What Is the Difference Between a Riding Lawn Mower and a Lawn Tractor? (Solved & Explained!)

While a riding lawnmower and a lawn tractor are both efficient for cutting the grass, the main difference between the two is where the cutting deck is located. Most riding mowers will have the cutting deck located under the front of the machine, while lawn tractors will have them mid-mounted. 

If you need to cut a large area of grass, a riding mower or lawn tractor is a suitable choice. Even though both of these machines do similar tasks, they are completely different from one another. On this page, we’re going to discuss what makes a riding lawnmower and a lawn tractor different. Keep reading to find out more.

How are riding mowers and lawn tractors different from each other?

The main difference between a lawn tractor and a riding mower is where the cutting deck is located. On standard riding lawnmowers, it’s located underneath the front of the machine, which makes the machine easier to maneuver.

If a person needs to cut the grass in an area where there are trees, shrubs, and other plants scattered, it’s easier to maneuver around these obstacles using a riding mower. The location of the cutting deck still allows for a clean cut going around corners and objects.

Are riding lawnmowers and lawn tractors the same?

While it may seem like riding lawnmowers and lawn tractors have the same purpose, they are actually very different machines. The change in location of where the cutting deck is located on these machines plays a huge part in how they operate.

A lawn tractor is better suited for a large open area that needs to be maintained. On the other hand, a riding lawnmower is a better choice for enclosed yards with obstacles that the lawnmower needs to get around.

Why are the cutting decks for riding lawnmowers and lawn tractors different?

While both machines are efficient for cutting the grass, every property needs a different type of lawnmower. A lawn tractor’s cutting deck is located in the middle, which allows it to be bigger and more efficient for cutting larger areas in less time.

Riding lawnmowers are smaller with a better turning radius, which removes the challenge of cutting around objects that are in the yard. 

What is the average price of a riding lawn mower?

If you’re in the market for a new riding lawnmower, you can find cheaper ones starting at around $800, while more expensive machines will be over $4,500. According to Lawn Starter, the average cost for a standard riding lawn mower is around $1,299 while a high-end machine is $4,539.

The price will vary depending on what you want from the riding lawnmower. Each brand will have a different price point and then there will be extra costs based on the size and features.

What is the average price of a lawn tractor?

Lawn tractors are usually pricier than riding lawn mowers because they are bigger. According to the Motor Biscuit, most lawn tractors sell from between $2,000 and $7,000. 

However, it’s important to remember that there are several types of lawn tractors, so you can find cheaper and more expensive ones. Cheaper front-engine lawn tractors are typically around $1,200.

What brand makes the best lawn tractors?

If you’re looking for a new lawn tractor, there are a lot of great brands to choose from. Many customers will agree that John Deere makes some of the most reliable lawn tractors, with one of the best models being the John Deere E120.

The John Deere E120 is the best workhorse lawn tractor according to My Move. John Deere is one of the best-selling brands in the US for lawn care equipment.

What brand makes the best riding lawn mower?

While there are many reliable brands out there from finding a high-quality riding mower, according to Homes and Gardens the top choice is Cub Cadet. Cub Cadet is a top choice for many US homeowners because this brand makes reliable and durable riding mowers for an affordable price.

One of the best Cub Cadet riding mowers is the XT1 Enduro LT, with the Ultima ZT1 being another great machine. It’s hard to go wrong with any make of Cub Cadet mower.

Will a lawn tractor outlast a riding lawnmower?

Most riding lawnmowers will be built to last longer than lawn tractors. When you determine the average lifespan of one of these machines, it’s done by the hours of use.

A standard lawn tractor is designed to last for 250 to 300 hours, which is roughly a decade’s worth of work. With a riding mower, you’ll likely get 500 to 1000 hours, which is 20 years or more.

Is a lawn tractor versatile?

A lawn tractor is more versatile than a riding lawnmower when it comes to other jobs you may be able to do with the machine. On top of cutting the grass, you can haul and dump collections.

Many lawn tractors come with attachments that you can use for different lawn care tasks. They are also useful in winter because many come with a snow removal attachment. 

What lawn care tasks does a lawn tractor do?

A lawn tractor can mow the grass and perform many light-duty tasks around your property. It’s very common to use these machines for tilling, cultivating, and aerating people’s lawns.

Many people use lawn tractors for plowing and hauling, to take some of the grunt work off of their shoulders. There are many things that a lawn tractor can do to make lawn care work easier for property owners.

Can lawn tractors haul as much as a wheelbarrow?

If you have a big load of wood or anything else you need to haul, a lawn tractor is the way to go. You will be able to fit a lot more items and weight into a lawn tractor than you would in a wheelbarrow. People won’t have to struggle to push the weight around, as the lawn tractor will be able to manage it.