What Pets Are Dangerous To Pygmy Goats?

There aren’t really any pets that are dangerous by definition to your pygmy goat. Of course, if you keep a cage full of poisonous snakes, they will be equally as dangerous to your pygmy goat as they are to you. Failing this, it isn’t really a question of what kinds of other pets your pygmy should avoid.

Naturally, if you keep a pygmy goat in your home, you should probably supervise their interaction with your other pets. Goats are not carnivores by nature. They won’t really attempt to eat smaller animals, such as fish, guinea pigs, or turtles. However, they could unwittingly cause harm to these much smaller animals.

A pygmy is not a full-sized goat. But they can still brush up against or crush smaller species. They could also accidentally stomp on them with their hooves or send them flying across the room. For this reason, you should probably keep them in an area of your home that is separate from the other animals you may choose to keep as pets.

Other pets, such as cats or larger dogs, usually pose no threat to your pygmy. Nor will your pygmy go out of their way to cause trouble with them. However, it may take some time for them to get properly socialized. It’s a good idea to proceed with some caution and common sense as you introduce your various pets to each other.

Do Pygmy Goats Get Along With Other Animals?

Pygmy goats will usually get along just fine with other animals. This is true whether you are keeping them on a goat farm or at your own petting zoo. They are also usually quite quick to make friends with the other animals in your home if you keep them as pets. A bit of socializing may be in order to ensure everything goes as planned.

As with other species of goat, the pygmy is primarily a social animal. They much prefer to be with others of their kind. If you own other pygmies, you will notice that they will quickly band together to form a natural herd. However, pygmies do tend to get familiar with many other types of animals that can be found in a farm setting.

One of the animals that pygmy goats get along with the best is the chicken. So if you have chickens in your back yard, this is a great candidate to choose for a bit of impromptu socialization. Chickens and pygmies tend to share the same area with no major problems. Neither are especially aggressive or territorial to any high degree.

It does bear noticing that your pygmy will very likely attempt to steal feed from your chicken. It’s not a good idea to allow this because chickens and goats have very different nutritional needs. The feed, while advantageous to a chicken, may cause your goat to get an upset stomach. This may result in vomit and poo that need cleaning up.

Which Pets Are Best For Pygmy Goats?

As noted above, chickens seem to be a natural ally for the pygmy goat. This is because the both of them are happy to skitter around the yard, pecking at random objects. Your goat will run and jump and play, occasionally bumping into a chicken or some other animal in your yard. This is a natural hazard that the chicken will largely ignore.

Goats are used to other types of animals that occur naturally in a farm yard setting. You may have sheep, pigs, chickens, barnyard cats, or the occasional turkey. Your pygmy will usually adjust just fine to the idea of existing in the same place and getting along with these other animals. This naturally includes your children.

In general, animals that occur in the barnyard, such as the ones listed above, are the most natural fit for a pygmy or other goat to make friends with. If you are keeping them in the house, you may need to keep them apart from animals that are substantially much smaller in size. This may include kittens, gerbils, turtles, and the like.

How To Train Your Pygmy Goat To Get Along With Your Pets And Vice Versa

A bit of training may be required to ensure that your pygmy goat gets along with your other pets. This is also true of your pets. You’ll need to take some time and effort to make sure that your dogs, cats, and other animals are fully secure with the pygmy. The existence of a new type of animal in your home may take some getting used to.

When it comes to training your pygmy goat, there are plenty of informative videos that you can very easily refer to for guidance. You can make use of a wide number of tutorials that can very quickly be found on the world wide web.

A quick search for “goat training” should suffice or simply watch the one below on potty training goats and other fun tricks.

First, you should introduce them slowly to your other pets. This is all the more true if you intend to keep them in the house. Let them approach each other, although with careful supervision on your part. Goats are not naturally aggressive toward other animals. But you want to make sure no hissing, biting, barking, or kicking occurs.

Second, make sure that all of your pets, including your pygmy goat, have separate areas of their own to socialize, play, feed, and do their business in. This way, no one will grouse about having their own special area encroached upon. Give them plenty of space to retreat to when they have had as much contact as they care to indulge in.

Third, repeat these operations on a day to day basis. Repetition is the key to training any animal. The more you cause them to interact with each other, the more they will get used to each other. In the end, even if they aren’t the best of friends, they will learn to coexist.