that has been used once or twice per year. 

Do LCT motors work well in the snow? 

Yes. However, it is important that you only purchase an LCT motor that has been rated for use in cold weather. 
An LCT motor that works in cold weather will be clearly highlighted. 

Do LCT motors work well in wet conditions? 

Yes. Although, it isn’t advised unless you have no other choice. 
Using a motor in wet conditions could potentially ruin the motor. There will be an exception if you have a snow motor and it is snowing outside. 

Is LCT an American company? 

Yes. LCT is an American company. However, they have facilities in multiple countries in the world. 
You will find LCT in the US, China, and in Australia. They will have manufacturing and service facilities in each of these countries. 

Are LCT engines easy to maintain? 

Yes. However, as with most motors, you probably shouldn’t carry out your own maintenance beyond changing oils, etc. 
There are LCT service agents located throughout the United States. If you have an issue with your LCT motor, then you should be heading to one of those. 

Where can you purchase LCT engine spare parts? 

LCT will have a complete spare parts listed on their website. If you wish to purchase spare parts for your LCT motor, then you will need to head to one of the LCT service agents. 
LCT will not sell any items directly to the public. You must always go through an authorized representative. 

Where can you find a manual for LCT engines? 

You can find a manual for your LCT engine on the LCT website. They have manuals for all of the engines they have ever produced. 
You can also look for a manual from the manufacturer of the device that you are using. Chances are that the information you find there will be much more relevant. 

Can you purchase an LCT engine directly from LCT? 

No. The only people allowed to purchase an LCT engine directly from LCT will be those that manufacture products. 
If you wish to purchase an LCT engine separately, then you will need to head to an authorized service representative and place your order like that. 

How do you know what type of LCT engine you have? 

If you look on the engine near the spark plug, there will be a small plate. This will detail the exact model number of the LCT engine that you own. 

Can you put synthetic oil in an LCT engine? 

Yes. You can put synthetic oil into an LCT engine. 
It is important that you follow the details in the LCT manual for the amount of oil that you should be using. If you go over the limits, then there is a risk that you will be permanently damaging the engine.  

Who do I contact about a broken LCT motor? 

If you have a broken LCT motor, you should not be contacting LCT directly. You should be contacting the company that manufactured the product that includes the LCT motor. 
If your engine is out of warranty, then you will also be able to talk to an authorized service agent for LCT. They will be able to help you out. 

Should you store your LCT motor with fuel in? 

If you are storing your LCT motor for longer than 3-months, then it is important that you remove any fuel from the motor before you place it into storage. 
If you are storing your LCT motor for less than 3-months, then you do not have to remove the fuel. However, you should be adding fuel stabilizer to the fuel. 

Are Lauson Power Products related to LCT? 

Yes. They are the team that manages any service issues related to LCT products. 
If you wish to find an authorized representative in your local area, then your best choice is to go through LCT. They will be able to point you in the right direction.  

How do I maintain my LCT motor to ensure long service life? 

This is something that will vary based on the LCT motor that you own. Our suggestion is to read through the manual. 
This manual will detail everything that you need to do in order to properly maintain your LCT motor.  

How do I find troubleshooting information for my LCT motor?

You will be able to find all troubleshooting information for your LCT motor in the manual that was included with your machine. 
If you cannot find the answers to your questions in the manual, then you will need to talk to an authorized representative for LCT.