Which Is Better Kubota Vs Massey Ferguson? (Solved & Explained!)

Both Kubota and Massey Ferguson have strong names in the tractor business and comparing the two can be a difficult task because both companies have different strengths. Massey Ferguson has a long history and is known for producing high-quality, low horsepower tractors and zero-turn mowers, whereas Kubota is best regarded for their compact tractors.

If you are investing in a tractor, considering the brand is always an important factor in your decision making but it depends on the type of tractor that you need. If you want a second-hand model or a larger machine, Massey Ferguson is the way to go, but for compact tractors and newer models, Kubota is the better bet.

This article will go into more details about both brands of tractors, what the benefits are to each and why you might end up choosing one over the other.

Where Are Massey Ferguson and Kubota Tractors Made?

One factor that may influence your choice of brand is where the machines are made, and how far they travel to get to your dealer. Most Kubota tractors are made in Japan, though they have manufacturing and engine plants in the US, whereas Massey Ferguson machines are primarily made in Northern France, with some in China and the US.

Which is the Most Reliable Tractor Brand?

Between the two, Massey Ferguson has a long history of making tractors that are reliable and suffer less wear and tear, though more modern Kubota machines are built to a very high standard. For both brands, you can expect a dependable tractor, but you may find it easier to get parts and services for Massey Fergusons near you.

Do Massey Ferguson Tractors or Kubota Tractors Have Better Engines?

As with any brand, the engines that you will find in your machine are dependent on the specific model, but there are some general comparisons that you can make between the two. Some Massey Ferguson models use engines from Perkins and Agco which deliver less power at lower RPMs than the multi-cylinder diesel engines manufactured by Kubota.

What Are the Differences Between Massey Ferguson and Kubota Engines?

When you compare any two engines of a similar horsepower from both brands, you will usually find that the Kubota will produce more power at low revs, but the Massey Ferguson will last longer. While they may not be producing as much power, the Masseys can often run at significantly less RPM than competing Kubota tractors.

What Does the Difference Look Like?

Take two 25hp tractors as an example, the Kubota L2501 with a 1.6L 3-cylinder diesel engine, and the Massey Ferguson 1726E, with a 1.5L 3-cylinder diesel engine. Both are compact tractors that produce around 25hp, but if you are running the engine at lower RPMs, the Kubota will produce more drive and feel more powerful.

How Long Will a Kubota Tractor Last?

If you are looking after your machine, a Kubota tractor should last around 5,000 hours, which can mean years on the job. If you are a particularly careful tractor owner, they could even live beyond the 10,000-hour mark, though you will often find that the warranty doesn’t extend beyond 24-months of 2,000 hours.

How Long Will a Massey Ferguson Tractor Last?

Some older Massey Fergusons have been running so long that they have clocked over 20,000 hours of running time, though that is not necessarily the norm. You can expect an average Massey Ferguson to run for 5,000-10,000 hours if it is properly maintained and well cared for, though some of the more modern machines are not as resilient.

What is the Best Compact Tractor for the Money?

Kubota has become the leading name in the United States for comfortable, affordable compact tractors in recent years, and their B1 Series is a highly regarded new addition to the line-up. They are sleeker and more manoeuvrable than the L1 series and come with either 18 or 24hp E-TVCS engines which deliver versatile power for such a small machine.

Which is the Best Tractor to Buy Second-Hand?

Older models of Massey Fergusons are still much-beloved and highly sought after machines because they are known for their reliability and iconic style. The 390T and 3050 have been popular since they were first made in the 1980s, and even the more-than-50-year-old 135 is still a favourite among tractor owners, with parts for these models also still readily available.

Which is the Best Massey Ferguson Tractor?

For many people, the Massey Ferguson 5455 is the ultimate loader tractor, produced from 2003 to 2013, and one of the best models that the company has ever put out. It is a favourite for farmers, particularly in the UK, as a strong, well-built machine with great visibility and familiar controls.

What is the Best-Selling Kubota Tractor?

The Kubota’s L Series, particularly the L2501, is likely their best-selling model, combining power and size with compact manoeuvrability. It is very well regarded for regular use and is a real utility vehicle, allowing for good lift capacity and great performance at low revs, while still being compact and relatively light.

How Much Does a Massey Ferguson Tractor Cost?

On the lower end of the scale, with the economy compact tractors like the 1700E series or the GC1700 series, you can expect to pay $12,000-$20,000 for a new machine. At mid-range, the 5600 series will set you back somewhere in the region of $75,000-$100,000 but the 8700 series row crop machines sell for around $250,000-$300,000.

How Much Does a Kubota Tractor Cost?

Similar to the Massey Fergusons, a BX Series compact Kubota will cost between $11,000 and $20,000, with the slightly larger L Series being closer to $30,000. Kubota do not make tractors that are as large as the biggest Massey Fergusons, but their M5 and M60 Series are their most expensive models and can cost as much as $55,000.

Which Company Makes the Best Zero-Turn Mower?

If you are not looking for all of the utility that a tractor offers and what you really need is a reliable sit-on mower, Massey Ferguson make some great options. Massey ZTMs have been popular choices for manoeuvrable ride-ons for over 10 years, and cost significantly less than even an economy compact tractor.