What’s the Difference Between a Garden Tractor and a Lawn Tractor?

The main difference between a garden tractor and a lawn tractor is the functionality. Garden tractors are multi-functional mowers with a variety of handy attachments. On the other hand, lawn tractors are mainly used to mow the grass.

Both lawn and garden tractors are riding models which can vary in cost because of size. In general, both riding mowers are satisfactory in terms of mowing grass.

What is a Garden Tractor?

A garden tractor is a versatile, heavy-duty mower that is wonderful for large projects. You can purchase multiple attachments for garden tractors, making this tractor one of the most multipurpose mowers on the market.

Among many other things, garden tractors are known for hauling material, towing large equipment, and clearing snow. There are many other uses for garden tractors too. Garden tractors are great for mowing in general as well. The sharp blades make for an excellent cut.

Garden tractors are more popular in rural communities because of their size and purpose. This heavy-duty equipment is great for farm work and other hands-on work.

What is a Lawn Tractor?

Lawn tractors are small riding mowers that are used for mowing small areas. Because of their medium size, lawn tractors are very popular in residential areas. A riding mower lawn tractor is sleek and does not take up as much space as a garden tractor.

Mowing is the major priority when it comes to lawn tractors. These sitting mowers let you relax and enjoy the mowing experience. That means that you are going to get the best mow for your buck, with no bells and whistles unless you choose to add them.

Although you may purchase additional attachments for lawn tractors, they are not as heavy-duty as garden tractors. Lawn tractors cannot haul or tow heavy objects and therefore cannot complete large projects. 

What is the Difference Between a Garden Tractor and a Lawn Tractor?

The main difference between garden tractors and lawn tractors is the reason you are using them. If you intend to ride your mower in a small area, investing in a reasonably priced lawn tractor should be no problem. 

Lawn tractors are affordable, and they are great for residential living. For larger projects, garden tractors are much better. Garden tractors are good for covering large areas in rural areas. 

Additionally, the size of the area you are mowing may also make a large impact on why you use a garden tractor versus a lawn tractor. 


Lawn tractors are much more affordable than garden tractors, by nearly half the cost, if not more. If you are budget-restricted, then pursuing a lawn tractor will be more reasonable.

In addition to being more expensive, you must also purchase additional attachments for your garden tractor. The additional costs from these attachments and upgrades can amount to thousands.

If the affordability of your tractor is a major factor, you might want to consider purchasing a lawn tractor.


When it comes to versatility, garden tractors have lawn tractors beat. Garden tractors have multiple attachments, including a front blade, snow blower, tiller, plow, and more. 

Every manufacturer sells compatible attachments for an additional cost. When purchasing your new tractor, add these at check out. You may also visit the store website or local hardware store and order there. Purchasing after-market attachments can be difficult because of potential compatibility problems. It is best to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Lawn tractors have many possible attachments too. However, people tend to use these only as lawnmowers only. The most common attachments that people use with lawn tractors are grass collectors that collect cut grass. 

Yard or Project Size

The size of the project you are dealing with directly impacts the kind of tractor you should purchase. 

Lawn tractors are better for good for residential areas and small projects. The grass collector, which attaches to the back of the tractor, is perfect for storing cut grass. These can be purchased directly from manufacturers as an add-on.

A large lawn or project, for example, could not be tackled by a lawn tractor. Garden tractors are good collectors, haulers, and mowers. If the project is large, typically using a garden tractor is a fantastic idea. Garden tractors are heavier duty, and they can support heavier weight loads. 

Size of the Tractor

Garden tractors tend to weigh more than lawn tractors. The reason these tractors weigh more is that garden tractors are typically heavier duty than lawn tractors. Because of their large size, these tractors can be more difficult to tow other places.

The purposes of garden tractors and lawn tractors are significantly different. People often use garden tractors for large projects, hauling, and towing. Therefore it should come as no surprise that they are heavier duty.

Lawn tractors store well in residential garages because they are slimmer than garden tractors. They do not have any attachments, either. Garden tractors take up more space and have multiple attachments.

Tips for Shopping for a Mower

Whether you decide to buy a garden tractor or a lawn tractor, there are a few things you should take into consideration when shopping for a new mower. For instance, the type of task you will be completing has a major influence on what type of tractor you need. 

If you are mulching your garden in the backyard of your residential house, skip the garden tractor. Purchasing a lawn tractor and additional attachments may suffice. 

Some of the top considerations when it comes to purchasing a new mower include the following:

  • The project you will complete (task, yard size, etc.)
  • Advise a consultant when purchasing a mower.
  • Attachment needs (snowblower, tilling, etc.)
  • Storage space
  • HOA guidelines
  • Budget

Before making an investment that you cannot store, be sure you have room for your new tractor back at home! Some tractors are larger than others. The more equipment that you purchase for your tractor, the more storage you will need. Ideally, you will need a large storage area if you purchase a tractor and attachments.