Does Mowing Count as Exercise? (Solved & Explained!)

We all know life can get busy, and juggling your chores and your physical health alongside all of life many demands can be quite the challenge. So joining your yard work with your exercise is a brilliant idea. So, does mowing count as exercise?

Mowing the lawns can make a great form of exercise! As long as you are using a push mower and not a ride on a mower, this satisfying yard work can kill two birds with one stone, freshen up your lawns, and get your daily workout.

Can You Lose Weight By Mowing The Lawn?

Researchers from Loughborough University found that mowing and other gardening and yardwork tasks for two to three hours a week can help lose a pound in weight per week. 

So yes, mowing the lawn can help you reach your weight loss goals by burning calories as long as you remain in a calorie deficit – i.e. you are burning more calories than you consume! Mowing the lawns can undoubtedly help you with burning calories.

How Many Calories Does Mowing Burn?

How many calories mowing will burn will depend on the weight of your mower, your body weight and how long you mow for. WebMD suggests that mowing the lawn will burn between the range of 250-350 calories.

This calorie burn may be more or less depending on your fitness level and your body weight. The larger and heavier your mower is, how long the grass is and how uneven the terrain of lawn mowed will also influence how many calories will be burnt.

 Does Mowing Count As Cardio?

In general, an exercise that raises your heart rate for a prolonged period is called cardio. The more rapidly and deeply you breathe, the more work your respiratory system has to do and will ultimately offer cardiovascular benefits.

So if you find mowing has you puffing, breaking a sweat and bringing your heart rate up, then yes! It is cardio as it providing you cardiovascular benefits.

Does Mowing Count As Strength Training?

Mowing can absolutely count as strength training. Pushing a lawnmower works for many muscle groups, and depending on your muscle condition, it can be a challenge for your muscles.

Working muscle groups to their limits will have them building conditions, and thus, mowing can be strength training! How beneficial your lawn mowing activities are to you will depend on the level of challenge it brings you.

What Muscles Does Mowing The Lawn Work?

Mowing the lawn works many of your muscle groups as engaging in the pushing, pulling and turning of the mower. Mowing the lawn can end up being a total full-body workout.

The many muscles lawnmowing targets are glutes, core, hamstrings, triceps and shoulders.

How Many Miles Do You Walk Mowing The Lawn?

Now this question doesn’t have a straightforward answer at all! The amount of miles you will walk while mowing the lawn depends on a lot of different factors. For example, it mostly depends on the area of your lawn, e.g. the length, width and ultimately, the square footage.

It will also hinder the size and width of your lawnmower as a larger lawnmower will take fewer steps to mow a certain space, while a smaller one will take more.

See this incredible calculator that will help you find out exactly how many miles you walk while mowing your lawn.

Does Mowing The Lawn Count As An Exercise On Fitbit?

Mowing the lawns is not a specific exercise that your Fitbit will pick up. Your Fitbit will, however, recognise your lawn mowing as some sort of exercise. Many Fitbit users report that their Fitbit will record their exercise while mowing the lawns as riding a bike or aerobic fitness.

The high activity level will result in your body moving enough for your Fitbit to record it as exercise automatically. Your Fitbit will need to collect your heart rate for a reasonable calculation to get an accurate sense of calories burnt while mowing the lawns.

Is Mowing The Lawn A Workout On Apple Watch?

While your apple watch does not have a workout option automatically set, you can create your own. The first time you mow your lawn, start the apple watch on a workout under the “other” category.

When you are done, save the workout under “Mowing” or “Lawn Mowing”, and the next time you go to mow the lawn, your apple watch will have this exercise saved for you

Does Mowing Work The Core Muscles?

Legs are the first part of the body that is benefited by mowing the lawn. To propel a lawnmower, the lower and upper leg muscles take the majority of the strain. Once your legs have kick-started your exercise, you may think the arms maintain the pushing of the mower, right? 

In actual fact, the propulsion will originate from your core. Having to move constantly while mowing helps build core strength and burns hundreds of calories. Mowing the lawn can also help you exercise your lower back muscles.

Can I Jog While Mowing The Lawns?

How quick you can move while mowing will depend on the length of your grass. If you try to move too quickly through the long grass, you can quickly clog the blades up and stall the lawnmower.

Jogging while mowing the lawn may work, but it is best to move at a slow, steady pace to produce the tidiest cut on the grass.

How To Burn More Calories By Mowing The Lawns?

Obviously, if you use a ride-on lawnmower, you will burn very few calories. If you want to make your lawn mowing into a calorie-burning exercise, then opt for a push mower.

Chose an old school push mower and not a self-propelled one as you will have to exert more energy to mow and thus burn more calories.

Does Mowing The Lawns Burn More Calories Than Walking?

Yes! Mowing the lawns will burn more calories than simple walking. While you do move slower when you mow the lawns compared to a normal walking pace, you are also exerting more energy in the pushing of the mower, so will burn more calories.