What Is The Best Tasting Microgreen? (Solved & Explained!)

The “best-tasting microgreen” is subjective and largely depends on personal preferences. However, some varieties are more popular than others, such as basil, peas, and arugula. If you’re looking for the tastiest microgreens to grow, try beets, radishes, and mustards. These micro veggies pack a zestier punch than their full-grown versions.

Keep reading to discover the vast array of flavors that microgreens offer. Learn which microgreens chefs use and how to use them to most effectively complement your dishes.

What Are The Most Flavourful Microgreens?

The most flavourful microgreens include mustard and radish, which pack a spicy punch; basil which has both a sweet and sour citrus aftertaste, and sunflower microgreens that bring a nutty flavor.

What Are The Healthiest Microgreens To Eat?

Wheatgrass is one of the healthiest microgreens thanks to its rich vitamin content and high levels of zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. 

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that researchers believe could hold cancer-fighting abilities. Additionally, this immune-boosting mineral improves blood flow and thyroid function while lowering the risk of heart disease.

What Microgreens Do Chefs Use?

Pea microgreens are among the best-selling and most widely used microgreens, thanks to their taste, texture, and nutritional content. They are also popular with chefs because they can adapt them for use in a wide range of plates and cuisines.

Arugula is popular in Mediterranean cuisine and used across a variety of salads and pasta. At the same time, basil microgreens are prevalent in Greek and Italian cooking. Meanwhile, cooks often use dill microgreens with fish and seafood, but people also use them in salads and egg dishes.

Do Microgreens Taste Good?

Microgreens have a pleasant taste similar to that of their more mature versions. A wide variety of microgreens have a reasonably bitter flavor that can add a hint of spice and variety to a range of dishes, including soups and salads.

What Is The Taste Of Microgreens?

Most microgreens taste similar to their full-grown versions but pack a more potent punch and have a wider taste profile.

They vary in taste depending on the type, but in general, they most closely resemble the taste and texture of sprouts and greens such as baby spinach.

Some of the most popular microgreens are detailed in the table below.

MustardSweet Zesty HotSalad accents Sushi Ideal pair with roast beefHigh levels of antioxidants Pull toxins from the bloodstream Cleanses the liver
PeaSweet MildSalads Wraps Meat Dishes Stir FriesAnti Inflammatory Contains antioxidants Contains high levels of Vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid Promotes eye health
BeetEarthySalads (adds, color, flavor and texture) SoupsContains high levels of Vitamin A Rich in beta-carotene and lutein
RadishPeppery Spicy ZestySoups Salads SandwichesRich in potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, calcium, and selenium. Contains vitamin B6
Garden CressPeppery Slight Bitterness ZestySoups Salads SandwichesPacked with vitamins A, B, C, E and K Contains carotenoids which are good for your vision and eye health
SunflowerNutty Citrus flavoursSalads Sandwiches Wraps (best eaten raw)Contains all essential amino acids Particularly high in zinc, which boosts the immune system Contains vitamins A, B, D, and E

What Do Broccoli Microgreens Taste Like?

Broccoli microgreens are mild in taste with a slightly bitter flavor that works well in egg dishes and salads to add density and crunch.

What Do Basil Microgreens Taste Like?

Basil microgreens pack an intense aromatic flavor that is zesty yet sweet. They work incredibly well in pasta sauces and soups, thanks to their burst of freshness.

What Do Dill Microgreens Taste Like?

Dill microgreens have a slight smell of grass and mild citrus flavor with tangy undertones. Micro dill is perfect for at-home pickling.

What Do Sunflower Microgreens Taste Like?

The flavor of sunflower microgreens is very similar to that of sunflower seeds, with a crunchy and nutty flavor sensation that you can enjoy on its own.

What Do Pea Microgreens Taste Like?

Pea microgreens are popular among chefs and consumers alike for their tender crispiness and sweet taste that provide a perfect addition to most Asian dishes.

What Do Arugula Microgreens Taste Like?

Arugula microgreens have a distinctly more mild flavor compared to their full-grown counterparts. Its taste is sweet yet tangy with nutty and earthy undertones. They make the perfect accompaniment to soups, salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes.

What Do Kale Microgreens Taste Like?

Kale microgreens have a mild broccoli-like flavor, with some varieties that contain bitter undertones.

What Do Other Microgreens Taste Like?

In addition to the most popular microgreens, many other types provide a flavourful addition to an array of dishes.

  • Amaranth has an earthy flavor similar to beet
  • Buckwheat has a lettuce-like taste that is tangy and slightly sour
  • Cilantro has a strong flavor that is similar to celery with a citrus twist
  • Clover is crunchy and nutty with an earthy flavor
  • Dun pea is crisp, sweet, and full of flavor
  • Lentils are slightly bitter, with a taste similar to peas
  • Pak Choy has a mild and earthy taste that is slightly sweet and juicy
  • Parsley has a subtle flavor that is energizing and refreshing
  • Quinoa tastes bitter and earthy but has a mild flavor
  • Sorrel is tangy with lemon flavors
  • Tatsoi tastes like a mild version of mustard

Which Microgreens Are The Best Additions For Smoothies?

People love microgreens for their refreshing taste and portable quality. To make your smoothie even healthier, try adding a handful of microgreens for a nutrition and energy boost.

Pea shoots are great for smoothies as they have a delicate flavor that lacks the bitterness of other varieties. Sunflower microgreens are another excellent option for their mild, nutty undertones. And broccoli microgreens add a mild yet zesty twist to your smoothie.

Which Microgreens Are The Best Additions For Salads?

Pretty much any plant with edible leaves can be grown as a microgreen and added to your salad for a touch of flavor and boost in nutrition. 

Some of the best options for a microgreen salad include beets, peas, and chives.

Which Microgreens Are The Best Additions For Stir Frys?

An abundance of Asian microgreen varieties make excellent additions to stir fry, including daikon radish, wasabi, tatsoi, Pak Choy, purple shiso, and mitsuba.