How Do I Know If My Snowblower Is 2 Stage? (Solved & Explained!)

Perhaps the easiest way to tell whether you have a 2-stage snowblower is to count the number of augers. A 2 stage snowblower will have 2 augers, one for picking up the snow, and the other one for getting rid of it.  

What Is Better For Home Use; a 2 Stage or 1 Stage Snowblower? 

This will be dependent on the amount of snow that falls in an area. If an area gets regular, heavy, snow falls then a 2 stage snowblower would be the better choice. A 1 stage snowblower tends to better for light snowfall.  

What Is The Maximum Depth Of Snow a 2 Stage Snowblower Can Deal With? 

This will be dependent on the model of snowblower that has been purchased. However, with the vast majority of 2 stage snowblowers, the cap will be 24”.  
This is considerably higher than that of a 1-stage snowblower, although not quite as deep as a 3 stage snowblower. 

What Is The Maximum Depth Of Snow a 1 Stage Snowblower Can Deal With? 

This will be dependent on the model of snowblower that has been purchased. Most 1 stage snowblowers will be able to deal with a maximum of 8” of snow. 

What Surfaces Can a 2 Stage Snowblower Deal With? 

Because a 2 stage snowblower won’t be touching the ground, it can deal with most surfaces. This includes gravel and soil/mud. This is something that 1 stage snowblowers are not able to deal with, so properties with large amounts of unpaved land may benefit from a 2 stage snowblower. 

Why Can’t 1 Stage Snowblowers Work On Gravel Or Soil?

No. Because they scrape along the ground, if you moved them across a loose or soft surface like gravel or soil, they would start to pick up things that aren’t snow. This would ruin the mechanism which, in turn, would end up breaking the snowblower. 

Will Stage 1 Snowblowers Scratch Paved Areas?

No. Even though stage 1 snowblowers scrape their auger across the paved surface, they won’t scratch it. This is because the auger will be a soft-tipped rubber auger. 

Stage 2 snowblowers will have metal augers. They will not touch the ground at all. This means that you do not have to worry about your paved surface being scratched there either. 

Is a Stage 2 or Stage 1 Snowblower Better For Hills? 

Stage 1 snowblowers will struggle to get up anything more than a slight incline. If you are dealing with a lot of inclines in an area, including hills, then a stage 2 snowblower is going to be the best option. 
How the snowblower deals with inclines will be dependent on the model purchased, so it is always worth checking the technical specs. 

How Much Area Can a 2 Stage Snowblower Clear In a Single Pass? 

This will be dependent on the model of the snowblower. Most 2 stage snowblowers will be able to clear an area about 30” wide in a single pass. 
This means that 2 stage snowblowers are going to be ideal for larger areas of land that need clearing. 

How Much Area Can a 1 Stage Snowblower Clear In a Single Pass? 

This will be dependent on the model of snowblower. However, they most 1 stage snowblowers will only be about to remove snow from an area around 10-15″ wide in a single pass.  

Can a 2 Stage Snowblower Help With Wet Snow? 

Yes. A 2 stage snowblower is able to deal with both wet and frozen snow. This means a 2 stage snowblower can be used as soon as the snow has fallen. 

Does a 1 Stage Snowblower Work On Wet Snow? 

No. A 1 stage snowblower will not work on wet snow. The wet snow would likely clog up the inside of the system, preventing the snow from being blown away. 

What Stage Snowblower Is Best For Dealing With Light Snowfall? 

Because a 2 stage snowblower will not be able to scrape the bottom most layer of snow from the ground, the best option for light snowfall would be a 1 stage snowblower.  

Are 1 Stage or 2 Stage Snowblowers Easier To Use? 

While 2 stage snowblowers are heavier, they require less effort to use. This is because most models on the market will have engine-driven wheels. The snowblower will essentially be moving itself and thus you will barely need to push it. 

Are There Disadvantages To a 2 Stage Snowblower? 

Because the auger of a 2 stage snowblower does not touch the ground, it is not able to remove the bottom layer of the snow. This is something that will need to be shoveled. 
2 stage snowblowers are also more expensive than 1 stage options, both in terms of initial cost outlay, and the cost of running the system.  

Can You Purchase Electric 2 Stage Snow Blowers? 

You cannot. Due to the amount of power required to run a stage 2 snowblower, you will only be able to purchase them as gas-powered machines. The same will apply to stage 3 snowblowers. If you want an electric model, then you have to go down the route of a 1 stage snowblower. 

How Far Can a 2 Stage Snowblower Send Collected Snow? 

This will be dependent on the snowblower. However, many 2 stage snowblowers will easily be able to send the snow a good 60” or more. This means that a 2 stage snowblower is often going to be a better choice when you want to clear snow off of large stretches of land. 

Can You Buy 3 Stage Snow Blowers? 

Yes.  3 stage snowblowers will have 3 augers. They can deal with far deeper snow, as well as remove the snow a far greater distance.  
There are very few 3 stage snowblowers designed for use at home. Instead, they are commercial options. Many people that need to remove huge amounts of snow at home will rent one. 

Is a 3 Stage Snowblower Good For Home Use? 

Only if you live in an area with deep snowfall, or perhaps have large amounts of land that needs to be regularly cleared.