How Many Acres Can a 60 Inch Mower Cut in an Hour? (Solved & Explained!)

According to Tractor Tools Direct, you should be able to mow 2.88 acres of grass in an hour if you are using a 60-inch lawnmower. This estimate is if you are using a quality riding lawnmower on good condition terrain without any obstacles in the way.

A lot of people are curious about how much grass their lawnmower can really cut if it ran for an hour straight. On this page, we’re going to talk about how many acres of grass you will be able to cut within an hour using a 60-inch mower. Keep reading to find out more. 

What size of lawn can you cut in an hour using a 60-inch lawnmower?

If you are using a lawnmower with a 60-inch cutting deck, you should be able to cut 2.88 acres of grass in one hour. This estimate is gathered by using a formula that goes like this, 60 inches X 6 mph X 80 % /100.

This formula consists of multiplying the cutting deck size by the lawnmower’s speed and the mower’s efficiency then dividing that number by 100. Since it’s highly doubtful a person is using a new mower every time, a good estimate is that the mower is 80 % efficient.

Is this formula always accurate?

While the formula we mentioned above is very useful for coming up with an estimate, it’s not 100 % accurate. The efficiency of different lawnmowers varies and there are also outside factors that could make cutting the grass take longer.

According to users on Quora, while using a 60-inch mower people have been able to cut anywhere from 1.3 acres to 3 acres using a riding lawnmower with a 60-inch cutting deck.

How long would it take to mow a 5-acre lawn?

If you are using a riding lawnmower to cut a 5-acre lawn, it could take approximately 2 hours. However, if there are any obstacles that you will need to cut around, this job could take more time.

While a formula can be used to estimate how long it will take to cut a particular size yard, there are many factors that can’t be added to the formula. Trees, plants, and statues could create obstacles that take a bit longer to get around.

What size of lawn is a 60-inch lawnmower recommended for?

A 60-inch lawnmower is efficient for cutting large yards because it covers more surface area at a time. In most cases, it is recommended to look at a 60-inch lawnmower when you are purchasing a machine to use on a property with over 2 acres of grass.

Homeowners can benefit from investing in lawnmowers with larger cutting decks if they have bigger lawns to take care of. This will make the job a lot quicker and less strenuous. 

Is a 60-inch lawnmower too big for a yard that is only 1-acre?

A 60-inch lawnmower isn’t too big for a 1-acre property. While the recommended size is 50 inches, most lawnmower manufactures will advise consumers that a lawnmower that is between 40 and 60 inches is ideal for a 1 acre of grass.

If you want to cut an acre of grass in a shorter amount of time, then you may be better off choosing a 60-inch lawnmower over a 40-inch machine. 

What do I need to consider about a lawnmower’s size?

Lawnmowers come in a variety of different sizes, and each size reflects how much grass can be cut at a time. The size of the lawnmower’s cutting deck covers how much grass it is able to cut in a single pass.

If you want to get your lawn cut in fewer rows, then you are better off investing in a mower with a larger cutting deck. However, if you have a tight lawn, you may prefer a mower with a smaller deck to get neatly cut grass.

How much horsepower should a lawnmower have?

Your lawn’s condition will play the biggest part in how much horsepower your lawnmower should have. If you have a flat yard without any major obstacles, a lawnmower with 11 to 20 hp is a standard choice.

However, larger properties that exceed 3 acres can benefit from a lawnmower with horsepower between 19 and 25. Lawns with a lot of hills and slopes will need a mower that has at least 20 hp.

Is a 60-inch lawnmower too big for a 1/2 acre lawn?

60-inch cutting decks were designed for cutting larger lawns of grass to make things easier for the homeowner. A 1/2 acre property is considered on the larger side, which means that a 60-inch mower is a good size to have.

With a 60-inch mower, you should be able to cut half an acre of grass within 30 minutes. 

Does the average house need a 60-inch lawnmower?

The average yard size in the US is 5,575 square feet, which works out to be approximately 1.3 acres. Lawns this size can definitely benefit from larger mowers, like the 60-inch machine. 

What is the best 60-inch lawnmower?

If you are looking into buying a 60-inch lawnmower, you may want to know which model is the best. While there are several great lawnmowers to choose from, a fan favorite is the Ariens Apex 60. 

This zero-turn lawnmower makes it easier to cut a large area of grass in a shorter amount of time. The high-quality manufacturing means that this lawnmower will last users for many decades.

Will zero-turn lawnmowers cut grass faster?

If you have a large lawn to cut with many turns and obstacles, you should consider a zero-turn lawnmower. These machines make it easier for people to get around challenging obstacles without getting stuck or making a mess of their lawn.

People who struggle with getting their lawn’s corners cut right, enjoy the simplicity of using a zero-turn lawnmower. They even come in bigger sizes so you will be able to find a 60-inch zero-turn mower.