Who Manufactures Garden Tractors? (Solved & Explained!)

There are dozens of manufacturers for garden tractors. The four most popular brands are Husqvarna, MTD, and Briggs & Stratton. 
John Deere also makes a small selection of garden tractors, although many of their cheaper models are actually manufactured by brands  

Which company makes the best garden tractors? 

This is a matter that is subject to debate. However, countless surveys have taken place, and a lot of these surveys seem to suggest that people prefer John Deere garden tractors. 
That being said, if you do try and stick to one of the big brands in the world of garden tractors, you are still going to end up with something that is awesome to use. 

Which companies make garden tractors in the USA? 

John Deere is one of only a few companies producing garden tractors within the USA. A limited number of Husqvarna products are also manufactured within the United States. 

Do MTD make their garden tractors in the USA? 

No. All MTD products are produced in China. It is worth noting that the factories where MTD products are manufactured are all owned and operated by MTD. 
This does mean that while MTD products are produced in China, they are done so under the watchful eye of the MTD main operations in the USA. 

Do Husqvarna make their garden tractors in Sweden? 

Husqvarna products garden tractors around the world. While they do operate some factories in Sweden, they also have operations in the USA. 
Honestly, it doesn’t really matter where the Husqvarna garden tractor is produced. It is going to be made to a high-quality standard, hence why Husqvarna products are some of the most well-regarded of products. 

Which company sells the best commercial garden tractors? 

All of the big brands sell high-quality commercial garden tractors. Most professionals regard John Deere products as some of the best, though.  
The reason why many people seem to love John Deere commercial garden tractors is the fact that are the most versatile. They have a lot of accessories available for them. 

Where do you get a garden tractor repaired in the USA? 

This will be dependent on the garden tractor that you own. If you consult the website for your brand of garden tractor, we have absolutely no doubt that there will be a list of their authorized repair agents. 
You should always worth with authorized repair agents. It is the only way to guarantee that your garden tractor will be repaired to a high quality. 

Is a garden tractor for good small lawns? 

While they can be good for smaller areas of land, most people recommend that you pick up a small ride-on mower if you are doing anything less than an acre. 
The real benefit of a garden tractor is their versatility, something that you won’t really have to worry about on a small lawn. 

What is the best budget garden tractor? 

Troy-Bilt make some quality, affordable garden tractors. However, these garden tractors are not so cheap that they will break easily. 
You can purchase cheaper garden tractors than Troy-Bilt, but we suggest that you do not. It can be tough to repair them, and you will often need to be carrying out a lot more maintenance.  

Is there a difference between ride-on mowers and garden tractors? 

Garden tractors have a cutting deck in the center, whereas a ride-on mower will have the cutting deck on the front of the vehicle. Garden tractors are also a lot more versatile, often being able to cut, plow, and even tow. 

How much can you expect to spend on a garden tractor? 

This will be dependent on the model of garden tractor that you purchase. You can expect the price to be anywhere from $5,000 all the way up to $11,000+. 

Which company has the best selection of accessories available for their garden tractors? 

All of the big garden tractor manufacturers will have a decent selection of accessories for their products. However, John Deere have probably the largest selection of products. 

Are garden tractor accessories from one brand cross-compatible with another garden tractor brand? 

No. If you are purchasing accessories or spare parts for your garden tractor, then you will want to ensure that you only buy products from the same brand. 
Different brands will have different fixtures and fittings. This means that they will not be compatible with one another. 

Which companies make their own lawn tractor engines? 

A lot of companies that produce lawn tractors do not produce their own engines. They purchase them from engine companies, much in the same way that the garden industry works. 
This means that you will not find a single brand on the market that has produced its own engine, although it may have designed the engine. 

Which company produces the best lawn tractor engines? 

Any lawn tractor powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine is going to be a good lawn tractor. If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper, then engines produced by MTD are also good. 
The cheaper products from John Deere will actually have been produced by MTD. 

Are John Deere lawn tractors worth the extra cost? 

John Deere lawn tractors will often be much more expensive than their competitors. This is due to the strength of the brand. 
Many people do believe that John Deere lawn tractors are worth the extra money that you pay for them. This is because it is easier to source spare parts, accessories, and repairs than with any other brand. 

Which companies produce the best zero-turn lawn tractors? 

Husqvarna is the company that is perhaps best known for producing zero-turn lawn tractors. 

Which company produces the best lawn tractor for hills? 

Any of the big brands should be fine if you are looking to tackle hills. However, Husqvarna is a company that is often held in high regard here. 
Husqvarna will often sit at the top of the list when people are asked to rank the best lawn tractors for tackling steep slopes and rougher grass.