How Much Money Can You Make Growing Ginseng? (Solved & Explained!)

The Ginseng plant is one of the most profitable plants. With the government approval of Ginseng production, organized Ginsing production has increased, which plays an active role in the growth of the market. 

The production of Ginseng, with which you will be able to make a profit of $ 50,000 per acre (as of 2021), is a good place for businesses with a small amount of capital to invest in.

The Ginseng market changes from year to year. The Ginseng plant, which has gained great momentum with the export of Ginseng produced in the USA to the Chinese markets, is growing in popularity year on year.

Why Grow Ginseng?

The increase in Ginseng prices and the rapid rise in the profit obtained from exported Ginseng plants is encouraging more people to grow Ginseng. 

This incentive is so great that some countries encourage producers to provide good quality Ginseng by introducing special laws. In some countries, Ginseng production is restricted and growers must adhere to the rules before they can make a sale.

The main reason for this is to avoid Ginseng misuse and market exploitation. While quality roots are currently sold for around $400-1000 per pound, the cost of the initial investment can be as low as $1000 – $2000 to start a small indoor Ginseng farm.

The intense demand across the world is causing the Ginseng market to grow rapidly. The use of Ginseng in the field of medicine is contributing to its increase in popularity.

Ginseng is also a natural aphrodisiac that works for both men and women. Compounds found in the Ginseng plant help to stimulate and expand the blood vessels that result in better performance. That’s why Ginseng is often referred to as a ‘cure-all’ and is offered as a home remedy for many problems and ailments.

Can You Make Profit By Growing Ginseng?

It is quite possible to make a big profit from Ginseng. Especially due to the recent increase in interest in natural and alternative medicine. 

Today, the Ginseng plant is mostly produced in countries such as Japan, Korea, America, and China, and appeals to millions of potential customers. In terms of the health benefits it provides, Ginseng is in high demand by many.

This sector, where you can make big profits within a certain period of time without having very large capital, may seem too good to be true. While Ginseng is easy to grow, it does require some effort and you must get past strict laws that regulate its growth.

Growing Ginseng requires dedication and effort. Many Ginseng breeders, who started to work with enthusiasm at the beginning, lost their hope towards the end and decided to quit. 

The golden rule of Ginseng cultivation is patience. Sometimes you may wait up 2-3 years until your Ginseng grows well and begins to ripen.

How Do I Sell Ginseng Roots?

One of the simplest ways to sell Ginseng roots is to sell them one-on-one. You can sell the Ginseng you grow directly by finding an in-person buyer. 

The second way is to sell your Ginseng to the buyer over the internet. There are many export sites established for this purpose, and you have the option to sell the roots singularly or in bulk. 

Via a website, you can bundle your potential goods together and export them abroad should you find a reputable distributor.

A third way would be to contact Ginseng brokers who only buy your Ginseng in bulk. In this system, although the price per unit is cheaper, the wholesale selling route is a faster way to make a profit and requires much less effort.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Ginseng Business?

You can start growing Ginseng without spending a huge amount of money. The Ginseng business, where you can make big profits with just a half-acre of land, can put you in a position to make start making a good living.

However, you must understand the basic dynamics of systematic work and breeding techniques of Ginseng cultivation, and have enough saved away in case your first crop does not flourish.

If you have the required experience and knowledge, it is possible to make a profit in a short time. The most well-known Ginseng cultivation method is wild-simulated cultivation.

In this method the natural outdoor environment where Ginseng grows is imitated indoors, an average of 60 pounds of seeding per acre is recommended. 

Why Is Ginseng The Most Profitable Herb For Small Growers?

Despite its slow growth, this plant has the ability to make a good profit with only a minimal amount of capital. This has offered many small-scale growers the opportunity to grow the plant for a living.

Ginseng has been used as an alternative medicine for hundreds of years and is believed to help cure many illnesses. Some of these claims have recently been backed up by science, increasing market demand. Ginseng has been proven to strengthen immunity, support blood pressure and enhance sexual performance.

It has also been found that Ginseng grown in East Asia has an incredibly relaxing effect. Native American tribes also started using Ginseng centuries ago to treat many ailments. 

The Ginseng plant is exported from countries such as Japan, Korea, and America, and has now become the favorite of the Chinese market.

Is it Easy to Make Money in the Ginseng Business?

There is no such thing as quick money-making in the Ginseng business. If you are worried about making money quickly, investing in Ginseng cultivation is not for you.

It can take 2-4 years for the Ginseng plant to reach maturity. For this reason, Ginseng is not an investment source where you can make money in a short time but is a long-term investment that yields good results.

Cultivation of the Ginseng plant requires care, dedication, and patience. Therefore, you may wait for many years before you receive the profit you expect. 

The most important thing is to wait patiently. In the end, you will get more financial rewards than the efforts you put in.