Are Kohler Engines Made in China? (Solved & Explained!)

Since May 2007, engines produced by Kohler have come from Chongqing, China in a joint venture with a company called YinXiang Ltd. They work closely with their Chinese allies to develop, manufacture, market, sell and distribute most of Kohler’s general-purpose gasoline engines.

That said, it seems that Kohler engine parts are what comes from China. Their plants in Saukville, Wisconsin and Hattiesburg, Mississippi engineer and assemble these Chinese-made parts. So, they are still technically “made in the USA.” However, they also have some operations in Mexico.

Why Did Kohler Outsource Engine Production to China?

According to Paul Bartelt, the President of Kohler in 2007, the reason why the company outsourced engine production to China was to grow their global presence.

They also did this in the hopes of enhancing their product offerings and driving a demand in the small engine market. Bartelt believed that this helps build their strategy to satisfy customer needs.

With What Chinese Company Did Kohler Build a Joint Venture?

Kohler chose to create a joint venture with YinXiang, Ltd., based in Chongqing, China and founded in 1997. Up until their agreement with Kohler in 2007, they were notorious for their motorcycles, motorcycle engines, go-carts, general-purpose equipment, ATVs and gas engines.

Does Kohler Still Produce Engines in the United States?

Yes, Kohler still very much produces their engines within the borders of the United States. There are actually two locations they consolidated as recently as 2019. These are in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Saukville, Wisconsin.

As a matter of fact, they expanded operations in Mississippi to include an additional 300,000 square feet. They’ve been in Hattiesburg for 20 years and now have 600 employees to produce zero-turn riding mowers and other residential engines.

Kohler keeps their administrative offices in Saukville, Wisconsin, with very little manufacturing. However, they do still produce the engines for generators and generators themselves in Wisconsin.

Does Kohler Still Produce Quality Engines Even Though Parts Come from China?

Yes, Kohler still produces quality engines even though parts come from China. This is because YinXiang only builds engines according to the specifications set forth by Kohler. They often make the parts and ship them back to the US for assembly.

They still do their quality checks and ensure performance before each engine goes to market. Therefore, consumers can have peace of mind knowing the reliability and classic functionality of the engines are still there.

Which Kohler Engines Come from China and Which from the USA?

It’s not entirely clear which Kohler engines come from China and what others are from the USA. However, it is certain that Kohler engineers and assembles their 7000 series engines as well as generators and generator engines in the US. 

How Long Has Kohler Been in Business?

Since 1920, Kohler has been in business. They build battle-tested engines by putting them through the gamut of conditions such as at the South Pole, the Hoover Dam and in World War II at victory lane. They are still notorious for manufacturing some of the best engines for landscape, lawn care and heavy construction.

Who Produces Kohler Engines?

Kohler Engines are a division of the Kohler Power Group. They make a huge selection of equipment and devices that includes things like generators and engines powered by a variety of energy sources. They make gas, natural gas and propane powered engines for industrial, residential, commercial and marine use.

Does YinXiang Ltd. Produce Engines for Any Other Brands?

No, YinXiang Ltd., only has a joint venture with Kohler in the USA. Otherwise, they create engines for their own line of products.

Where Can You Buy a Kohler Engine?

Since partnering with YinXiang Ltd. in 2007, Kohler has over 13,000 locations worldwide. They’re sold all over the United States and Canada with several qualified distributors and dealers, including certified expert dealers.

What Machines & Equipment Utilize Kohler Engines?

There are a host of varying equipment and machines that use Kohler engines. You can find them in tractors, lawnmowers, snow blowers, generators and more. You can find them in most landscaping, gardening, construction, golf course maintenance, farming machines and so much more.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Receive with a Kohler Engine?

Various engines have differing warranty coverage. In general, however, most come with a two or three year limited warranty for residential use. But commercial or rental situations can see a warranty for as little as 90 days to as much as three years.

It’s important to note, though, that all Kohler’s warranties have limited conditions. This means they don’t cover everything that can go wrong with a particular engine. They are fairly specific about their terms and conditions along with the inclusions and exclusions of their warranties.

All warranties restrict repairs and replacements only for the duration of the policies set forth in the warranty. They don’t provide express or extended warranties and will not cover any additional warranties provided by sellers and dealers.

What They Won’t Cover

They iterate and adamantly state that they are not liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. Items Kohler DOES NOT cover under warranty:

  • Damage and defects due to an accident or casualty
  • Faulty repairs made by other people that cause the engine to fail
  • Using non-Kohler parts to replace or repair an engine that results in a failure
  • Shipping and transport fees or charges connected to the defective parts used in replacements and repairs
  • They will not cover repairs due to user mishandling such as improper storage. Also, they won’t cover damages because the owner used old or contaminated fuel left in the system (fuel lines, tanks or carburetors).
  • They will not cover any repairs because someone used the engine unreasonably and neglected care. Likewise, they do not cover damages from normal wear and tear or premature wear due to improper maintenance.

What They Do Cover

Items Kohler DOES cover under warranty, unless installed or supplied by Kohler:

  • Batteries
  • Clutches
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Power Drive Assemblies  
  • Transmissions