How Much Should I Charge to Cut 2 Acres of Grass? (Solved & Explained!)

The average cost for cutting a 2-acre property is between $75 and $175. The vast majority of professionals charge over $200 to cut 2 acres of grass. Whenever you are charging to cut 2 acres of grass, $135 is a good price, but you will need to adjust your price based on your experience, time of year, and other conditions of the yard.

To learn more about how much you should charge to cut 2 acres of grass, keep reading. This article fully explains how much it typically costs to cut this amount of lawn, factors that impact the asking price, and more. Scroll down to keep learning.

How much does it cost to cut 2 acres of grass?

How much it costs to cut 2 acres of grass depends on a variety of factors. Most importantly, the experience of the team, yard conditions, and time of year can all impact the exact price. That being said, the average price to cut 2 acres of grass is between $75 and $175.

For a professional mowing crew, you can easily expect mowing 2 acres to cost over $100. If you have a lot of lawn ornamentations, manure patties, or other obstructions, the price will go up further. In contrast, individuals just wanting to make a quick buck will charge less than professionals.

Although the range offered goes as low as $75, the vast majority of people will require payment of over $100 to mow 2 acres of grass. Even if you are just starting, you could easily get $100 or $125 for mowing 2 acres of grass.

How much do professionals charge to cut 2 acres of grass?

Most professionals charge upwards of $100 to cut 2 acres of grass. Most professionals will charge between $150 and $250. Occasionally, professionals can charge as much as $350 or more to cut 2 acres of grass, depending on the job.

For professionals that charge over $200 to cut 2 acres of grass, their services are typically top-notch. The grass can have patterns in it, and they offer other services as well, such as weed eating and gardening. As a result, these professionals are typically used for commercial purposes.

What is the average cost to mow 2 acres of land?

The average cost to mow 2 acres of land is about $150. This average includes amateurs looking to make a quick buck and professionals who spend their entire life perfecting the art of grass mowing. If you are looking at professional services, the cost range is between $250 and $350 most often.

How do you calculate lawn mowing costs for 2 acres of land?

You should calculate lawn mowing costs for 2 acres of land based on the condition of the lawn, any additional services you need to perform, and the time of year. Most often, the condition of the lawn and the additional surfaces go hand in hand.

For instance, a lawn that is well taken care of with no livestock or major ornamentations may require absolutely no additional services, resulting in a less expensive price. However, 2 acres of land where cows typically graze should cost more since manure and other items may be in the way during the cutting process.

Should I charge mowing 2 acres of land by acreage or hours?

It’s typically best to charge mowing grass, especially 2 acres of land, by the acreage. This makes the process a lot easier. That being said, you will want to consider the condition of the yard and additional services in your asking price. That way, you account for any extra time you have to take during the job.

What is the 2-acre lawn mowing pricing formula?

Whenever you are calculating the price of a job, you must end up making more money than you have to payout. Here is a quick formula to use to breakdown how much every job should cost, if you decide not to go with a flat rate based on acreage:

# of hours working + overhead + profits + taxes = total job price

Keep in mind that if you decide to fix a price based on acreage, you still want to make enough to cover the number of hours working, overhead, profits, and taxes.

What factors impact how much it costs to mow 2 acres of land?

The main factors that impact how much it costs to mow 2 acres of land include the land size, condition of the land, additional services, and season of the year. All these factors will impact how much time and effort is put into the job.

If the job ends up being more or less than 2 acres, you should adjust the price accordingly. Likewise, poor-conditioned areas should cost more than land that is taken care of really well. Ultimately, you want to make the price worth your effort without scaring away any clients.

How do you price yard work?

Yard work is typically priced one of two ways: acreage or hours. Acreage is only used for pricing mowing lawns and land. Most often, mowing 2 acres is priced based on the acreage, not the hours. In contrast, lawn services that include mowing, pruning, and other services are typically by the hour since the timed work doesn’t necessarily depend on land size.

When should the price of mowing 2 acres increase?

Mowing 2 acres of land should increase in price if the land is poorly taken care of or requires additional services. Likewise, the prices should increase in summer when there is more competition and more work to be done due to the increase in moisture and heat.

Is $100 a lot for mowing 2 acres?

$100 is not a lot for mowing 2 acres. This is a very low estimate. The only individuals who should be asking for $100 per 2 acres are newcomers who are looking to make some money. If you have a little bit of experience under your belt, you should be asking for more than $100 for cutting 2 acres.

Erin Keegan of adds, however, you may ask if it’s cheaper to do it yourself. Well then, here are some things you should keep in mind: You should cut the grass twice every 7-10 days, 8 to 10 weeks in April – July. If you want to save money or can’t afford a hired worker, you need to purchase a reliable lawn mower, like a push mower for hills. The average price varies from $200 to $600. It is also time-consuming, but eventually, the lawn mower will pay for itself.