Are John Deere Lawn Tractors Made by MTD? (Solved & Explained!)

MTD only makes a few of the John Deere lawn tractors. If a lawn tractor is marketed as being non-commercial by John Deere, then it is likely that that particular mower was built by MTD.  

Do MTD make lawn tractors for other companies? 

Yes. MTD also makes lawn tractors for their regional brands. This includes Troy-Bilt, Rovers, and Wolf-Garten.  

If you live in the United States, then it is likely that you will only encounter the Troy-Bilt brand. 

Is MTD owned by John Deere? 

No. MTD is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. This is the same company that manufacturers hand and power tools. 

Technically, the company operates as its own entity known as ‘MTD Holdings’, however, all major business decisions will be handled by the Stanley Black & Decker team. 

Is it cheaper to buy an MTD-branded tractor or a John Deere model? 

John Deere tractor models, even when manufactured by MTD, are always going to be more expensive than buying MTD models. 

The reason why the prices are significantly different will be due to the allure that the John Deere brand name has. 

Are MTD-branded tractors the same as John Deere lawn tractors manufactured by MTD? 

They are virtually the same. However, there may be a few design modifications for a John Deere tractor in order to ensure that the John Deere products are the best in the business.  

If you are just cutting a non-commercial lawn, then either of the products should be fine. You will be able to save a lot more money by purchasing an MTD product. 

Who makes the motors for MTD lawn tractors? 

This can vary between models. When it comes to the John Deere products, a good number of them will have engines that have been manufactured by Yanmar. 

Where are MTD lawn tractors manufactured? 

MTD lawn tractors are manufactured in the United States. While they may import components from countries outside the US, the final assembly will always take place in the US. 

Are MTD lawn tractors good? 

Yes. For the price that you pay, they are good value for money. 

You should remember that MTD are lower budget mowers than the typical John Deere option. However, if you are using the MTD mower in a non-commercial environment, then you won’t really find a better product. 

Where can you get spare parts for a John Deere lawn tractor? 

You will not be able to approach MTD directly. Instead, you will need to talk to one of the authorized John Deere repair agents. 

You should remember that John Deere are incredibly strict about who repairs their products, so make sure that you are only working with one of the companies that they have listed on their website. 

Are John Deere manufactured lawn tractors better than MTD options? 

Mowers manufactured by John Deere are commercial mowers. This means that they are going to be substantially better than their MTD counterparts. 

However, at the end of the day, MTD mowers are still John Deere mowers. This means that they are still going to be fantastic. 

Where can you get a John Deere lawn tractor repaired? 

You will always need to head to an authorized repair agent. You will not be able to ask a non-authorized person to repair your John Deere lawn mower as they will not have the equipment or spare parts available. 

Do you need to winterize a John Deere mower? 

Yes. You will need to winterize the mower to ensure that it does not become damaged during the colder months of the year. 

The manual for your mower will list everything that you need to do to ensure that your John Deere mower remains in pristine condition during the winter months. 

Can you leave a John Deere mower in long-term storage? 

Yes. However, if you are storing the mower tractor for more than 3-months, you will need to ensure that you remove all gas from the tank. 

If you do not remove all gas from the tank, then it will evaporate, and this could end up causing issues to the mower. 

Can you use John Deere blades on an MTD mower? 

Yes. However, do bear in mind that not all John Deere blades are the same. You will need to look at the packet for the blade to make sure that they fit your particular lawn tractor. 

Can you use MTD blades on a John Deere mower tractor? 

Not always. In many cases, the MTD blades may be designed ever so slightly differently to the John Deere lawn tractor. You will need to read the details on the MTD blade to see whether it is compatible with the John Deere model that you own. 
Do bear in mind that John Deere always prefers you to use parts with their brand on it. 

Can you maintain a John Deere lawn tractor yourself? 

You will be able to carry out simple maintenance tasks yourself. However, you do need to remember that these are big pieces of equipment and thus there are a few complexities to everything. 

We recommend that you have major maintenance carried out by a professional, but you will be able to carry out oil changes, blade changes, etc. On your own. 

Do you get a warranty with John Deere products manufactured by MTD? 

Yes. The exact warranty that you get will be dependent on the product that you have purchased. You will need to read through the manual to know what you are covered for. 

Do bear in mind that the warranty may not always apply if you use a non-commercial lawn tractor for commercial purposes. 

How do you make a warranty claim on a John Deere lawn tractor manufactured by MTD? 

You will need to talk to an authorized service agent for John Deere. You will not be allowed to contact John Deere directly as they do not handle the warranty claims. 

There will be a list of authorized service agents on the John Deere website.