Can You Put Mulching Blades on a Regular Mower? (Solved & Explained!)

Mulching blades are designed to fit most mowers, but you will want to check the documentation with your mower so that you can compare the make and model to ensure compatibility with mulching blades or the conversion kit of your choice. Generally, as long as the deck size is compatible, you should be able to find a mulching blade that fits.

While we’re on the subject of mower conversion and mulching blades, we’ve collected a list of informative and frequently asked questions that will help you to make an informed choice for upgrading your own mower. Read on to take advantage of this useful information!

Can I use any blade on my lawn mower?

The blades that you can use will vary based on the make and model of your mower. Replacement blades need to be compatible with the length and width of the mowing deck, hole shapes and sizes, and must match the operational specifications for your specific motor.

Can you mulch with a regular lawn mower?

No. A regular mower will cut the grass and discharge it either out the side or into a bag for you. It will not cut as finely as a mulching blade is designed to do. With a mulching blade or conversion kit you can do side-discharge, bagging, and mulching, instead of just discharge and bagging functions.

Can you bag with a mulching blade?

You can, although it will not be as efficient. Mulching blades tend to push the grass down, so the air circulation is not as efficient for bagging or side discharge as a standard blade – although specialized blades like Gator blades compensate for this in design and are a better fit if you will be mulching and occasionally bagging.

How do I convert a lawn mower to a mulcher?

This may be done with a mulching conversion kit. The kit contains a plate that helps to control the flow of the grass so that the mulching blade can effectively reduce the grass to finer clippings than you would get with a standard mower.

Can you use a mulching blade on a side discharge mower?

Yes, though if you do, Gator blades may be a better fit for you than a standard mulching blade. While either will work for side discharge, you’ll get better air circulation with blades like Gator as they are designed to lift, rather than to push down the grass.

Which way do mulching blades go on a riding mower?

When you are installing mulching blades to your rider mower, look for the word ‘bottom’ or the model number of the blade and this is the side that needs to face down towards the grass. If you do not see these, simply look at the blade – the bevel needs to be facing up, away from the ground for proper operation.

Can I put 2 blades on my lawn mower?

You can purchase a 2-blade mower but you can’t easily convert just any mower for twin blade functionality. 2-blade mowers require a bigger engine, as the heavier blades need more horsepower in order to run efficiently during normal operation.

What does a dual blade lawn mower do?

Dual blade mowers are excellent for grinding down cuttings into a finer size, perfect for mulching. The first blade gives the grass an initial cut, which the second, lower blade makes a smaller cut after that. These blades circulate at high speed, effectively reducing the clippings into smaller pieces than you’d get with a standard mower.

What is the purpose of a mulching lawn mower?

A mulching mower allows you to mow the lawn and to simply leave the finely-cut clippings in the grass as you go. These clipping are cut finely enough that they do not interfere with the aesthetics of the yard – you’ll hardly notice them. These cuttings do not harm the grass all, but decay and act as fertilizer!

What height should a mower be when mulching leaves?

The ideal height is you will be mulching leaves is going to be 3 inches. Set your mower to this height and if you are using a standard mower, you may want to go over the leaves a few times. With a mulching mower, one or two passes should be more than adequate for the job.

Is mulching leaves better than raking?

Mulching is preferred by most. It takes the least time to do, it’s easier on your back, and it also provides a natural fertilizer cover to encourage healthy plant growth in your yard. If you normally pay for yard services, instead of doing it yourself, it will also save you a lot of money!

Is it better to mulch or side discharge grass?

Mulching is much better for the health of your yard, but you have to mow a little more slowly so that the mulching blades can do their work. By contrast, if you are simply looking to get the job done as fast as possible, side-discharge is the way to go.

Is there a difference between mulching blades and regular?

If you take a regular blade and a mulching blade and compare them, side by side, you’ll notice that the mulching blade has a more extended cutting edge to it’s blade and that it also employs a little curvature to the design. This makes them quite easy to tell apart once you’ve seen them in person or in pictures.

Why does my mulching mower leave clumps of grass?

This generally is indicative of two things. First off, it means that the time period between mowings is too long. You’ll need a more frequent schedule so that each time you mow, you are only taking off 1/3 of the grass blades.  Secondly, it means that the grass is too wet for efficient mowing at this time.

How often should you sharpen mulching blades?

The best sharpening frequency will be to sharpen your blades every 25 hours of use. Sharpen only the cutting edge on your mulching blades and make sure that the thinness is consistent with a butter knife – no thinner! Sharpening your blade more than this will make the metal too thin for efficient cutting and damage to the blade is likely.