Lawn Tractor FAQ: 17 Things to Know

Lawn tractors are great options for those that have a larger yard. Not only can a lawn tractor tackle mowing the lawn, but a whole host of different tasks. On this page, we want to discuss a few things that you probably may want to know about owning a lawn tractor. 

What is a lawn tractor?

A lawn tractor is a smaller version of a farm tractor. They are designed to be used on larger private lawns, although you can also find them used for groundskeeping in public areas too. You can think of them as a more versatile lawnmower. 

What can a lawn tractor do?

It is dependent on the lawn tractor that you purchase. Most will allow you to cut, mulch, and tow around your yard. More powerful models of lawn tractors may allow you to plow, Some may even allow you to collect debris from the yard.

Do you need to purchase accessories separately for a lawn tractor?

While your lawn tractor may come with some simple accessories to tackle simple challenges in your yard, most will require you to purchase accessories separately e.g. plowing attachments. Therefore, it is wise to budget which accessories you really do think you will need.

Can you attach any lawn tractor accessories to your lawn tractor?

No. Lawn tractor accessories are not interchangeable. Their accessories will be unique to each brand and model. Therefore, if you are purchasing a new accessory you must consult the specifications to ensure it will fit your lawn tractor.

Is a lawn tractor good for small yards?

Yes. There are lawn tractors on the market that have been built for smaller yards (i.e. smaller than one acre). However, most lawn tractors have been designed for much larger yards. The best lawn tractors are available for yards over 3-4 acres in size.

What is the difference between a lawn tractor and a riding mower?

A riding mower is purely for rowing. A lawn tractor can accomplish a lot more than this. Therefore, for a yard that needs to be maintained in several ways, a lawn tractor is the best option. Lawn tractors are not necessarily any bigger than a riding mower. They just tackle a lot more jobs.

Where is the cutting deck located on a lawn tractor?

The cutting deck on a lawn tractor will be mid-mounted i.e. underneath the lawn tractor. This is different from a riding mower where the cutting deck will be mounted onto the front.

Are lawn tractors easier to drive than riding mowers? 

They work in pretty much the same way. However, some people may find that the mid-mounted cutting deck on a lawn tractor can make it more difficult to move around some more rugged locations. This is because you will have nothing cutting in front of you. For the average lawn, however, you should be fine.

Can you plow the land with a lawn tractor?  

You can do a small amount of plowing with certain lawn tractors. However, do bear in mind that a lawn tractor is only going to be a fraction of the power of full-size tractors. This means that they may not be able to break into the ground if it is very hard.

How much does a lawn tractor cost?

Lawn tractors can vary wildly in price. A decent lawn tractor can start at $3,000. However, you will need to purchase additional attachments on top of that to ensure that you get the full functionality of your lawn tractor.

Do you need a license to drive a lawn tractor?

As long as you do not drive the lawn tractor on a public road, then you do not need a license to operate a lawn tractor. If you are planning on driving on public roads, however, then it will need to be fully licensed just like any other vehicle. Your driver’s license should allow you to operate it.

Is it easy to drive a lawn tractor?

Yes. Most of them have been designed to be easy to drive. There are no gears. Just pedals and a steering wheel. You could easily drive one of these even without experience driving any other vehicle. 

What is the best brand of lawn tractor?

John Deere is one of the top manufacturers of tractors in the world. Therefore, it makes sense that the lawn tractors that they produce are up there with the best too. John Deere has a wide variety of accessories available for their lawn tractors. This means that you should be able to tackle the job you have at hand. Most of them are powerful enough to plow too.

What fuel does a lawn tractor use?

Most lawn tractors will use unleaded gasoline. In fact, it should be similar to what you put in your vehicle. Although, of course, each lawn tractor is going to be different. You must always consult the manual of the lawn tractor that you have purchased. This should give you all the details that you need, including whether there is a minimum octane requirement.

Do lawn tractors have 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines?

Lawn tractors will almost always have 4-stroke engines due to the power requirements. However, it is highly advised that you do check the manual that came with the lawn tractor. This will tell you what engine you have. 

How much fuel does a lawn tractor use?

This will be dependent on the lawn tractor that you own and what you plan on doing with it. However, in most cases, it is unlikely that you will be going over 1/2 a gallon to 3/4-gallon per hour. If you are doing much more than that, then you must be doing some pretty strenuous work.

Can you store a lawn tractor outside?

You can. However, it is always best to store the lawn tractor under cover, preferably indoors. However, you can also put waterproof sheets over the top of it. A lawn tractor that has not been stored properly will have higher maintenance costs.