What Mph Is 340 Cfm? (Solved & Explained!)

CFM does not correlate directly with the MPH of a leaf blower. The MPH will vary from model to model. 
The only way to find out what MPH your leaf blower is operating at is to look at the user manual or the product specification.  

What is CFM on a leaf blower?

CFM is the amount of air that the leaf blower is able to blow out at once. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute.
The higher the CFM, the more air is expelled from the end of the leaf blower.

What is MPH on a leaf blower?

MPH stands for miles per hour. This is the speed at which air will be expelled from the end of the leaf blower. The higher the MPH, the more power there is going to be behind the leaf blower.
More power means that the leaves are going to be blown a lot further in one go. In fact, chances are that you will even be able to move heavy leaves with a high MPH leaf blower.

Is 340 CFM on a leaf blower good?

It is about average. 340 CFM should be perfect for the vast majority of jobs around the home. You will only need something more powerful if you are planning on clearing large areas of land in one go.

When is a lower CFM on a leaf blower better?

A lower CFM is good when you want to focus on very specific areas. This is because a lower CFM often means that the nozzle on the leaf blower is smaller, and thus the airflow from the nozzle is much more tightly controlled.

When is a higher CFM on a leaf blower better?

You will need a higher CFM on a leaf blower when you are looking to target larger areas at once. For example, a larger garden would benefit heavily from a high CFM leaf blower.

Do you need a high MPH on a leaf blower?

When you need to move a lot of leaves very quickly, or if the leaves are much more likely to be heavy due to being waterlogged.
You do not want the MPH to be too high in some cases, though. A high MPH can mean that it will be much more difficult to adjust the positioning of the leaves.

Can you control the CFM on a leaf blower?

Some leaf blowers will allow you to have a degree of control over the CFM. This may mean the replacement of the nozzle. However, do bear in mind that there will only be a small amount of control.
If you have a leaf blower that is normally used for more detail work, then it is probably not going to have any sort of adjustment that will take it to the point where it can clear larger areas of leaves.

How much CFM do you need to cover an acre of land?

At the very minimum, you should be looking at a CFM of at least 500, but the higher the better. If you choose a CFM that is too low, then the job is going to take a whole lot longer than it should do.

Do electric leaf blowers have a high CFM?

An electric leaf blower will have a CFM somewhere around the 500 CFM range. This may be able to produce around 170 MPH winds.

Do battery-powered leaf blowers have a high CFM?

They will have around 450 CFM to 500 CFM, which is much the same as an electric leaf blower. However, it is worth noting that a battery-powered leaf blower will often not be able to produce the same amount of speed.
You should opt for a battery-powered leaf blower if you don’t need anything incredibly powerful, but portability is important.

What CFM is a gas-powered leaf blower?

A gas-powered leaf blower, even at the lower range, will be able to produce around 500 CFM with astonishingly high wind speeds. You can easily find models that are much more powerful than this too.

What type of leaf blower is the best for clearing gardens?

We would recommend a gas-powered leaf blower, in most cases. However, if you do not wish to constantly buy gas, then an electric option could be a viable alternative.

What type of leaf blower is best for commercial leaf blowing?

You should only ever be using a gas-powered leaf blower if you are blowing leaves commercially. They will work a whole lot quicker while, at the same time, be a whole lot easier to maintain.

What is the Newton force on a leaf blower?

This is a metric that effectively combines CFM and MPH to give you a rough idea of the power of the leaf blower. The higher the Newton force, the more powerful the leaf blower is.

How do you find out what the CFM of a leaf blower is?

You will always be able to find information about the CFM of a leaf blower in the product specification. Since it is one of the main selling points of any leaf blower, it should be clearly highlighted.

Does a backpack leaf blower have a higher CFM?

Yes. A backpack leaf blower will always have a higher CFM. This is because they have a lot more power behind them.
If you are planning on using a leaf blower for commercial purposes, or perhaps have a larger area in a garden to clear, then you should always try to pick up a backpack leaf blower wherever possible. They are more expensive, but they will get the job done a lot quicker.

Which company produces leaf blowers with the highest CFM?

There isn’t really one choice here. All major leaf blower companies will likely have a product that can work for you. Your best bet is to compare a few models that you like and see which one comes closest to the sort of power that you are after in a leaf blower.