Are Mushroom Grow Kits Worth It? (Solved!)

Are mushroom grow kits worth it? Whether a mushroom grow kit is worth it will depend on the quality of the kit you get. It is best to do some research into what species of mushrooms you want to grow and which kits are of the highest quality before buying one.

Are mushroom grow kits cost-effective? 

Buying a mushroom grow kit will save you money in the long term. Given how much a grow kit can produce compared to the cost of buying mushrooms at the grocery store, it is a cost-efficient way of keeping mushrooms in your diet. 

Is growing mushrooms worth it?

Whether growing your own mushrooms is worth it will depend on how many mushrooms you usually eat and what kind of mushrooms you wish to grow. Plan out how many mushrooms you need to grow and how much space you need to grow them before you commit to it and find yourself with too many or not enough. 

You also have to option of selling any extra mushrooms you grow, so you might want to think about what is popular and where you could sell your mushrooms if you wanted to make a bit of profit for your efforts.

What comes in a mushroom grow kit?

Mushroom growing kits come with a pre-colonized “fruiting block,” a mycelium-covered block containing a mushroom grow bag that has yet to start growing. With the right conditions, the block begins to grow mushrooms and can continue to grow mushrooms for about a year if you take good care of it and adapt. 

What is the best mushroom growing kit?

What mushroom growing kit is best for you will depend on what mushrooms you want to grow. Here are some growing kits which the type of mushrooms they grow to have somewhere to start on your research journey.

  • Mushroom Mojo Pro-Gro Enoki Kit grows enoki mushrooms which are excellent for soups and salads because of their small caps and skinny stems.
  • Gallboys Lion’s Mane Mushroom Kit grows Lion’s mane mushrooms, a great addition to seafood dishes as its taste is reminiscent of lobster or crab.
  • GMHP Morel Habitat Kit grows morel mushrooms that add a nutty, earthy flavour to a variety of dishes and can even replace animal produces thanks to its meaty texture. 
  • Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit grows blue oyster mushrooms which are popular in Asian cuisine and come in various colours and flavours. 
  • Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit grows pearl oyster mushrooms featured in many Asian dishes and can start growing in only ten days, thanks to this growing kit. 

If you are overwhelmed with all the choices for which growing kits, then you can start with Mushroom Mojo Pro-Gro and Gallboys growing kits, as they have a nice variety to choose from and offer good quality. 

Where should you put the mushroom grow kit?

Now that you’ve picked your growing kit, you will need to find the best place to put it so it will grow. You will want to avoid anywhere with direct sunlight or air vents that could dry out your plants or cause sudden temperature changes. Place your kit somewhere where you will remember to water it regularly, as mushrooms prefer humid conditions. 

How do you water a mushroom kit? 

The best method for watering your growing kit is to use a spray bottle that can mist the kit’s surface once a day. Mushrooms thrive in moist conditions, but you also don’t want to over-water the soil. A good spray of water once a day should do the trick. 

How long does a mushroom kit last?

You can expect to grow mushrooms from your growing lit for about three months. Depending on how you care for your mushrooms and whether you use spores to develop new ones, you can get about a year’s worth of mushrooms from some growing kits. Transferring your mushrooms from the kits to a garden or planter is an excellent way to keep them growing longer.

Can you reuse your mushroom grow kits?

You should get more than one round of mushrooms growing with a good quality growing kit. This means you should be getting new mushrooms every few weeks for at least a couple of months. However, your kit may run out of nutrients long before your mushrooms’ cycles of growth are over, so transplanting them into a new planter could keep them from dying. 

What can you do with an old mushroom kit?

If you find that your growing kit is no longer growing mushrooms, then there are a few different things you can try to revive your mushrooms before you throw your kit away.

Take it outside

Taking your kit outside can be all your mushrooms need to get them growing again. Take your block out of the bow and place it in a plastic bag, which helps to keep moisture in. Then, place the block cut side up in the shade where it can still get rain and check it for new growth after rainy or humid days.

Bury it

If you have some gardening space or a section of the yard to devote to your mushrooms, then burying your block is a great way to get a mushroom garden going. Dig a hole the size of the block in a shady area and cover it with 1″ of soil or mulch. Water it regularly and check on it after rainy or humid days for new growth.

How many days does a mushroom take to grow? 

It can take about ten days for a mushroom growing kit to start growing mushrooms, but this can vary widely depending on the type of mushrooms you are trying to grow. 

If you find that it takes a long time to see mushrooms growing, you might want to reevaluate where your growing kit is sitting and how you are caring for it, as there may be something about the stunting growth conditions.