Does Whole Foods Have Microgreens? (Solved & Explained!)

Whole Foods sells microgreens, including a generic brand called Whole Foods Market. They also sell brand-name microgreens. These microgreens sell for various prices, depending on the demand, availability, and various sales. According to Whole Foods Market, all products are sourced responsibly -no matter where their brand type.

This article discusses microgreens at Whole Foods, including the type of greens available and some of the listed brands that are available at the Whole Foods retailer.

Do Whole Foods Have Microgreens?

Whole foods sell microgreens at their stores in generic and name brands. All stores sell their generic store brand called Whole Foods Market. They also have many other microgreens brands like Farming Turtles Inc. and Bright Fresh.

What Type of Microgreens Does Whole Foods Sell?

Whole Foods sells a variety of microgreens, including arugula, cilantro, and rainbow mix. There are also a variety of mixes sold in Whole Foods Market, with most of their microgreens being sold in some type of tub. These tubs are bushels, bunches, or mixes of microgreens. They sell: lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, watercress, amaranth, garlic, carrot, melon, cucumber, fennel, celery, radicchio, and more.

What Migrogreens Brands Does Whole Foods Sell?

Whole Foods sells many organic microgreens brands. One of the most common organic microgreen brands they sell is the Bright Fresh microgreens brand. This fresh microgreens brand offers all major types of delicious microgreens, including arugula, cilantro, broccoli, and many more.

Some brands sold at Whole Foods include:

  • Bright Fresh
  • Infinite Harvest
  • Upward Farms
  • Dream Greens
  • Farming Turtles Inc.
  • Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods sells many small brands and small sellers who are looking to get their name out to the public. They are an inclusive seller who sources from reliable sellers.

What Is The Generic Microgreens Brand At Whole Foods?

Whole Foods sells generic microgreens called Whole Foods Market. The Whole Foods Market brand are organic microgreens. There are many types of microgreens available in the Whole Foods Market organic microgreens brand, including miniature spring mix and much more. These microgreens are available in every Whole Foods store nationwide.

How Much Do Whole Foods Microgreens Cost?

The price of microgreens varies based on the type of microgreens, availability, condition, and store. Rare microgreens have higher prices and the demand for a specific food may also change pricing. Basic microgreens that are in low demand (or that have short growing times) typically cost around $5 per bushel.

Daily or monthly deals can change the price of microgreens significantly. Generally, five dollars is a good average for the pricing at all stores but the price does change.

How Do They Sell Microgreens At Whole Foods?

Whole Foods sells microgreens in pre-packaged boxes. These packages are sealed and pre-priced. The Whole Foods microgreens are sold as organic mixes, despite the brand or type of microgreen. All prices and variations change based on the branding and plant type. You can buy them in the individual box.

Can You Buy Microgreens Alone At Whole Foods?

Most microgreens at whole foods are sold in pre-packaged tins or mixed tins. Some of these tins include an organic microgreen mix or a single, organic microgreen. In any case, you cannot buy a microgreen singularly, it must be bought in a pack or as a mix-vegetable. The way you buy the microgreen depends on the plant and the brand.

Are Whole Foods Microgreens Good?

Whole Foods has the best microgreens in the public market. There are many types of microgreens available. However, they may sometimes only have a small availability because of how in demand these microgreens are. Whole Foods has a limited amount of microgreens in their stores because they favor quality over quantity. 

How Frequently Do Whole Foods Restock Its Microgreens?

Whole Foods Market has microgreens every day. They get new shipments from their vendors every day so they can update their shelves with fresh produce. Whole Foods Market is a firm believer in maintaining high quality. They have premium standards for all their products, including their tiniest microgreens.

Do Whole Foods Sell Small-Grown Microgreens?

Whole Foods is the direct seller of many small microgreen businesses. In addition to the store-brands and large brands you see, Whole Foods keeps small businesses on their shelves so they can compete directly with the large brands!

Where Does Whole Foods Grow Microgreens?

All microgreens at Whole Foods are sourced responsibly. They come from reliable and responsible, organic farms that have been hand-selected by the Whole Foods Corporation. After growing them at their farms, Whole Foods is proud to sell their delicious microgreens in their stores. 

Are Whole Foods Microgreens Organic?

The microgreens at Whole Foods Market by brands like Whole Foods Market, Infinite Harvest, Dream Greens, and Farming Turtles Inc. are organic. If you are uncertain whether something is organic, you can check the label to see if it has a certified organic label.

What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are a miniature nutritional supplement. They are also a visual enhancer to many meals, giving a splash of color onto otherwise colorless plates. At Whole Foods, microgreens are important vegetables that are sold by large companies and small sellers through Whole Foods Market.

Are Microgreens Expensive?

Microgreens are considered an expensive vegetable mainly because they are small, do not provide much nutritional benefit, and they cost a lot. In other words, you do not get a lot for your money. Depending on the size and type of microgreen, this price might rise. 

Are Microgreens At Whole Foods More Expensive?

The microgreens at Whole Foods Market are the same price as they are at other stores. The price of the store changes based on daily deals and discounts. Microgreens are a relatively expensive food. Therefore, there are not always discounts on this luxury item.

Where Does Whole Foods Sell Microgreens?

Whole Foods sells microgreens at every Whole Foods Markets location. Microgreens are an important part of the Whole Foods Market community. As a market that is becoming increasingly popular, the Whole Foods community offers support for the purchasers and sellers of microgreens.