What Is the Number 1 Selling Tractor in The World? (Solved & Explained!)

If you are thinking that the number one selling tractor in the world is painted John Deere Green, then you would be incorrect. That’s because the number one selling tractor in the world is the Mahindra tractor. 

Mahindra isn’t a new company, but it has experienced a recent explosion in popularity throughout the agricultural community. Continue reading to learn more about the tractor brand Mahindra and how it became the world’s most popular tractor.

History of The Mahindra Company

Started in 1945 as Muhammad & Mahindra, a steel trading company. The founders, brothers Kailash Chandra Mahindra and Jagdish Chandra Mahindra teamed up with Malik Ghulam Muhammad to form the company in Mumbai, India. 

After India gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1947 and Pakistan was formed, Muhammad left the company to emigrate to Pakistan. He would later go on to serve as Governor-General of Pakistan from 1951 to 1956. 

The company’s original product was Willy’s Jeep, a brand of Jeep that was sold in India during the 1940s. After success with the simple Jeep, the company expanded into manufacturing tractors and light commercial vehicles.

The Mahindra Tractor

In 1963 the Mahindra company teamed up with the International Harvester Tractor Company to launch their first tractor, the B-275 for the Indian agriculture market. This tractor was technically an International Harvester that carried the Mahindra nameplate. 

Since 1983 Mahindra has been the number one selling tractor brand, by volume, in the world. They have achieved this feat by simply producing so many more tractors than any other company.

Along their way to dominating the tractor market, the Mahindra company has acquired many other tractor companies across Europe and Asia. The brands that the Mahindra company currently owns are

  • Swaraj
  • ITMCO-Mahindra
  • Jiangling
  • Lenar
  • Mahindra Agribusiness
  • Trakstar
  • FengShou

Today the company also operates within the United States with 5 assembly plants across the country. 

Mahindra & NASCAR

IN 2012 to raise awareness around the emergence of Mahindra into the American markets, Mahindra teamed up with NASCAR. Their car, the number #23 chevy from R3 Racing, was driven by Robert Richardson Jr. 

After the successful NASCAR sponsorship, the company continued the partnership. Currently, Chase Briscoe drives the #14 Mahindra car. 

What makes the tractor special?

Mahindra claims that they aren’t just the number one selling tractor in the world because they produce the most, but because they have a far superior product than other available options. 

Read on to learn about the advantages of owning a Mahindra tractor.

Powertrain Warranty with All Models

Mahindra touts its reputation and service as a deciding factor in its products. That is why each of them comes with a 7 year, 3,000 hour powertrain warranty with no deductible. When other tractors come with 6 years and 2,000 hours, it’s easy to see how Mahindra outranks the competition.

Higher Lift Capacity

The components of the Mahindra tractors outweigh the competition. No, really. Mahindra tractors are built with heavier parts and components. This means that all Mahindra tractors have higher lift capacities than their competitors.

The chassis of the Mahindra tractors are built with cast iron. While the John Deere steel frame is fine for most jobs, for serious use the heavy iron frame of the Mahindra tractor is truly unbeatable. It’s tough and is built to outlast the competition. 

Full Range of Attachments

The Mahindra tractors, like the competition, have a full range of skid steer style attachments for their tractors. From post-hole diggers to snowblowers, there is an attachment for every job you have. 

The full line of implements and attachments include

  • Spreaders
  • Blades
  • Rock buckets
  • Pallet forks
  • Posthole diggers
  • Rakes
  • Spears
  • Box scrapers
  • Tillers
  • Brush cutters
  • Grapples
  • Augers
  • Many more!

Customer Service Guarantee

A major difference between Mahindra and their competition is their customer service. Mahindra raises the bar when it comes to their customer service across all of their departments. 

Their customer service department is friendly and helpful without coming across as pushy. The company makes its service manuals available on its website and has created an easy and seamless ordering process.

This makes servicing the Mahindra tractor a smooth experience from start to finish. The competitors of the Mahindra company can certainly learn a few tips in this department. This could be another reason that the company dominates the world’s tractor market. 

Which tractor is right for me?

Mahindra has a few choices when it comes to tractor size. The one for you would depend on the type of job you need to complete with it. Check out the size options below for more details on the type of products the Mahindra company has.

eMax Series

The Mahindra’s eMax series is perfect for homeowners, residential jobs, or small businesses. These little tractors resemble lawn mowers with 3 stroke engines and an entire line of attachments to get your entire yard completed in no time.

The eMax S and L are both easy to use with traditional steering and braking systems, optional canopies, and two different tire options. 

Max Series

The Mahindra Max series is the company’s compact tractor. This tractor is perfect for small to medium municipalities and large to very large estates. This line comes in two sizes, the 25 XL which is 24 horsepower, and the 26 XLT which features just under 26 horsepower.

While this is a great tractor that is still on the smaller size, typical homeowners would find this unnecessary.

Compact Utility & Utility Tractors

The compact utility and utility tractors in the Mahindra brand are the standard tractors you would expect to find on any small to medium farm. The two weight classes feature a whopping 7 models combined.

This means that there is certainly a size and model no matter the job. The Mahindra company is certainly a company that has made its mark on the agriculture world. Its closest competitor, the John Deere Company, has found itself embroiled in recent negative media coverage. Could this mean that Mahindra is on top to stay?