Can You Tip a Lawnmower on Its Side? (Solved & Explained!)

Can You Tip a Lawnmower on Its Side?

 You can tip a Lawnmower on its side. However, there is a correct procedure for doing so. Almost all small garden Lawnmowers are Four Stroke, and as such, have a Spark Plug. You must tip the mower so that it is pointing skyward.

In this article, we will explore how to properly tip your Lawnmower. In addition to the many do’s & don’ts involved. We will also examine which types of Lawnmowers require tipping, and options for if/when tipping is not necessary.

When is it necessary to tip my Lawnmower?

When mechanical failure occurs, it is often necessary to “get under the hood” or, in this case, examine the motor in order to determine the cause. Sometimes it can be a simple matter of replacing the Spark Plug. And sometimes the matter may require more involved repairs.

How do I tip my Lawnmower?

In order to tip your Lawnmower, you must ensure you have a reasonably soft surface on which to tip. It is recommended you tip your Lawnmower outside on the grass, or other such surface. Look for the Spark Plug and ensure it is on the OPPOSITE side of which you are tipping

Is it possible to tip my Lawnmower incorrectly?

If done incorrectly, you could damage your Lawnmower in any number of ways, from breaking the Spark Plug to flooding the motor. Both of which would render your Lawnmower inoperable & possibly require mechanical servicing.

What can I do if I have damaged my Lawnmower from tipping the wrong way?

If you have damaged your Lawnmower from improper tipping, you can contact the store, or shop where you purchased your Lawnmower & find out if such damage is covered by warranty.  

Do all Lawnmowers require tipping?

While most single operator small garden Lawnmowers require tipping, there are some that don’t. Single-Rider Lawnmowers, Rechargeable, and large Commercial Lawnmowers are all serviced differently from tipping.

How can I tell if I have tipped my Lawnmower correctly?

Depending on the fuel, your Lawnmower can emit anywhere from a small amount, to zero-emission of white exhaust smoke. As a rule, zero to small amounts of exhaust after first re-starting your Lawnmower post-tipping would indicate you have done the procedure correctly.

Are there Lawnmowers that don’t require tipping?

Lawnmowers such as Electric Rechargeable Lawnmowers for one. They rely on a rechargeable battery and therefore do not require fuel. Other larger Lawnmowers, such as Single-Rider, and Commercial Lawnmowers, usually consisting of a pilothouse are serviced professionally.

Are there any hazards to tipping my Lawnmower?

Your Lawnmower is in effect, a moving vehicle with blades & as such should be done carefully and in the safest possible manner. The blades, in particular, should be paid close attention to as they can either turn or slip causing serious injury if your arm, or other part of your body is close by. Make sure that neither kids nor pets are near the machine whenever it’s being operated, fixed or tipped for whatever reason. 

What precautions should I take when tipping my Lawnmower?

It is usually a good idea to remove the blades to ensure safety when tipping your Lawnmower. However, this isn’t always an option, so the following precautions should be taken:                             

Use Rubber Gloves                                                                                                                                         

This provides the best protection for mechanical work. We recommend using no-cut gloves, that are often used by chefs. Although these will not protect you from significant contact with the blade, especially if its on, it will help shield you from most minor cuts and scrapes from incidental contact.

Place clean rags underneath

This can help absorb any spill from the fuel tank.  

Use a mechanic.

This is the best option if your Lawnmower is covered by a warranty. It is also recommended if you feel uncomfortable with tipping your Lawnmower yourself.                             

What should I do if I spill any fuel while tipping?

Find additional clean rags to ​the ones already underneath your Lawnmower. Use the rags to soak up as much of the fuel as you can. Make sure your Lawnmower is not in a potentially flammable area such as near an open flame, or furnace.  

Is there a place I can take my Lawnmower to tip for me?

While most repair shops will tip your lawnmower for you, the cost can often be off-putting as this is usually not a warranty-covered service. There is as well, usually a minimum service charge, which may not be in line with your intended budget.

I’ve successfully tipped my Lawnmower. Now what?

Your Lawnmower is on its side ready for servicing. If you need to add, or change fuel, refer to your Owner’s Manual for instructions. If you need to change the blades, remove the existing blades using the proper safety precautions and follow the instructions set by the manufacturer.   

My Lawnmower won’t start back up. What do I do?

Did you empty the fuel, forgetting to replace or refuel? Did you reattach the Spark Plug? Check all connections to ensure no unattached or loose wires. If, after following these steps you still are unable to re-start your Lawnmower, it’s possible you may have missed a step.

Where can I find out more?

As with most things today, Google is a never-ending source of information. Of course, YouTube has its place too. Both are great places to start. If you don’t have access to the Internet, ask your local Mechanic, or Lawnmower vendor for more information.

Can You tip an electric lawmower?

Yes, you can. An electric lawn mower does not have fuel and other chemical components that can mix or otherwise escape when tipping. Generally speaking though, there is rarely ever a reason for you to tip one in the first place. Most competents are usually specialized, meaning you’re unlikely to be able to fix any issues you might be having yourself. You’ll want to take the machine to a repair shop if you’re experiencing problems.