Is a 2-Stage Snow Blower Worth It? (Solved & Explained!)

If you’re looking for a new snowblower, you may be wondering whether or not a 2 stage snowblower is worth it. For most people, a 2 stage snowblower is worth it because they are easy to use on any surface and reliable for all types of snow.  

Buying a new snowblower is a big decision, so you likely want to make sure you are making an informed choice. Today, we’re going to discuss if a 2 stage snowblower is worth it. Keep reading to learn more. 

Should I buy a 2 stage snowblower?

If you live in a climate that sees a lot of snow in the wintertime, you will likely benefit from investing in a snowblower. One of the main reasons why a 2 stage snowblower is worth buying is that it can be used on nearly every type of property, making it easier to clear your driveway and the neighbors’.

A lot of people prefer the 2 stage snowblower on gravel driveways because it is designed to lift the snow without touching the gravel. This prevents the unit from collecting rocks and throwing them around.

What is the difference between a 1 stage and 2 stage snowblower?

You will be able to tell the difference between a 1 stage and a 2 stage snowblower by examining the auger. Since a 1 stage snowblower’s auger touches the ground, it is covered with a rubber protector. 

A 2 stage snowblower won’t have the rubber protection along the auger because it’s designed not to touch the ground. The 2 stage auger only pulls snow from the ground, so it doesn’t need the rubber.

Are 2 stage snowblowers good quality?

Many people are happy with the quality of the 2 stage snowblower. Since the auger doesn’t touch the ground, they don’t have to worry about gravel, rocks, debris, and other items getting caught in the auger. 

A snowblower’s auger doesn’t need to touch the ground to deliver a good quality clean away. These devices are still capable of pulling every type of snow up from the ground to keep your driveway clear.

What does it mean when a snowblower is listed as 2 stage?

When you see a snowblower that is listed as 2 stage, it means that it’s designed to go over more difficult slopes. A 2 stage snowblower comes with power-assisted wheels.

These wheels make it easier to clear large areas of snow and get across hills and slopes. They are the ideal type of snowblower to purchase if you have a large driveway.

Would a 3 stage snowblower be a better choice than a 2 stage snowblower?

A 3 stage snowblower is more powerful than a 2 stage snowblower because it comes with an accelerator. This feature allows the snowblower to clear away snow in a fraction of the time with less effort. 

However, the size of the area you need to clear really determines whether or not a 3 stage is better for you. While they are more powerful, they are also a lot more expensive.

How much snow can a 2 stage snowblower handle?

Most 2 stage snowblowers are able to handle up to 12 inches of snow at a time. Anything more than a foot of snow at a time will be too much for the 2 stage snowblower to clear.

On very snowy days, you may need to use your snowblower a few times to ensure the snow doesn’t build up too much. A 3 stage snowblower will be able to clear up to 16 inches. 

When should a 2 stage snowblower be used for clearing snow?

A rule of thumb when it comes to using any type of snowblower on your driveway is to wait until there is at least 2 inches. If there is less than 2 inches of snow, you will not get an effective clear away.

If there is less than 2 inches of snow, you should either wait until more piles up to clear it with a snowblower or use a shovel. 

What is the lifespan of a 2 stage snowblower?

If you make sure to keep up with maintenance throughout the years, your 2 stage snowblower could last for 15 to 25 years. Cheaper made models may only last for up to 10 years.

In order to make sure the snowblower lasts for the expected lifespan, it’s important to keep it clean, store it properly, and keep up with maintenance. 

Can a 2 stage snowblower clear ice?

Some makes of 2 stage snowblowers are able to clear away ice. However, it will all depend on how much ice is present. While the unit will be able to clear away a thin layer of ice under the snow, it may not be able to break up big chunks.

2 stage and 3 stage snowblowers are more powerful than 1 stage, so they are able to break up the ice to put through the auger. 

Do 2 stage snowblowers damage driveways?

2 stage snowblowers are not known for causing damage to driveways because the auger doesn’t touch the ground. There have been cases where 1 stage snowblowers have caused damage to concrete, gravel, and asphalt driveways.

This could happen if the homeowner is using a snowblower with worn-out parts or the auger isn’t set to the right level. Always ensure your snowblower is up to standards before using it on your driveway if you are concerned about damage.

How far do 2 stage snowblowers throw the snow?

If your snowblower is working properly, it should throw the snow approximately 15 to 20 feet away from the area you are clearing. This is the standard range for all stages of snowblowers that are in good condition. Powerful snowblowers and smaller ones still throw snow at the same distance.

When the snowblower starts tossing snow at a closer distance, it’s a sign that it may need to be serviced. A part may need to be repaired or replaced.