Which Mushroom is Best For Sleep? (Solved & Explained!)

Reishi is the best-known and most popular mushroom to aid with sleep and treat insomnia. Also known as Ganoderma Lucidum, studies have revealed the Reishi may help you fall asleep faster and for longer, and play an active role in the management of REM sleep cycles.

What is Reishi?

Reishi is a type of mushroom, also known a Ganoderma or lingzhi. It is found across Asia and grows best in hot, humid environments.

It is commonly used in eastern natural medicine to cure many different kinds of ailments. It contains triterpenoids as well as several other compounds that are believed to be responsible for its healing effects.

Science has confirmed the Reishi can cure the following:

  • Support a weakened immune system
  • Defense against some types of cancer
  • Decrease depression and fatigue
  • Anti-oxidization
  • Blood sugar management
  • Improve heart health

Reishi is also known for delivering sleep to the sleepless, perhaps for its anti-stress and fatigue-fighting properties. Instances of Reishi helping people fall asleep faster and for longer is anecdotal and results vary between patients.

Reishi can be eaten fresh in its raw form or can be taken as a processed supplement. There is some inconclusive evidence in regards to its safety for long-term use, therefore doctors advise that those who take Reishi only do so for short periods.

Can Reishi Cause Insomina?

If taken too regularly and too much, Reishi can actually cause insomnia.

Like most things in life, even that which is good for you can be bad for you if consumed too heavily. Reishi is best used infrequently and in small doses. The brain adapts quickly to new chemicals and can become reliant on the compounds found in Reishi for a good night’s rest.

Reshi can hijack the brain’s nervous system responsible for sleep and take over, making the pathway overly active. This can result in sleeplessness, however, you would have to consume powered Reshi every day for over a month before you begin to feel this negative side effect.

Is Lions Mane Good For Sleep?

Lion’s mane mushroom contains an extract that is known for regulating the Circadian Rhythm. The Circadian rhythm is the natural sleep and wakefulness cycle that the human body experiences over a 42 hour period.

Lions mane jas been shown to help relieve stress-induced insomnia by regulating the brain’s internal clock that can regularly be disrupted by stress hormones.

Is Reishi Toxic?

Reishi can become toxic if consumed too frequently for months at a time. The liver has a hard to processing the compounds found in Reishi and needs a rest between doses. Failure to rest the liver can result in a build-up and Reishi molecules that can become toxic to the system. 

The side effect of this process is nausea and can result in kidney and liver damage if consumption does not stop or the side effects are not treated.

How Long Does it Take for Reishi Mushroom to Work?

It takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks for you to feel the full effect of the Reishi mushroom.

Like any other medicinal supplement, it can take the body a while to adjust to the new chemicals. Depending on your natural tolerance levels, you could feel the benefits after just a few days of consumption, however, those with a high threshold may take longer to fully benefits from its effects.

How Does Reishi Mushroom Make You Feel?

Those who take Reishi mushrooms report feeling truly relaxed and having a renewed sense of clarity.

Reishi mushroom is good at dealing with anxiety and stress and can clear the mind of unhelpful repetitive thinking. Reishi is often taken by people who have recurring anxiety attacks to help them remain calm and stabilize their emotions through rational thinking.

Reishi also gives the user a sense of wellbeing and is an effective natural treatment for depression. 

Does Reishi Give You Energy?

Reishi is used as an energy-boosting supplement and has been a popular traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Reishi is most potent when taken fresh, but supplements are now widely available and cater to people seeking a boost to both their energy levels and their memory capacity.

Those who take Reishi also report it as having an anti-aging effect due to its energy-boosting compounds. 

Can Reishi Help You To Lose Weight?

In a recent study, Reishi was found to reduce and prevent weight gain in lab rats that were fed a high-fat diet.

Whether or not this would translate over to human participants is currently unknown. However, those who struggle with sleep tend to also struggle with weight management due to the body trying to take in extra energy to make up for sleep deprivation.

In theory, at least, better sleep leads to better weight management so Reishi should help control cravings in humans to some degree.

Is Reishi Actually Good For You?

Science has confirmed that Reishi is effective at treating immune system malfunction and has a positive impact on white blood cells. Reishi is also known for its sleep-inducing agents.

Although more evidence is needed, there is promising research that confirms Reishis’ defensive effects against cancer.

Is Reishi Psychedielic?

Yes, pure Reishi does have psychedelic properties, as it contains psilocybin and psilocin, that target the brain’s serotonin receptors.

Psilocybin and psilocin are the active compounds that researchers are interested in for the treatment of depressive disorders.

It is reported to have a meditative effect on the users and offers a mental clarity that helps those suffering from depression and stress to address the root cause of their issues.

What Does Reishi Taste Like?

Reishi is not a popular mushroom for its taste. Reishi in its mushroom form is known for being tough to chew and bitter, whether it is cooked or eaten raw.

Overall the taste of Reishi is unpleasant, and those who take it regularly usually do so in its processed form or take only an extract.

Reishi is most popularly consumed as a powder, a liquid, or in a capsule. Those who do take Reishi in its mushroom form usually add it to a sweetened food or drink to negate the bitterness of the taste.

Honey, lemon, maple syrup, or hot chocolate are commonly recommended accompaniments to Resihi that can help you consume the mushrooms easier.