Are Lowe’s Craftsman Tools Made in the USA? (Solved & Explained!)

According to Craftsman’s official website, select tools from its line are made in the USA. The company has plans on manufacturing all their tools in America and in order to do so, they have created more job openings within the US. This is part of the company’s goal to put more American pride into the make of its tools.

Craftsman is one of the most popular companies in the US for finding quality-made tools and equipment. If you’re a fan of Craftsman’s tools, you may have wondered where they are manufactured. On this page, we’re going to discuss where Craftsman tools are really made. 

Are Craftsman tools really made in the US?

At one point in time Craftsman products were being manufactured in China, but that ended up being very costly and time-consuming for the company so they brought the work back to the US. Now, Craftsman tools are being made and manufactured in the USA. 

Craftsman has several manufacturing facilities located throughout the US, with more on the way. They now have manufacturing facilities in 15 states and counting.

When were Craftsman tools made outside the USA?

In 2017, Craftsman was bought from Sears Holdings by Stanley, where production of the products was moved to China. While customers were still devoted to the Craftsman brand, the change in location didn’t help the company when it came to production.

This move did not help with the cost of production like it was initially thought, so the company is now manufacturing tools in the US again and opening up more job opportunities to Americans.

Is Craftsman exclusively a US company?

Craftsman can no longer be labeled as exclusively a US company. This is because the company is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, which has manufacturing facilities based outside of the US.

While Craftsman is currently in the process of moving production of all its tools back to the USA, there are still select tools being made out of the country.

Are Stanley Black and Decker tools made in China?

A lot of consumers were shocked to find out that Stanley Black and Decker tools are manufactured in China because this company bases most of its business in North America and Europe. Even though this company is one of the largest tool manufacturing companies in the Western countries, they still produce tools in Asia to save money.

There are some Stanley Black and Decker facilities in North American and Europe, but the majority of them are in China. 

Did the COVID-19 pandemic encourage Craftsmen to manufacture tools in the US again?

During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Craftsman made is clear that the company was opening up more US-based manufacturing facilities throughout 2021. Many people believed that the pandemic played a role in this decision as fewer people were buying from brands that weren’t making products in America.

It was announced in December of 2020 that more manufacturing facilities would be opening in the US. People can keep track of how many states have facilities operating directly from the Craftsman website. It also shows which states are adding facilities.

Which tool brands are 100 % American-made?

If you want to support a brand that sells tools that are 100 % American-made, then one of the most reliable brands to consider is Estwing Hatchet. They are just one of many great brands that have all facilities based in the US.

Some other great names worth mentioning include Leatherman Multitools, Channellock Pliers, Hardcore Hammers, and Klien Lineman’s Pliers. You also can’t go wrong with the all-American brands Lie Neilsen Toolworks and Vaughn and Bushnell Hammers. 

Are Dewalt tools made in the USA?

Another tool company that’s known for manufacturing high-quality tools is Dewalt. This American company stays true to its name and only manufactures American-made tools.

According to Dewalt’s official website, the brand has 7 different manufacturing facilities that are all located in the USA. This ensures that the company isn’t relying on other countries to build its tools. 

Are Blackhawk Tools made in the USA?

Blackhawk Tools is another popular American tool company and many people were under the impression that this company was exclusively US-based. However, Blackhawk Tools is actually owned by Stanley Black and Decker, which means it’s not entirely US-based.

As mentioned above, Stanley Black and Decker has many facilities in Europe and China as well. There is a chance that some Blackhawk Tools may have been manufactured overseas.

What is the biggest tool company in the US?

When it comes to sales of tools annually, Stanley Black and Decker is the biggest name in the business. Not only does Stanley Black and Decker have its own line of highly reputable tools, but they also own some of the top tool brands as well. 

Some of the brands that are owned by Stanley Black and Decker include Craftsman, Irwin, and Lenox, just to name a few. This company was first introduced in 1857 and has come a long way over the years.

Are Craftsman tools good?

Craftsman tools were once a favorite among American consumers because of the quality of how well made they were, however, over the past few years there have been many reports that the quality of these tools aren’t the same. According to Top Class Actions, consumers are let down with the tool brand because the products are no longer made to last.

This has been disappointing for many people because for over 100 years, the Craftsman brand was known for superior quality. However, once Craftsman tools were manufactured outside of the US, they were no longer made the same.

Is Stanley Black & Decker to blame for the downfall of Craftsman tools?

One thing that many consumers pointed out is that once Stanley Blacky & Decker took over Craftsman, they stopped offering lifetime warranties on the tools. At this point, the quality started to go downhill. This led many consumers to believe that the change in ownership could have been what caused the products to go downhill.