How Much Does It Cost to Replace Lawn Mower Blades? (Solved & Explained!)

Lawn mower blades are cheap and easy to replace. If you have all the required tools, all you’ll need is the new blade which usually costs between $15 and $25 for most manufacturers. If you lack the time, tools or skills, you can pay for a professional to change it for you.

In this article we will run through the process of changing a mower blade, the tools you’ll need for the job, and what you can expect to pay after all is said and done.

What tools do I need to change a lawn mower blade?

You don’t need any particularly impressive tools to change a lawn mower blade, in fact you likely already have everything you need in your garage. You’ll need:

  1. Safety equipment: glasses and leather gloves.
  2. A socket wrench to unscrew the center bolt.
  3. A vise grip (optional but recommended).
  4. The replacement blade (decidedly not optional).
  5. A block of wood to rest the mower on.

How much does it cost to replace a lawn mower blade manually?

It’ll cost you essentially nothing, provided you have all the tools at your disposal. If you’re missing a few, they are cheap and easy to source from your local hardware store. Below is a list of the tools we covered earlier, and a rough estimate of the cost for each.

Safety glasses$5
Thick leather gloves$20
Socket wrench$40, but often sold as a set which can cost more.
Vise grip$7
Replacement blade$18 – $25
Total$90 – $100+

How do you change a lawn mower blade?

Changing a mower blade is relatively straightforward, but here are a few useful tips to make your life easier.

  1. Remove the spark plug. Safety first.
  2. Drain the fuel. Who wants mower fuel dripping on their clothes?
  3. Turn the mower on its side and rest it on a block of wood, ensuring to keep the carburetor side facing up.
  4. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the center hole nut from the bolt.
  5. As you unscrew, use a vise grip to hold the body of the mower in place and provide a barrier to stop the blade rotating counterclockwise to the direction you’re turning the wrench.
  6. Remove the blade, and install the new one. Ensure that the cutting edge is facing the direction of rotation. Most blades have an engraving indicating which is the proper direction.
  7. Fasten the nut again tightly with a wrench.

How much do I have to pay someone to change my lawn mower blade?

If you don’t have the expertise and tools, or just can’t find the time, it might be better to pay a professional to change your mower blade.

Price comparison website Thumbstack lists the average price for lawn mower services at $50 to $70, which is actually cheaper than if you bought all the tools to change it yourself. This could be a viable option if you’d rather save yourself some hassle.

When should I replace a lawn mower blade?

After many hours of faithful service, your blade will begin to accumulate irreparable damage that no amount of sharpening or cleaning can alleviate.

When dents and large cracks start to appear, it’s probably best to retire your blade for good. If you continue using a blade in this condition, you’ll likely encounter the issues we’ll describe in the next section.

What happens if I use a cracked lawn mower blade?

It’s possible you can use a cracked or dented blade and not have your mowing experience adversely affected, but it’s unlikely.

Since the dents and cracks make the blade lose its balance, expect to see an uneven cut, have grass ripped or torn instead of cut, and have chunks of soil disappear from your beautiful lawn.

Worse still, a severely cracked mower blade can cause serious damage to people and property if it breaks while in operation, as it spins in excess of 4000 rpm.

As they say, better to be safe than sorry. If you asked this question, you probably need to get your tools out and change that blade!

How can I make my lawn mower blade last longer?

To avoid having to replace your blade as often, save yourself some cash by following our helpful hints below.

Most mower blades will last somewhere between 100 and 200 hours. That’s a lot of grass to deal with, so it helps to keep a few things in mind to get the most out of your blade. Here are our top tips to maximize your mower blade longevity.

  1. Use a low-lift blade. Low lift blades tend to last longer than their high life counterparts since they don’t pull the grass back into the deck for a second cut.
  2. Clean your blade regularly. Removing plant matter and debris from your blade allows it to cut more efficiently and prevents rusting.
  3. Sharpen your blade regularly. Sharpening helps blades to cut cleanly, reducing stress on the blade, blade shaft and motor. Be careful not to remove too much material when sharpening though, as this can reduce the lifespan of your blade.
  4. Remove or avoid stones and other large debris whilst mowing. This is just common sense.
  5. Store your mower in your garage. Blades are prone to rusting when left outside, so store your mower in a garage and cover with a tarpaulin for best results.

Which brand has the best lawn mower blades?

Some of the top brands of blade manufacturers include MaxPower, 8TEN and Toro. Before purchasing a blade, always ensure to check that it is compatible with your mower, particularly in terms of length and center hole shape.

When it comes to deciding which has the best blade, consider your individual mowing preferences. If you favor mulching, MaxPower has high quality, mid-cost blades that fit Husqvarna and Craftsman riding mowers.

On the other hand, if you’re intending on bagging the clippings, 8TEN has an economical 9 pack of Lawn Razor Hi-lift blades for $160, or around $18 each.