How Much Does an Electric Lawn Mower Cost? (Solved & Explained!)

Prices will vary based on the brand, make, and model, but on average a basic electric mower will set you back around $240, while sell-propelling electric mowers can range around $330 – $830, with a mid-range option being priced close to $575.

Today we’ll take a closer look at electric lawn mowers and the most commonly asked questions on the subject so that you can make an informed decision if you are considering purchase. Read on to find out what you need to know about electric lawn mowers – their pros, cons, and what you should expect.

What do I need to know about electric lawn mowers?

Electric lawnmowers have a few nice perks. They are lighter and easier to push, for one thing, and they need less maintenance – no gas, no oil changes, no fiddling with spark plugs. You just need to plug it in from time to time to make sure that it is charged.

Why electric lawn mowers are bad?

Electric mowers do have some caveats to them. First off, they are not as powerful as gas mowers, and depending on the model you might only have 1 hour of use between charges if you have the cordless variety. With corded, you are of course limited to the length of your cord and you have to mow in such a way as to work around it.

Is gas or electric lawn mower better?

Gas mowers are still the best when it comes to power and working time. You can run a gas mower for hours, getting the job done in one go, and with dense grass and weeds a gas mower is going to provide superior performance – hands down.

Do electric lawn mowers need to be plugged in?

Yes. Electric lawnmowers need to be plugged in, with the corded variety requiring that it be plugged in the whole time, while the cordless variety must be plugged in for a set amount of hours to fully charge the battery before use. Usage time will depend on the specific battery and the make and model of the mower.

How do you maintain an electric lawn mower?

Maintenance on an electric mower consists of tasks such as lubricating the wheels, sharpening the blacks, checking that bolts are secure, and cleaning out the undercarriage between uses. You should also check the vent, motor, and battery compartments for grass and debris and blow these out or use canned air to make sure that they are clean.

Are electric lawn mowers easier to push?

Yes. Electric mowers are fairly lightweight, which makes them easy to push around the lawn and gives them a lot more maneuverability than a heavier gas mower. Many models weigh in the neighborhood of 60 pounds, while gas mowers are often around 90 pounds or higher.

Which is the best electric lawn mower to buy?

Some of the most popular electric mowers come from companies like Snapper, Greenworks, Hart, and Sun Joe. Be sure to read all of the reviews that you can find, paying particular attention to battery life, weight, and whether they are intended for light or heavy duty mowing in order to ensure that the electric mower will meet your specific needs.

How long will an electric lawn mower last?

This will depend on the make, model, and brand that you choose, but on average the battery for your mower will last about 5 years before you need to replace it, and the mower itself should last about 10 years of usage.

As this technology is still new, this working lifespan should increase over time, but for now this is the standard expectation of the tech unless your manufacturer advises otherwise.

Are electric mowers worth it?

While the tech level is still climbing steadily, electric mowers haven’t quite reached the same power and durability level as gas mowers. That said, some models are getting close. Greenworks, for instance, produces a model with an 80-volt battery that has a decent amount of power – if you want a lighter mower that you can simply switch on to use, there are definitely some good ones out there.

Are cordless electric mowers any good?

Cordless electric mowers are improving every day and they definitely have their perks. They are much quieter, for one thing, and they don’t smell or require regular maintenance beyond lubricating the wheels, sharpening the blades from time to time, and cleaning them out.

you have a small yard, a cordless mower might be a perfect fit, but with a larger yard you may have to charge and mow in sections.

Are electric lawn mowers quiet?

Electric lawn mowers are definitely quieter during operation, generally one-half to one-quarter as loud when compared to a gas engine mower. This means that you can use them without worry of damaging your hearing, so you won’t need any earmuffs or earplugs when you want to mow the lawn.

Which is the best corded electric lawnmower?

Some of the highest rating corded electric mowers include the Black and Decker corded, the Greenworks 3-in-1, The Sun Jow Mow Joe 3-in-1, and the Earthwise Corded electric. If we had to go with one, Black and Decker has been in the business a long time and so they’ve got a good reputation and will likely provide the best warranty, but all of these models come highly recommended.

Who makes the best cordless electric lawn mower?

RYOBI has gotten a lot of votes for best overall cordless mowers and they even provide standard riding mowers which are electric and cordless. Cub Cadet offers an electric tractor, and these are quite efficient and highly rated, but you can also look for Ego electrics – these have been touted as powerful and the fastest at charging.

Can electric mowers cut wet grass?

It is not recommended that you use an electric mower with wet grass. Aside from the possibility of getting a jolt if any of the insulative layers around the electric array are damaged, electric mowers are not as powerful as gas mowers and so you will likely end up with a lot of clumping if you try to mow it.

Some models may be fine for wet grass, but with most it’s not a good idea – check with your mower’s manufacturer.