How Do You Put a Blade on a Victa Lawn Mower? (Solved & Explained!)

To remove the blade from a Victa mower, unscrew the bolts. Keep them to one side. You can then bolt the new mower blade into position. 

Remember, you will only be able to change blades like-for-like. A blade designed for one Victa mower may not work on another mower. 

Can you put a mower blade on incorrectly? 

You can place the mower blade upside down. If this happens, then the mower will not cut properly, if at all. 

How do you know if you are putting a mower blade on wrong? 

On a Victa mower blade, the wings of the mower blade should be pointing upward toward the mower. On some blades, there may be an indicator that will tell you which way is up. 
If the mower blade isn’t cutting the grass properly, then you will know that you have probably mounted it in the wrong direction. 

Are Victa lawnmower blades good? 

Yes. They are high-quality blades. However, they are only going to be as good as your mowing technique. 
If you do not know how to mow your lawn properly, then it doesn’t matter how good the attached blade is, it is probably not going to be giving you the cut that you want. 

Can you sharpen Victa mower blades? 

Yes. You can sharpen Victa mower blades. However, you should remember that the more you sharpen the blade, the less effective it will be. 
This is because each time that you sharpen the mower blade, you will be removing metal from it. Eventually, there will be a point where you can’t sharpen it anymore. 

What tools do you need to sharpen a Victa mower blade? 

You can purchase special lawnmower sharpening stones. These will allow you to keep the angle easily when you sharpen the mower blade. 
Alternatively, you can invest in a high-quality electric grinder, although it can be slightly harder to sharpen mower blades on them. 

Should you get a professional to sharpen your Victa mower blade? 

You can easily sharpen mower blades yourself. However, it can be a bit of a hassle if you have several blades that need sharpening. 
While using a professional company will likely cost you a few dollars per blade, you can be sure that it is going to be carried out to a high standard. 

How long does a Victa mower blade last? 

There is no set lifespan for a Victa mower blade. It depends on how you use it, and how often you are using it. 

Some people may find that their Victa mower blades last just a season, and others may find that they can get years out of their blade. 

How do you stop a Victa mower blade from rusting? 

Each time you use the mower, you should wipe off the blade to ensure that it is dry. You will also want to ensure that you regularly apply a protective oil layer onto the mower blade. 

Can you mow with a rusted mower blade? 

Yes. Although, depending on where the rust is, you may find that it is does not cut all that well. 

You may also find that severely rusty mower blades are much more likely to shatter when you are mowing the grass which, of course, is going to be a whole other problem. 

Where can you purchase spare Victa mower blades? 

You can purchase Victa mower blades from any official Victa dealer. 
You may also find that there are third-party companies that will sell blades that fit onto a Victa. However, you should probably bear in mind that these blades will not be as good as the official Victa products. 

Will a Victa lawnmower blade break if it hits a stone? 

Not always. They are a piece of metal, after all. 

If the Victa lawnmower blade is constantly coming into contact with small stones when you are mowing the lawn, then there is a high chance that it will eventually start to become chipped and cracked. 

Can you still use a broken mower blade to mow the lawn? 

We wouldn’t really recommend it. While the mower blade is likely still going to be able to cut the lawn, it is also a weakened blade which means that there is more of a chance that it is going to break when you are using it. 

Can you repair chipped or cracked lawn mower blades? 

You will not be able to repair most chips or cracks in a mower blade. If the chip is on the edge of the blade, you may be able to sharpen it out. 

If you do opt to try and sharpen the chip out of the blade, then you will need to ensure that you sharpen the entire edge of the blade. 

Are all Victa mower blades the same? 

No. There are different types. You will need to check the manual for your lawnmower to know the exact blade that you should be purchasing.  

How do you know when a Victa mower blade needs sharpening?  

If you have a push lawnmower, then you will find that a blade that needs sharpening will cut better when you reverse it. 

You can also regularly check the edge of the lawnmower blade to ensure that it has a bit of sharpness there. Although, of course, you will need to ensure that the lawnmower is switched off when you do that. 

Why is my Victa lawnmower blade leaving strips of grass when I cut? 

This means that your mower blade is unbalanced. You will need to remove the mower blade and reseat it. 

If you can’t get the mower blade reseated properly, then there is a chance that the mower blade has bent and you will need to replace it. 

Do you need to remove Victa lawnmower blades for winter? 

No. However, during the winter months, you will want to ensure that the mower is stored in a cool, dry place I.e. doesn’t come into contact with the snow. If you don’t, then the blade will likely end up rusting.