How Much Is a Small Kubota Tractor? (Solved & Explained!)

Small Kubota tractors can cost as little $11,000 or as much as $57,000. But, of course this will depend on the overall size, features, inclusions and other nifty bells and whistles. Used small Kubota tractors can cost as little as $5,000 to as much as $45,000.

With such a wide range of prices that a small Kubota tractor can have, it’s important to understand the different models, what they do and what they’re resale value is. First, understand that when people refer to small tractors, they mean compact or subcompact ones.

How Much Should You Pay for a New Compact Tractor by Kubota?

Kubota has a huge line of subcompact and compact tractors from their notable B, BX and L series lines. The following list contains all their models and how much they cost brand new:

  • BX1870: $11,900
  • L3200: $12,185
  • BX2670: $12,896
  • BX2370: $13,416
  • L3800: $14,185
  • B2301HSD: $14,690
  • B2320: $15,303
  • B2601HSD: $15,680
  • L4600: $16,328
  • B3030: $17,889
  • L2501: $19,870
  • BX25D: $19,900
  • L3301: $24,361
  • L3901: $25,840
  • L3560: $27,650
  • L4701: $30,857
  • L4060: $31,162
  • L4760: $38,833
  • L5060: $39,927
  • L5460: $54,721
  • L6060: $57,089

What Is the Value of a Used Subcompact or Compact Tractor by Kubota?

Based on the list above, you can find a used Kubota subcompact or compact tractor for $3,000 to $5,000 or as much as $45,000 to $50,000. The price will impinge upon needed repairs, use and age.

Which Tractor is the Smallest Offered by Kubota & How Much Does It Cost?

The smallest sized Kubota tractor is all of the ones from the BX series. Within this, the smallest is the BX1870 and costs about $11,900 new or around $5,000 used.

What Is a Kubota BX1870?

The BX1870 by Kubota comes with an 18 horsepower three-cylinder 43.9 ci engine and hydrostatic transmission that are liquid cooled. You can opt for a mowing deck of 48 inches or 54 inches as an attachment too. It also has a 6.6 gallon fuel tank that’s very energy efficient.

Which Smallest Kubota Tractor That Also Has a Cab & What Is the Cost?

There are two small tractors that Kubota offers that also come with a cab. These are the LX2610 and the LX3310 and both cost around $40,000 new or $27,000 used. You can get either an open station or a covered cab. Both come with heat and air conditioning.

What is the Largest Compact Tractor from Kubota & What Does It Cost?

Kubota’s largest compact tractor is their Grand L60 series and costs around $30,000 new or $25,000 used. The L3560, L4060, L4760, L5060, L5460 and the L6060 are all part of the Grand L60 series.

All of these offer superb performance with a huge amount of horsepower, between 37 and 62. These come equipped with quality engines, transmissions and designs to let you do anything from typical mow jobs to landscaping. Such tractors are reliable, versatile and comfortable.

Of All the Small Tractors offered by Kubota, Which One Is the Most Reliable?

In general, Kubota tractors are very reliable. Each model will tolerate between 4,500 and 5,500 hours of use. With the average user operating their Kubota about 100 to 200 hours per year, this translates to a lifespan of about 30 years or more.

Which Small Kubota Tractor Has the Worst Reviews Overall?

Most people seem to love them and there really aren’t any bad reviews. However, it does depend on what you’re using the tractor for. Their compact tractors are ideal for snow plowing and mowing, not plowing wide swaths of land or hauling heavy cargo.

Which Is the Most Popular Small Kubota Tractor?

The most popular are either Kubota’s BX Series or their Grand L60 Series line of tractors. This is because they’re very user friendly and work well for many years without any problems or issues.

Is Kubota a Brand Known to Have the Best Resale Value?

Unfortunately, Kubota doesn’t have the best resale value. John Deere would be the brand with the best resale value. This is because of how these brands build, engineer and construct their tractors. Kubota, although hefty and durable, build their tractors out of pure steel, which can rust over time.

John Deere, on the other hand, has their casings and shells made out of a composite polymer plastic; the same kind used in spacecraft and aviation. This not only doesn’t rust, but it also protects the inner parts of the engine from rusting.

Is a Kubota Tractor Less Expensive Than Ones from John Deere?

Kubota tractors are generally less expensive than the ones offered by John Deere. This is why many people tend to opt for a new or used Kubota over any type of John Deere. They’re more affordable, yet still offer a quality tractor that performs beautifully.

What Makes Kubota’s BX Series Ideal?

Kubota’s BX Series line of tractors is very desirable because of their convenient sizes and price tags. Their high power engines, robust four-wheel drive and other options make them ideal for almost any job. Other reasons include:

  • Easy Maintenance: Kubota is notorious for having tractors that require little to no maintenance.
  • Simple to Use: These particular tractors from Kubota are easier to drive than a car and come with the utmost ergonomic comfort. The design and engineering of the machine lends itself to a user-friendly experience.
  • Diesel Engines: Kubota offers three-cylinder liquid cooled engines with great power output.
  • Ideal for Mowing: The BX series tractors are ideal for mowing with cutting deck sizes that range between 54 inches and 60 inches.
  • Decent Lifting Ability: Kubota’s BX series can lift around 500 pounds, moving anything from mulch to logs.
  • Landscaping & Gardening: The BX25D is best for mowing, landscaping or gardening jobs.
  • Snow Plowing: Mount a blade in the front or rear of a BX series to help clear snow in only a few moments.
  • Wood Cutting: If your property has tons of trees, any BX series by Kubota will be ideal to knock down, uproot or clear away brush.