How Much Does Snow Removal Cost? (Solved & Explained!)

Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $180 with a national average of $115 for snow removal services. Of course, this will rely on how much snow you want removed, from where you’re removing the snow and if you have a contract with a professional snow removal service.

When you live in an area that gets tons of snow each winter, knowing how much snow removal costs is essential. This is especially true if you have physical limitations or in the case you can’t afford to buy a snow removal machine yourself.

What Is the Typical Price for Snow Removal?

The average cost of snow removal services will depend on the service, the equipment used and the coverage area. This means removing snow from bigger driveways and longer sidewalks along with a roof can run at around $350 or more. 

But, if you want a general removal from the average sized driveway, expect to pay something like $45 per hour. If your removal service has a plow or blower, expect the cost per hour to be something like $65.

What Are the Prices for Specific Services in Snow Removal?

There are several types of snow removal services and each carries its own price range. These are almost always based on an hourly rate that can be as little as $50 to $450. Such prices will include labor, equipment use and other overhead costs.

  • Blowers/Throwers – $20 to $150 per hour
  • Roof Clearing – $100 to $650 per roof
  • Shoveling – $10 to $65 per hour
  • Plowing – $30 to $100 either per visit or hour

The prices above will depend on how much snow a contractor will have to remove, how big the area is to clear the snow and the equipment they’ll use. Therefore, it’s a good idea to field several snow removal services to find the best price in your area.

Why Is There a Difference in Price between Snow Plowing and Blowing?

The main difference between snow plowing and blowing is the machine used. Both push snow off to the side through some sort of chute. But, a snow blower will have a specific projection that goes off to the side. Either could be gas or electric and they cost about the same. It will depend on your contractor’s equipment.

What Is the Average Cost of Snow Removal for Each Particular Area around a Home or Property?

There is a different cost for various areas around a property or home. As a general rule, it’s much less expensive to shovel a small driveway than it will be to clean off a roof. But, certain contractor agreements will cover anything and everything you need for a flat rate that can be as much as $200 or more.

  • Driveways – Expect to pay around $30 to $50 per hour for up to 60 feet. This is the basic size of an average two-car driveway and usually includes the sidewalk nearby.
  • Parking Lots – Commercial parking lots generally cost $50 to $150 per hour. But this will impinge on any other additional services, such as salting or sanding. But, these often come in the form of a seasonal contract with a professional snow removal service.
  • Roof Clearing – Because of the difficulty in access and the danger posed by a roof, this service tends to be the most expensive. It can cost anywhere between $250 to $650 or more. But, it’s necessary after a heavy snowfall because it has the potential to damage roofs and create leakage issues.
  • Sidewalks – To have a sidewalk cleared, it can cost anywhere between $10 and $75 per hour. Of all the areas we must keep free of ice and snow are sidewalks. As a matter of fact, many municipalities insist you keep your walkways and sidewalks clear or you may incur a fine.

How Can I Calculate the Total Cost of Snow Removal?

If you do a search online, there are several snow removal calculators available for your area. You just input your zip code and then put in the particulars of your situation. This will give you a more accurate estimate for how much you can expect to pay for snow removal.

What about Sand or Salt Applications? How Much Do Those Cost?

Applying sand or salt to a sidewalk, driveway or walkway is a good idea to help melt ice and prevent snow from forming during a huge snow fall. These substances make it easier to clear away snow as well. Some people prefer sand over salt because it doesn’t have the potential to ruin landscaping or create rust on cars.

The cost for either of these will range anywhere from $10 to $40 for each application. However, if you are part of a Homeowner’s Association, your contract may include this kind of service. So, it’s important to understand those details before hiring someone to come throw down some salt or sand.

Are There Any Other Charges with Snow Removal Costs?

If you have a steep driveway or a difficult area to clear, expect additional charges. This is because such places can be dangerous or the terrain is so rough it has the potential to destroy the equipment.

What’s the Difference between Commercial Snow Removal & a Residential Snow Service?

Commercial snow removal contracts are for larger businesses and organizations or those with several properties. These often come at a higher cost because of equipment expenses, multiple worker labor costs, overhead and other services. Seasonal contracts can cost anywhere from $250 to $500 to setup.

Residential contracts exist, but these are usually on a personal or verbal basis. In either case, these contracts involve arrangements for the person or company to clear the snow after snowfall. This can impinge on snowfall accumulation or simply every time it snows, regardless of the amount.

  • Commercial Contracts: $50 to $150 per hour or per visit.
  • Residential Contracts: $15 to $75 per hour or $30 to $50 per visit.