Are Craftsman Mowers Made by MTD? (Solved & Explained!)

Craftsman is a market leader in the sales of lawnmowers and tractors. Husqvarna manufactures many of the Craftsman models, while MTD manufactures others.

Craftsman yard, lawn, and gardening tractors, and also our “professional” ride behind mowers, are all manufactured by MTD. Craftsman rotary lawnmowers are manufactured by Husqvarna, who is controlled by Electrolux, and Huskqvarna mowers, as far as I know, originate from a Husky facility. It’s MTD if the number is 247. It’s Husqvarna if the number is 917.

Craftsman tractors are currently manufactured by a number of different firms. Every three years, different companies compete for the right to manufacture the new tractor line. MTD manufactures lawn tractors in the Craftsman gray color scheme. Their huge, plastic hood scoop distinguishes them from other Craftsman tractors.

Are Craftsman Riding Mowers are made in the United States?

Husqvarna changed its name from AYP to Husqvarna Group in 2006. Craftsman lawnmowers that are the 917 model number were still produced in the US in 2017 at the Orangeburg facility. MTD in Ohio will manufacture all Craftsman lawn tractors, yard tractors, and garden tractors during 2018.

Who Owns Craftsman?

Craftsman Trademark was first registered as a trademark in 1927. Craftsman, whose holding company were once Sears and is now Stanley Black & Decker, has never had the factories to manufacture their own equipment, so they’ve enlisted the help of trusted industry builders to create their own line of outdoor equipment, including the mowers and tractors you see in Sears and other retailers across North America.

Over time, craftsman products have been traded with makers on various occasions. Husqvarna, formerly known as AYP, manufactured Craftsman goods from 2006 until 2017. The 917 model number was created in Husqvarna’s Orangeburg facility.

MTD is a privately held family business. The company was founded in 1932 and is based in Valley City, Ohio. Other brands and companies owned by MTD include Yard-Man, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and Bolens. Other brands such as Craftsman and Sears are privately labeled by MTD under the “247” model prefix.

When did Craftsman Introduce the first Lawnmower?

In 1961, Craftsman released their first lawnmower. The engine was fully enclosed and had an automated blade gear to avoid stalling, a key-lock self-starter, and a blades brake that could be controlled by hand. Craftsman goods have subsequently evolved into remarkable, cutting-edge tools that are built to last.

What Makes Craftsmen Stand Out?

Smooth Start technology is available on Craftsman lawnmowers, which reduces the time it takes to get the mower started by 20%.

Craftsman also makes self-propelled lawnmowers. Craftsman produces lawn mowers that meet all of these requirements, whether you need a strong mower for huge, steep territory or a less powerful lawn mower for flat terrain. In addition, Craftsman mowers are designed to be simple to adjust.

What Lawn Mowers are Manufactured by MTD?

Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and Remington are among MTD’s current brands, as are Yard Machines, Robomow,  Rover, WOLF-Garten, and Bolens. They offer a comprehensive choice of goods to cater to every sort of consumer and lawn and garden.

Does MTD Manufacture Riding Lawn Mowers?

MTD riding lawn mowers come in a variety of sizes to fit both small and big yards. MTD manufactures all retail brands, as well as Dynamark, MTD, Weed Eater, YardPro, and Sears Craftsman Noma. Murray is the creator of MTD. 

Where does MTD Produce their Lawnmowers?

MTD is a mass-market outside power equipment company based in the United States. The company, based in Valley City, Ohio, was founded in 1932 and is a mainly family-owned, private company, with Stanley Black & Decker owning 20% of the company. It began as a tool and die company (Modern Tool and Die Company). Stihl, Ariens, Briggs & Stratton, John Deere, and Husqvarna are MTD’s primary competitors.

What is the Life Expectancy of an MTD Mower?

With regular maintenance and care, the average lawnmower will last eight to ten years. A lawnmower that isn’t well-maintained may only last half as long. Some manufacturers track the number of hours their lawnmowers and components have been used. 

For example, some low-cost mowers are designed to last 200 hours or less, whereas higher-cost mowers are often designed to last 500 hours or more. As a result, the life expectancy of a lawnmower can be determined by how frequently and for how long it is used.

What Lowers the Life Expectancy of an MTD Mower?

The lifespan of a lawnmower is determined by a number of factors. A lawnmower, for example, that is not properly maintained will not last as long as it should. If you cut thick, long grass on a regular basis, your mower will work harder than usual, thereby shortening its life. The size of your lawn has an impact on the life of your mower. 

If you mow your lawn for two hours every week of the springtime, summertime, and other mowing period weeks, you’ll have mowed for around 60 hours every year, which implies a mower rated for 200 hours of use may only last three to four years. A mower that is only used for one hour each week may last twice as long as that lawnmower.

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

A well-kept lawnmower will survive longer than one that has not been properly maintained. Remove the fuel from your mower if it will be kept for an extended period of time to avoid carburetor problems and rust. 

Scrape the grass and mud from the cutting blades at least once a year to avoid corrosion. Oil, air filter, and spark plug should all be changed at least once a year on the mower. In the owner’s manuals for most mowers, you’ll find detailed maintenance guidelines.

Does MTD Manufacture Ryobi?

MTD Products announced the acquisition of a commercial and consumer hand-held device manufacturer on June 22, 2000, in a move that should boost MTD’s position in both segments. MTD’s acquisition of Ryobi North America Outdoor Products adds more than 20 new string trimmers, blowers, and hedge trimmers to its hand-held power equipment portfolio, but Ryobi’s four-cycle engine technology may have been a crucial benefit in the deal.

Does MTD Manufacture John Deere Mowers?

MTD is the manufacturer of John Deere’s entry-level (non-commercial) tractors.